Kuwait MP to Resign if ‘ Bikini Ban ’ Approved

Kuwaiti MP Nabil al-Fadel smokes a cigarJNN 31 May 2014 Kuwait : Kuwaiti MP Nabil al-Fadl announced that he would present his resignation from the country’s Ummah Council if the proposal to ban the nudity of women in swimming pools and public places was approved by the Assembly, the Kuwaiti daily newspaper al-Shahed reported Friday. Continue reading

A Landslide victory for the Egyptian Retired General Sisi , after a Lethargic turnout

Egyptian Elections Low TurnoutJNN 30 May 2014 Cairo : The election of Egypt’s former military chief to the nation’s presidency may be remembered for its central irony: He won in a historic landslide — only to shatter his image of invulnerability in the process. Continue reading

Saudi Court sentences two Shia activists to Death

Saudi Shia Protester Sentence to DeathJNN 30 May 2014 Riyadh : A Saudi court on Monday sentenced the 2nd Shia Man to death the son of a senior Muslim cleric after he was convicted of shooting at security forces during anti-regime protests in the kingdom’s Eastern Province, local media said, in the first such ruling in three years. Continue reading