Suicide Blast Hits Saudi Border Post

Suicide Blast at Saudi Border PostJNN 05 July 2014 Riyadh :Two suspected al-Qaeda fighters, who had been surrounded inside a government building in southern Saudi Arabia, have blown themselves up, a Saudi-owned TV channel reported.  

Explosion followed an operation against al-Qaeda fighters suspected of another attack near the border with Yemen.

The skirmish and the suicide blast happened early on Saturday, as the military carried out operations following an attack on a border post with Yemen, according to Al-Arabiya TV.

The satellite channel gave no further details on casualties from the blast.

Saudi security forces had been searching for al-Qaeda armed fighters who had fled after an attack on Friday in which six people, including the suicide bomber and two security personnel, were killed.

Yemen’s state news agency, Saba, also reported that a suicide bomber had driven a car laden with explosives into the Yemeni side of the Wadia border crossing, killing himself and one soldier and wounding another.

After the attack, Yemeni security forces chased the fighters who fled from the scene in two cars into the desert, Saba said, citing a military source.

Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest oil exporter, has long viewed its 1,800-km border with the impoverished, conflict-ridden Yemen as a major security challenge. It has been building a fence to deter armed groups and criminals from entering the country.

Observers said the attacks highlighted the threat posed by armed rebels to the security of both Saudi and Yemen.

Cross-border attacks

Earlier, in comments suggesting it was the same group of fighters involved in the attacks on both sides of the border, a Yemeni official told the Reuters news agency the gunmen had escaped into Saudi after attacking the Yemeni border post.

The official said the attackers were al-Qaeda fighters.

The Wadia crossing is in the southeastern Yemeni province of Hadramout, which stretches from the port of Mukalla in the south to the Saudi border, through arid valleys and empty desert, landscape that al-Qaeda use to their advantage across the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia has been building the security fence along its border with Yemen since 2003, though work has often been interrupted by protesting tribesmen who say it prevents them from accessing pastures for their livestock.

The kingdom, a key regional ally of the United States, overcame its own al-Qaeda uprising almost a decade ago but it has watched with alarm the recent military advances by Sunni fighters in neighbouring Iraq.

In May, Riyadh said it had detained 62 suspected al-Qaeda fighters with links to rebels in Syria and Yemen who were suspected of plotting attacks on government and foreign targets in the kingdom.

As it is well said that What comes around , Goes Around , same is the case with Saudi Arabia , as to create its Hegemony in the Arab World and the to become the Leader of the Muslim Nations , it created a Mercenary force , with the Help of US and Western Powers , as it was used to such things as the Saudi Throne was also a result of such conspiracies against the Muslims .

So in this regard the Saudi Monarchy , afraid of the Irani Revolution , created a Mercenary force Under the Banner of Al Qaida , and its sister Concerns like Taliban , and other to control the sweeping action of the Greatest Irani Revolution , which is the Latest Revolution , among the Known Revolutions of the World , and is the Most successful revolution till today , led by Shia Leaders of Islam , and to counter it , a Pure Wahabi force was created , which was trained in the Religious Schools , controlled by Saudi Funding , throughout Pakistan , and in some other Parts of the World , which also include some African Nations , Thus as a resultant , Al Qaida and its Off Shoots like Taliban , and the Latest ISIL ( Islamic State of Iraq and Leviant ) .

As the Structure of Saudi Arabian Monarchy  , since its inception is based on two Basic Pillars , One is the Saudi Royal Family , or the Desendants of Abdul Aziz , and the others are the Descendants of Abdul Wahab , the Ideological Master of Wahabism , as it is in the agreement between the two that Both will not interfere in each other matters , so all the Religious matters are till today controlled by the Wahabi School , or the Descendants of Wahabi Family , while the Administration and all the Matters of governance are being looked after by the Ale Saud , And thus as a Resultant , Saudi Royal family or commonly known as Al e Saud , has freely enjoyed the luxuries of life , with the looted National wealth of Arabia , whether it may be the Income of Oil , or the Gold Reserves , while the Ideological Masters have also a fair share in it , but now as with the creation of Al Qaida and similar Organisations , the Power has tilted in favour of the Wahabi Ideological Groups ,  as the Mercenaries were created on the demand of the Saudi Royal family , and they were even the ones to control and finance them , but over the period of time , as all the groups were Nurtured In the Wahabi School of thought , So now the Decendants of Abdul Wahab , has even a Upper Hand , and as they even have their links with the western Powers and the Zionist partners , so they are even in a bargaining Position with the Saudi Monarchy , and thus as a Resultant , Even Saudi Monarchy ,which is no more the Pampered child of the West is Under threat , and the Wahabi terrorist are even challenging the Saudi Government and the Monarchy .

As the Western and US think tanks have already Predicted that as the Saudi Arabia , is on the Verge of Revolution , and the Saudi Monarchy which has not only under threat from the Revolution with in the country , due to the alarming increase in the Poverty , and at the same time discrimination in the name of Sectarianism , Nepotism, and all the evils on the face of the earth .

So to Keep their Influence , in case the Saudi Monarchy is Uprooted by the Revolution , as one Similar to Iran , the US and Western Powers may loose their Influence , they have already shaken hands with the Rising Wahabi Mercenary force and is even funding and financing the force , as they did in Syria , and Libya , and other Places in the World.

So Now it is Only a Matter of time that Saudi Monarchy will be wiped out from the face of the earth , but the Evil will remain , in shape of the Wahabi terrorist force , which is only afraid of the Shia Sect as they Knew that , if any thing can counter them Ideologically or have the Valour to counter them face to face and wipe them , from the face of the world is Only Shia Force . As it is even recently proved in Syria , and as even earlier Proved by Hezbollah in their war with Israel .

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