Karachi International Airport Attacked By TTP Terrorists, 28 People including 12 Terrorist Killed , Operation resumed after clearance from LEAs

Karachi International Airport Attacked By TTPJNN 09 June 2014 KARACHI: Pakistani officials say a brazen five-hour attack by TTP Terrorist on the international airport in Karachi left 28 people, including 10 attackers, dead but Finally Security Forces have managed to regain control of the terminal.

At least 28 people, including 12 terrorists, were reported dead in what is the first large-scale terrorist attack at the country’s largest airport in years.

According to reports, eight ASF personnel, two Rangers officials, one police officer and three PIA officials , which also includes a Shia Engineer , Fakhar ul Hassan , are among the deceased. 26 people have been injured in the attack so far as well.

Rizwan Akhtar, the paramilitary Rangers chief, said all 10 “terrorists” who attacked the Karachi International Airport have been killed.

He said Pakistani forces were combing through the terminal and would hand it back to civilian authority later Monday.

The military had announced that the attack had come to an end early Monday morning, five hours after militants took siege of the airport. However, firing and blasts were heard from inside the airport hours after the announcement.

Pakistan Army troops were called in to take control of the situation.

“A precautionary search operation was done in the  daylight and the airport was cleared for operations, handed back to the Civil Aviation Authority/ Airport Security by 4.00p.m Monday,” said DG ISPR Asim Bajwa.

The First Flight of Pakistan Airline PK 301 , took Off for Islamabad ,  from the Airport at 4.30p.m , on Monday , after clearance from the LEAs and resumption of Operation at the same Karachi Airport.

The attack started late Sunday when gunmen disguised as ASF personnel stormed the terminal after opening fire with machine guns and a rocket launcher.

Large plumes of smoke were seen rising from the runway area of the old airport (also known as the Hajj Terminal), as the airport shut down, passengers were evacuated and the flight schedule was suspended.

Akhtar said some of the attackers were apparently Uzbeks.

The Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) claimed responsibility for the attack.

This is the same TTP , with which PML N Govt led by Nawaz Shariff , Imran Khan of PTI , Maulana Fazl ur Rehman of JUI – F , Maulana Sami ul Haq of JUI – S , and Siraj ul Haq and Munawar Hassan of Jamaat e Islami advocates negotiation and Leniency with the TTP , to accommodate them in the Main Stream Pakistani Politics ,as they call them rebelious Pakistani , and these all have always stood up againt any Military Operation against these Terrorists and their allied Organizations , as they call that they are our Brothers and what they are demanding is also our demand of enforcing Sharia Law and Nizam e Khilafat in Pakistan.

But the Majority of the Sunni and all the Shia Community members and all the Minorities are in favor of an all out right Military Operation, across Pakistan, and Especially Karachi.

As these Terrorist have their roots, in all over Pakistan, and especially in Karachi, as in a Mega Metropolis of Karachi , which has a Population of about 20 Million , and where People of all the colors and Communities live , so it will be hard to comb out these terrorists , as they have already made their well protected dens , in Mostly the Pakhtun and Punjabi localities , which are Mostly encroachments , and Unauthorized localities , and these 17 – 18 areas have already been highlighted by the Media and even the Law Enforcement Agencies , But due to Unwillingness of the Federal and the Provincial Governments , they roam freely upto a limit , that these areas are No Go Areas for even the LEA’s ,as they have their Men , who command the control of these area and any stranger in the area is regarded as their enemy , as is taken Hostage as and when they notice him. And the Person is only freed , when they feel completely satisfied that he is not any informer of LEA or any Body whom they feel Uncomfortable with.

While these Terrorists are not only the Migrant from the FATA and other areas of Pakistan , but Local recruitment of Lawless Youth of this Metropolis is also and ongoing Process , who come in the frame work of their Takfiri Ideology , and the first step of the training of this youth is their enrolment in the Ongoing Target Killing of Shia Community Members , So turn these Young men in to Hard Core Criminals and Terrorists .

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