The Most Holy Month of Islamic Calendar ” RAMZAN ” starts around the World for 2014

Ramzan Celebrated Around the WorldJNN 30 June 2014 Karachi : Majority of Muslims around the world will begin fasting on Sunday, June 29, 2014, which has been declared as the start of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. The start of this month, which is the 9th month in the Islamic calendar, is determined by the sighting of a crescent moon.

For the next 29 or 30 days, more than 1.3 billion people, or 23 percent of the world’s population, plan to take part in the religious practice of fasting from pre-dawn to dusk each day. Because the beginning of Islamic lunar months depends on the actual sighting of the new moon, the start and end dates for Ramadan vary from year to year.

Ramadan is considered the holiest month of the Islamic calendar and commemorates the revelation of the Holy Qur’an to the Prophet Muhammad. The fasting for the daylight hours means Muslims abstain from food, drink and sex and from all the Immoral and things that are restricted in Islam , whether it may be Lying or even any thing which is against the Principles of Islam , As it is Tutorial for all the Muslims to show their allegiance to Islam , so they can Practice it all round the year with out fail and can be a example of Good Human Beings ,as God has created them as the Most Supreme Race of all the Beings . After the day is over, the fast is broken with a meal called the iftar meal, started with eating a date or Salt .

Muslims belive that the prophet Mohammed received his first revelation, later codified in the Koran, in the month of Ramadan.

Today, Muslims all around the world mark the first day of Ramadan; a month-long abstinence from food and liquids that starts at the crack of dawn and ends at sunset. Those who are ill, diabetic, or travelling, as well as women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or menstruating will not be fasting.

In Pakistan The First Day of Ramzan falls on Monday , June 30 , 2014 , In Pakistan , as it was declared by the National Moon Sighting Committee , which had been convened on Saturday , for the Sighting of the Moon , as No Evidence was collected from across Pakistan , So Sunday was declared as the Last 30th Day of Shaban , which automatically resulted in the Declaration of Monday as the 1st Day of Ramazan across Pakistan.

Festivities celebrating Ramadan, which is the holiest month of the Islamic alendar, began Friday with a gathering at the Islamic Center of Irvine, CA, the Orange County Register reports The month, which officially began Saturday and ends July 28 at sundown, features fasting from dawn until dusk.

“The Fiqh Council of North America recognizes astronomical calculation as an acceptable to some Muslims , as for them Shar’i method for determining the beginning of Lunar months including the months of Ramadan and Shawwal. FCNA uses Makkah al-Mukarrama as a conventional point and takes the position that the conjunction must take place before sunset in Makkah and moon must set after sunset in Makkah,” the FCNA said in a release. In Bangladesh The decision was taken at a meeting of the National Moon Sighting Committee on Saturday evening.

Bangladesh’s President Religious Affairs Minister Matior Rahaman later told reporters, “As the Ramadan crescent has not been sighted this evening, Sha’aban month will end Sunday. That’s why Ramadan will start from Monday.

” Saudi Arabia, along with most other Middle East countries, will observe Ramadan from Sunday. Saudi media reports on Saturday said the Supreme Court announced the decision as there was no moon sighting in the kingdom on Friday evening.

Several Islamic authorities, medics and local councils in Britain have issued warnings ahead of Ramadan, as Muslims in the UK gear up to fast for 19 hours during the holy month beginning on Saturday. The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) has said this year will be tough for fasters, while ambulance services and medics are pointing at the risk to the elderly and those with controlled medical conditions. “In 2014, the fasting hours for Ramadan will be some 19 hours long which began on Sunday . With some five hours only available to eat, drink, and pray, Ramadan in the UK will be tough,” the MCB said in a statement.

Earlier, the UAE Ramadan Moon Sighting Committee has announced that the Holy Month of Ramadan in UAE for the Hijri year 1435 will begin on Sunday, June 29, 2014.

The Saudi Supreme Court has confirmed that the holy month of Ramadan moon was not sighted today (Friday) so tomorrow (Saturday) is the last day of Shaabaan and Ramadan will begin on Sunday, June 29.

The UAE moon sighting committee has also confirmed that the holy month will begin on Sunday, June 29. Meanwhile, there have been reports from Indonesia, Malaysia, Oman and Egypt that the holy month of Ramadan will begin from Sunday, June 29.

Muslims in Turkey have welcomed the holy month of Ramadan, while the fasting will start in most Arab and African nations on Sunday. The first suhoor – a Ramadan meal before dawn – took place in Turkey’s northeastern city of Ardahan at 2.39 a.m. on Saturday while the last one occurred in the southwestern city of Mugla at 4.02 a.m. In Turkey The first Tarawih, which are held in mosques every night of the month, began on Friday.

Sunday has been declared the first day of the holy Muslim month of Ramadan in most Arab and African nations because the new moon was not sighted on Friday. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain all announced that Ramadan would begin on Sunday after the new moon was not sighted.

A similar announcement was made by religious authorities in Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Sudan, the Palestinian Authority, Somalia, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Eritrea and Djibouti. Yemen, along with Lebanese Shia Muslims, will start fasting on Saturday, while Lebanese Sunnis will observe the holy month as of Sunday. Iraqi Sunnis, for their part, will begin fasting on Sunday, while the country’s Shias will wait until Saturday to sight the new moon.

In Tanzania, Regional Secretary of Tanzania Muslim Council Sheikh Abas Darweshi told Anadolu Agency that the holy month would start on Sunday because the was moon was not sighed. National Chief Imam of Ghana Sheikh Usman Nuhu Sharubutu announced in a televised speech that the moon has been sighted by the Eastern Regional Chief Imam Yusif Andani, which means that Ramadan would start Saturday in the West African country. Ramadan will also start Saturday in Ivory Coast.

The announcement was made late Friday by the Supreme Council of Imams (CODIS) and the Council of Sunni Imams (CODIS) though a nationwide television and radio broadcast after the sighting of the moon in the northern cities of Korogho and Bonon. Speaking to AA, Kenya’s Chief Kadhi Ahmed Muhdhar confirmed that there were no reports about moon sighting in the country and the fast would start on Sunday.

Muslims in Uganda, meanwhile, would commence the holy month on Sunday, according to a statement from the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council.

The South Sudan Islamic Council also announced that Ramadan will begin on Sunday because they did not see the new moon.

Burundi’s mufti Sadiki Kajandi said that the Muslim community could not sight the new moon on Friday and would start fasting on Sunday.

Ethiopian state TV quoted Sharia Court President Sheikh Mohammed Al Omar as confirming Ramadan start on Sunday. Suzyo Zimba, head of the Islamic Council of Zambia, told AA they would sight the new moon on Saturday.

The same would happen in South Africa, according to Moulana Khaliq Allie, the Secretary General of the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC). “Three is high expectation that the moon will be sighted tomorrow Saturday Insha’Allah and the holy month of Ramadan will commence on Sunday,” he told AA.

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