MWM’s Protest Rally and Sit In At Shaheen Complex continues against Shia Target Killings in Karachi

MWM Protest Rally Against Shia Target Killing at CM HouseJNN 02 June 2014 KARACHI: The Majlis-i-Wahdat-i-Muslimeen (MWM) as Per announced Schedule on Sunday took out a Protest Rally against Shia Target Killing across Pakistan , and especially in Karachi .

The Protest Rally which was destined to CM House to lodge their Protest with the Provicial Government Chief Executive , when reached near Shaheen Complex \ police restricted demonstrators from marching towards the Chief Minister’s House.

A large number of members of the Shia community, including women and children, were present at the demonstration just outside the city’s Red Zone, which had been sealed shut with large shipping containers and barbed wires.

A large number of police was present inside the Red Zone to prevent any untoward incident.

The MWM had previously announced that it would stage the rally and sit-in in front of Chief Minister’s House on Sunday in what it described as the second phase of its protest against unending killings on sectarian grounds.

However, protestors were restricted from marching towards the CM House.

Demonstrators raised slogans against the killings and demanded that the killers be arrested and punished.

“We will go to the Chief Minister’s House and will present our demands only there,” said MWM leader Maulana Amin Shaheedi.

Speaking about the recent surge in targeted killings, he said: “Terrorists have no religion or sect. As long as the US dollars and  Saudi Riyals keep pouring in, the terrorists will continue to kill with impunity.”

After the Protest Rally Participants were restricted from entering the Red Zone , as the Authorities didn’t permit the rally to reach its destination , CM House , the Rally Participants which includes Ladies , Children and a Large Number of Men and Young People , staged a Protest Sit Infront of the Shaheen Complex.

While a 4 Member team of the MWM was invited for negotiation at the CM House , but the offer was rejected on the Ground that as CM is the Prime accused in the said Scenarion , due to his lack of Governance and Providing Security and Safety to the Shia Community Members ,who are being continuously targeted and Killed on Daily Basis , but even after being Occupying the seat of CM for the Last 7 years , and even Heading the Operation against the terrorist and Criminals in Karachi , He had failed miseralbly in controlling the situation , due to which his criminal negligence has taken life of Hundred of Shia Community Members , and the community deem him as the Prime Convict in the Shia Target Killing in Karachi and Sindh Province

However on another Invitation to the MWM Team from the Provincial Government Commite , a 4 Member Committee went for Negotiations , to the Commissioner House , but even after 3 Hours of Negotiations , the Negotiation failed , as the Prime demand of the MWM team was that the Protest Rally should be allowed to Proceed till the CM House , which was turned Down .

Till the filing of this Report around 4.30a.m , the MWM Leadership was in consultation with the Participants of the Rally , for the Next Line of Action , As they want to Proceed and if Yes then what should be the Strategy .

The straw that Broke the Camel Back , was the Target Killing of a young member of the community was shot dead Saturday by armed men in what police described as “an incident seemed to be linked to the recent wave of killings of sectarian grounds.”

The MWM condemned 35-year-old Ghulam Abbas Naqvi’s Martyrdom and blamed law-enforcement agencies for the recent upsurge in sectarian attacks.

“The law-enforcement agencies, including Rangers and the police, are involved in this barbaric trend,” an MWM spokesman told Dawn. “Some 11 people from the Shia community, including a doctor, have been killed within a week.”

No credible action has been witnessed so far from law-enforcement agencies, suggesting that they are involved in this crime one way or another.”

According to Human Rights Watch, more than 400 members of the Shia community were killed in targeted attacks across the country last year.

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