22 Muslim MPs in the New Indian Parliament to look after the Interest of above 100 Million Muslims

Indian MuslimsJNN 19 May 2014 Muslim representation in the 16th Lok Sabha has hit an all-time low at 22. This is the worst in the history of Indian Parliament with the previous low being in 1957 when there were only 23 Muslim MPs.

While Muslims constitute 10.5 per cent of the population, its percentage representation in the new Lok Sabha will be 4.2 per cent. In 1957, it was marginally high at 4.6 per cent. The highest representation was in 1980 when 49 Muslims were elected to Parliament.

The largest number of Muslim MPs come from West Bengal with four from Trinamool Congress and two each from Congress and CPI.

The second highest number is from Bihar with RJD, NCP, Lok Jan Shakti Party and Congress sending one MP each. In Assam two Muslim MPs, both from All India United Democratic Front, have won. Kashmir has elected three Muslim MPs while Kerala elected three. Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have elected one Muslim MP each while there is none from Uttar Pradesh.

It is now a test of the Secular India , as what they say  could they even prove it also , as the Poll results are saying otherwise , as the Majority of the Hindu Population has shown their extremist sentiment in choosing an extremist Hindu , Instead of supporting any Muslim of any other Candidate .

And Now as the Hindu Extremist have come to the Power , and now control the Legislature , in a country where they are in Control , in shape of the Numbers Population wise , and as for the Present they are also in Absolute authority in Legislature and Executive , So the Minority of the Muslims , which is More than 100 Million in Population , excluding the Kashmiri Muslims , which are already under the repressive actions of the Secular Indian Government , for the Last 65 Years .And could not get their voices heard even after giving thousands of sacrifices and bearing the Burden of the Continous Repression and Excessive Use of Force against the Unarmed Muslims , who can not even do perform their Religious Rites , as they are Not allowed to take any Processions , even Religious Muharram Processions, But which the Staunch Believers always try and get Beaten and Jailed for the same Purpose every Year.

While accept some show Pieces in the Secular Indian Executive and Now 23 Muslim MPs In the Indian Government , who has to look after the Interest of 100 Million Muslim Indians , which is quite Unbalanced , and even said to be Secular , where every Human has a right to Perform his Religious Obligations , without the Interference of any body and even the state , but even then Muslims , can not sacrifice Cows , as it is sacred to Hindus , so the Hindu India has Now Once again been come up in its Original shape and structure , and Now the World is waiting to see , how they can deal with the Minorities , whether Muslims , Christian or Sikhs .

2 thoughts on “22 Muslim MPs in the New Indian Parliament to look after the Interest of above 100 Million Muslims

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  2. God help the believer s. of A S W T.
    It will be interesting to get.
    Dr. Sadiq s. View on the situation
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