Pakistani Govt Double Standards on Freedom of Speech , Banning Shia Media

Shia Media Sites BannedJNN 08 June 2014 Karachi : The Terrorism , Injustices and the Oppression against the Pakistani Shia community has given birth to the The Shia Media which is in its Infancy stage in Pakistan , But the Government is so Much afraid of it that it is Banning and Putting it behind Closed Doors . Continue reading

Front Runner in Afghanistan’s Presidential Election Abdullah Abdullah Survive a Twin Suicide Blast in Kabul

Afghan Presidential Candidate Abdullah Abdullah Survives Suicide Attack bJNN 07 June 2014 Kabul : The front-runner in Afghan’s presidential election, Abdullah Abdullah, has survived a suicide bomb attack targeted at his convoy in Kabul. Continue reading

Islam 2nd Largest Religion in 20 US States

US Muslim PopulationJNN 08 June 2014 New York : New data released from the US census authority has found that Islam is the second largest religion in twenty American states after Christianity that appeared as the dominant faith across the country. Continue reading

Pakistani High Court to charge ex-CIA Station Chief over Drone Murder

US Drones Charged with Pakistani MurdersJNN 08 June 2014 Islamabad : A Pakistani High Court has ordered police to charge ex-CIA station chief Jonathan Banks for the murder of civilians in a 2009 drone strike. Prosecutors say he issued ordered the deadly strike and was directly responsible for the deaths. Continue reading

NSA can even Bug your Turned OFF Mobile Phones

NSA can Bug your Turned OFF I PhoneJNN 08 June 2014 Moscow : Edward Snowden’s recent revelation that the NSA can bug cell phones even when they are turned off left some experts split on whether it is true or not. But a group of hackers claim that at least there is a way to protect your phone from spies’ ears. Continue reading