Bahraini forces Crack down on Shia Peaceful Protest rallies in Sitra

Bahraini protesters again attacked by police forcesJNN 21 June 2014 Manama : Bahraini security forces have intensified their brutal crackdown on anti-regime protesters as police clash with demonstrators holding rallies in several villages in the island of Sitra near the capital Manama.
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Ramazan & Eid ul Fitr Dates Announced for UAE

Eid Ul Fitr & Ramzan Moon JNN 21 June 2014 Dubai :  The first day of holy month of Ramadan will fall on Sunday, June 29, officials at the Sharjah Planetarium have announced.
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Iran vows to protect Holy Shiite Shrines in Iraq , 12 Martyred , 40 Indians Kidnapped By ISIL Terrorists

Iran Vows to Protect the Holy Shrines in IraqJNN 18 June 2014 Tehran : Iran will do everything to protect Muslim Shiite Shrines in Iraq, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was quoted as saying by the official IRNA news agency on Wednesday. Continue reading

Hezbollah Seventh Military Power in the World – Israeli Head of Armed Forces

Israeli Armed forces Lieutenant General Benny GantzJNN 20 June 2014 Jerusalem : The head of the Zionist armed forces Lieutenant General Benny Gantz admits that Hezbollah became the seventh most strongest between USA, Russia, France, Britain, China,Isreal then Hezbollah.
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