Irani Ayatullah Qomi urges Pakistani Shia Scholars to Play their Leading Role in Sorting out Problems faced by the Community

Ayatullah Qomi Meets Pakistani Delegation of Shia Scholars from Baltistan

JNN 02 June 2014 : Ayatollah Mohsin Qomi, incharge of international affairs of Imam Khamenei’s Qom office, has urged Pakistani Shia scholars to play their leading role in sorting out the problems being faced by Shia Muslims in their country.

He expressed these views while talking to a delegation of Jamia Roohaniyat Baltistan who met him at his office in Qom, Iran.  He further said that Shia leaders and scholars are capable to resolve the problems of Shiites.

“People don’t directly refer to Quran and sayings of the infallibles but they come to religious scholars to get religious education hence it is your duty to attract them to Islam by your good deeds,” he advised.

Jamia Roohaniyat Baltistan delegation comprised of: Hujjat ul Islam Mohammad Ali Mumtaz, Hujjat ul Islam Niaz Asadi, Hujjat ul Islam Mushtaq Hussain Hakeemi, Hujjat ul Islam Dr Fida Hussain Abedi, Hujjat ul Islam Ghulam Mohammad Fakharuddin, Hujjat ul Islam Dr Shabbir Hussain Faseehi and Hujjat ul Islam Mohammad Hussain Haideri.

They informed him about the problems of seminaries students at Qom. They said that children of such students were also lacking facilities and rights hence they deserve to be facilitated.

Ayatollah Qomi said that Pakistani nation is a great asset for Islamic revolution of Islam. He said that weakness of Shiites of Pakistan was tantamount to weakness of Islamic revolution.

The Grouping among the Pakistani Shiite have made it weaker , as United they can not only counter any danger and terrorism , but can also Make the People in Power Corridors of Pakistan , take the right decision , which could lead to the extinction of Menace of terrorism, and sectarianism from the country , which has Put the country’s economy in Bad shape and No New Investment in being done , to irradiate the High level of Poverty and Economic Disparity , among the People of Pakistan.

There are three Major Groupings in Pakistani Shiite , Right now which are Namely Under the Banner of Majlis e Wahdat e Muslimeen Led By Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafri , Shia Ulema Council Led By Allama Sajid Naqvi , and Jafria Alliance Pakistan led by Allama Abbas Kumaili .

All the Groups invite the other groups to come and join their Ranks and Leadership , instead of Making a One Unanimous Group , which whole of the community can count on , and is divided on separate charters and Agendas ,instead of working on the One Motto , One Mission , atleast for the Betterment of the Community and above all Pakistan.

Due to their Divisions within the Community , The Shia Community as whole is suffering and Bleeding profusely , and the day the whole of the Shia Community Unanimously Comes Under the Single Flag of Hazrat e Abbas Alamdar a.s , the Supreme Commander of the Hussaini Force , Not only the Shia Community will benefit , but the whole Pakistan will benefit , and even our Sunni Brotheren who have been always a Part and Parcel of the Shia Community , will also come and Join the Ranks of the Greater Unity ,as they have always shown their willingness , to do so.

The Leaders of these Parties and Groups , have divided the Shia Community such badly, that even in the areas where there is no other Person can even come into Picture or may even think of entering the arena , Have won rather they are in a Win Win Situation , Just Due to the Division Created by the Infighting and to Keep their own Boats afloat.

The Only Group which is more adjustable and ready to accommodate is Jafria Alliance Pakistan  but as it is smaller of the other two , and which has Mainly its Presence in Karachi , as it is already a Umbrella Group of Several Shia Organisation ,working in different fields for the Community Welfare from Religious to Social . As it already Provides a Platform for the whole community Organisation and Parties to come under One banner , where they can sit and distribute their Responsibilities , according to their ability and the Nature of Work. But as said earlier , being smaller of the other two , the Bigger Groups are not ready to even sit on this forum , as they think that it might hurt their Integrity and Share of the Power , which they might enjoy being the Only Super Power of the Shia Community in Pakistan.

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