Iran Welcomes Saudi Invitation to Islamic Bloc Meeting

Iran's Deputy Minister for Arab and AFrican Affairs Hossein Amir AbdollahianJNN 30 May 2014 Tehran – Saudi Arabia has invited Iran to attend a meeting of Islamic bloc foreign ministers in Jeddah next month, an Iranian official said in comments published Thursday. Continue reading


Chinese Invents A Suitcase Motor Bike to Transport Luggage & Owner Both

Suitcase MotorBike with its Owner aJNN 01 June 2014 : Dragging your suitcase through the airport or train station could become a thing of the past thanks to this new invention. Now you can even Ride on your Suitcase. Continue reading

1st ever Mosque to Be Built in Pyatigorsk , Russia

1st  Mosque in Piyatgorsk , CaucasusJNN 25 May 2014 Moscow : A working group of representatives of the Government of Stavropol region and apparatus of the Russian presidential envoy to the North Caucasus Federal District with the assistance of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of the region have identified the place of a new mosque construction. Continue reading