Americans’ Have very Little Confidence in the US News Media

US NEWS MediaJNN 21 June 2014 Washington – Americans’ confidence in the news media has tumbled to fresh lows — and it doesn’t much matter whether the source is newspapers, television or the Internet.

A Gallup poll released Thursday found the level of faith in each of three major news media platforms — television news, newspapers, and news on the Internet — is at or tied with record lows, extending a longstanding trend

Confidence in US newspapers was marginally better than rival media, but dropped to 22 percent in the June 5-8 survey — declining more than half from a 1979 peak of 51 percent.

For television news, the percentage of respondents with a good deal of confidence was 19 percent, extending the decline from its 1993 peak at 46 percent.

Just 18 percent said they trusted online news, which compares with 21 percent in the only prior Gallup survey in 1999.

Those identifying themselves as liberals had slightly more confidence in newspapers, while conservatives had a higher level of trust in TV news.

“The field of news media has changed dramatically since Gallup first began measuring the confidence the public held in newspapers or TV news decades ago,” Gallup’s Andrew Dugan said in a blog post.

“Amid this rapid change, Americans hold all news media platforms in low confidence. How these platforms can restore confidence with the American public is not clear, especially as editorial standards change and most outlets lack the broad reach once available to major newspapers and broadcasters.”

The news media remained low among the 17 public institutions covered in the Gallup poll.

The military had the highest level of confidence at 74 percent, but the numbers dropped dramatically for other institutions such as the presidency (29 percent) and public schools (26 percent).

But confidence in the media was better than for Congress — where the percentage of people expressing trust fell to a record low seven percent, Gallup said.

Gallup conducted telephone interviews on a random sample of 1,027 adults, and said the results have a margin of error of four percentage points.

As the Analyst term the Low level of Confidence shown by the General American Public in the Local Media is due to the Biased attitude and Secondly due to the Big Conspiracies which are being conducted through the Media Moguls , As it may be the Incident of 9/11 , or even the Much fabricated issue of the Holocaust , where the Heroes are Painted by the Media as traitor and Dictators , and at the same time , the Much Decorated Heroes of the Media , where actually the Traitors and the Killers of the Masses , as over the Period time , and due to the Rapid Growth in the Globalization of the Internet , and other forms of Communication , where the General Public has come to the conclusion , that the facts are being distorted by the Main Stream US Media , and its Biased Attitude controlled by the Zionist Lobby and Secondly by the Pentagon and others , has lost its credibility , and now the General Population is least Bothered about the stories being fabricated by the US Media . While the People who are really interested in getting the Real Picture of the Current Affairs , log on to other smaller but more credible News sources , as they have gained More confidence of the Public , due to their Factual coverage of the events . And Un Biased Coverage of the Events and excess is also available, Due to their Online Status.

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