JANG GROUP “ Fanning Sectarianism and Promoting the Terrorist Organisations

Jang Group LOGOSJNN 07 July 2014 Karachi : Jang Group of Pakistani media has always been a Promoter of Sectarianism and Extremism and News and Editorial Board are been always promoting sectarianism and Extremism , and its Policies are always Anti Shia Sect , and In line with the Terrorists , who have taken lives of thousands of Pakistanis Civilians and Armed forces Personnel .

And now as today the Menace of sectarianism and terrorism has been United with the Blessing of Saudi And Western Powers , who want to divide the Muslim Nations on the Sectarian Grounds , are Heavily funding and sponsoring , Media Groups which are Promoting their Given Agenda of Promoting Sectarianism , and Among those Beneficiaries One of the Pakistani Media Group is Jang Group , Led My Mir Shakir ur Rehman .

The Latest example of such Promotion is clearly reflected from the current Scenario , in which Jang Group is Painting the Sectarian terrorist of ISIL , fighting in Syria and Iraq against the Democratically elected Govts , as in both the countries , the General Elections have been recently conducted , and the General Masses has Openly and widely rejected the Terrorist Groups and their affiliates , and have shown full confidence on the respective Govts,

As Per the Agenda of the Western and Saudi Govts , the terrorists are been Painted as the Islamic Revolutionaries , while their atrocities have been established and even they have excepted their Crimes , By claiming as all Islamic Acts , whether it may be Killing of Innocent Civilians , or taking Women as Sex Slaves or giving edicts like Jihad Ul Nkah , which is the worst example of Prostitution , as it is a clear act of Instigation of Innocent women into Prostitution , and at the same time declaring their Immoral acts as Islamic , As it is also Part of their Agenda to defame Islam , as it is the Most Pious and Most accepted Religion of the World of today , so to Defame and to cut its growth rate , by associating such Brutal and Immoral acts , so the General Non Muslims , should refrain themselves from such a Religion

And in the same Line of Action , Jang Group which have always Patronized Sectarian Extremist Organization ,and Individuals , which include Taliban and even Osama bin Laden ,  is now trying to Prove the terrorist Organization ISIL , as the Islamic and The Government of Iraq as Syria as Infidels , which is according to the Wahabi Ideology , and all the terrorist are of the same Brand and Ideology , so the Jang Group which also follows the same Ideology , is promoting the Brand Partners , through Proxy writers , So that if they are even framed of charges like sectarianism in their Agenda , so then they can Disclaim it any time.

As in the Recent Letter Published in the Daily Jang of 04 July 2014 , sent from a Biased Sectarian Individual Hafiz Mohd. Iqbal Sahar , who looks to be a follower of Wahabi terrorist Ideology , was sympathetic towards the terrorist and in other words , was giving the Message of the terrorists to the Masses through their favorite Media Houses , Among which Jang Group is the top Ranking , which is Anti Pakistan and at the same time , working Anti Islam , as per the Agenda of the Saudi and Western Govts.

The Question here arises , as any Individual , may be of any Ideology , but the Publishing House and the Editorial Board , can not Print any thing ,which comes to them . But its responsibility is to check the Material Before Publication in the Paper , But its Publication Proves that they wants to Promote the same Ideology , Keeping themselves Under cover .

A letter was published on July 04, 2014 in Jang Newspaper written by Hafiz Muhammad Iaqbal Sahar  Calling the Governments of Iraq and Syria infidels ,which comprises of both Shias and Sunnis of Syria and Iraq.

Publishing Hate Material and Promoting Terrorist Organisation in Newspaper , is against the Code of Conduct of the Publications , which can give rise to the Ideology of Anti State Elements , with whom the Pakistan Armed forces have waged an Operation “ Zarb e Azab ” to cleanse such Sectarian Terrorist Organisation , of the same Takfiri Brand , which is Being Promoted by the Jang Group though their Proxy writers in shape of online letter and column writers

Jang Group’s TV News Channel Geo News , which has recently been Penalized by the PEMRA, for its Misconduct against the Pakistan Armed forces , and at the same time , Releasing a show which was derogatory for the Family Members of Our Last Prophet Muhammad PBUH ,

Due to Heavy funding and Total sponsorship by the Anti State and Anti Islam Govts of Saudi Arabia and Western Powers , who have set their goals of Anti Islam and Anti Pakistan Policies , whether it may be sponsoring and training  of Terrorist Organisation like Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan ( TTP ) , or the funding of the Media Houses like Jang Group , which Promotes  sectarianism and the History has recorded that it has always Played Pivotal role in fanning sectarianism , whether it may be events like , Attack on the Ashura Procession of Rawal Pindi from the Madressa Dar Ul Uloom , or Promotion of Personalities of Banned Terrorist Organisation , or the Release of the Press Release of the Terrorist Organisation , like Taliban, Or even Conducting the Interview of the Most Wanted Terrorist of the World “ Osama Bin Laden” , conducte By Hamid Mir .

Jang Group has always been a Part and Parcel of the Takfiri Terroists and therefore have always adopted an Anti Shia Policy , as it has always Promoted and Published Hate Material and Have always , Given Opinions and Comments which favours the Takfiri terrorist  , while at the same time against the Shia Population

ISIL which is a Proclaimed Terrorist Organisation , and is responsible for acts of terrorism , Not only against the Shia Population , but also against the Sunni Men, Women and Children of Iraq and Syria , and even Christians and Kurds are Not even spared from their Acts of terrorism. As they have even Burnt Churches and Destructed Holy Shrines even revered by the Sunni Population of Iraq and Syria , It is simply a Bunch of Mercenaries , Killing any Body and every Body , and calling them even Muslims is rather Disgrace for Islam , as they have always contradicted the teachings of Islam.

As Per the Analyst the Best Punishment for such Media Groups is that they should be avoided and Banned on Individual Basis , as every Patriotic Pakistani and true Muslim should avoid watching it and even tell others to avoid it , so much so that the Media group , Becomes a toothless snake , and upto a level that their Owners come on their Knees , In Public for forgiveness , but even then they should not be Pardoned of their worst crimes of fanning sectarianism and Promoting terrorism in our Most Beloved Home Land Pakistan and around the World.

Jang Group Sectarian Policy


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