Americans’ Have very Little Confidence in the US News Media

US NEWS MediaJNN 21 June 2014 Washington – Americans’ confidence in the news media has tumbled to fresh lows — and it doesn’t much matter whether the source is newspapers, television or the Internet. Continue reading


Muqtada Al Sadr Once again takes Lead in Organizing the Shia Volunteer Force of Thousands across Iraq

Iraqi Shia Volunteers March in Baghdad to Stand By the ForcesJNN 23 June 2014 BAGHDAD: Thousands of heavily-armed militiamen paraded through several Iraqi cities on Saturday Continue reading

China Cleansing the Silk route , 13 Wahabi Terrorists Killed in an Attack on a Police office in Xinjiang

Chinese Police Gaurd against Wahabi terroristsJNN 23 June 2014 Xinjiang : Police in China’s western Xinjiang region shot dead 13 Wahabi Terrorists who drove one or more vehicles into a police office building and set off explosives in an attack Saturday that injured three police officers, the news website for the regional government said. Continue reading