38 Killed across Iraq , in Recent acts of Terrorism , 799 Killed in May 2014

Blast in DamascusJNN 04 June 2014 Baghdad : Attacks across Iraq killed 38 people on Tuesday, as politicians haggle over forming a new governing coalition after an April general election.

The worst of Tuesday’s bloodshed unrest was concentrated in the outskirts of Baghdad, with eight people killed in all, security and medical officials said.

As crowds gather in the Shi’ite holy city of Najaf, officials arrive to investigate a deadly bombing.

The deadliest attack was in the southern Shiite city of Najaf, about 100 miles south of Baghdad, where a bomb ripped through a commercial area, killing six people, said Maj. Gen. Emad al-Taie.

Police said a car bomb killed six civilian and wounded more than 13 in a popular market.

The blast damaged shops and left debris scattered everywhere. It was not immediately clear who was behind the bombing, but Wahabi Terrorists have been regaining momentum in Iraq.

In Iskandiriyah, Terrorists killed five people — two with guns and three with knives — along a main road in the town before fleeing the scene. It was not clear why the victims were targeted.

On the capital’s northern outskirts, two people were killed by mortar fire in Saba al-Bor, while a policeman was shot dead in Tarmiyah.

Further north, attacks in Salaheddin, Nineveh and Kirkuk provinces killed six people, four of them policemen, officials said.

Shelling of Iraqi city Fallujah killed 18 people and wounded another 43 Tuesday, according to Doctor Ahmed Shami at the city hospital.

The shelling, which hit a market, municipal offices and in the vicinity of the hospital itself, struck at around midday, said an AFP journalist in the city, just a short drive west of Baghdad.

Figures separately compiled by the United Nations and the government in Baghdad showed more than 900 people were killed last month alone.

An AFP tally puts the death toll so far this year at more than 4,000.

According to casualty figures released today by UNAMI, a total of at least 799 Iraqis were killed and another 1,409 were injured in acts of terrorism and violence in May.

A statement by the UNAMI received by All Iraq News Agency cited “The number of civilians killed was 603 (including 144 civilian police), while the number of civilians injured was 1108 (including 218 civilian police). A further 196 members of the Iraqi Security Forces were killed, and 301 were injured (not including casualties from Anbar operation).”

“I strongly deplore the sustained level of violence and terrorist acts that continues rocking the country. I urge the political leaders to work swiftly for the formation of an inclusive government within the constitutionally mandated time frame and focus on a substantive solution to the situation in Anbar”, the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General (SRSG), Mr. Mladenov said in the statement.

“Anbar excluded, Baghdad was the worst affected Governorate with 932 civilian casualties (315 killed, 617 injured), followed by Nineveh (113 killed 248 injured), Salah-il-Din (94 killed 146 injured), Kirkuk (22 Killed, 60 injured), Diyala (38 killed 28 injured),” the statement continued.

“According to information obtained by UNAMI from the Health Directorate in Anbar, the total civilian casualties in Anbar up to 30 May were 195 killed and 499 injured, with 95 killed and 222 injured in Ramadi and 100 killed and 277 injured in Fallujah,” the statement concluded.

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