Malaysian Airline Plane crashes in Ukraine near Russian border 295 Onboard Killed

Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ERJNN 17 July 2014 Moscow : A Malaysian Airlines plane en route from Amsterdam to Malaysia has crashed in eastern Ukraine. There were 285 people and 15 crew members on board the Boeing-777 aircraft.

Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko, has rejected any involvement of the Ukrainian armed forces in the crash of the Malaysian jet, Interfax news agency reports.

According to AirlineReporter website, the tail number of the crashed Malaysian plane is reported to be 9M-MRD. It was operating as flight 17. The Boeing 777-200ER was delivered to Malaysia Airlines in 1997.

The Donetsk People’s Republic – where heavy fighting continues between Kiev and opposition – has denied reports in the Western media which claim that the Malaysian plane was shot down.

The local self-defense forces aren’t in possession of military equipment capable of bringing the jet down, they explained.

Residents have reported about finding debris from a plane, which they say could belong to the Malaysian Boeing. They also said no bodies have been seen, RIA Novosti reports.

Malaysian Airlines has confirmed that it has lost contact with the plane when it was flying over Ukrainian soil.

The Malaysian aircraft “crashed 60km away from the [Russia-Ukraine] border, the plane had an emergency beacon,” ITAR-TASS is citing its source in Russian aviation industry.

The picture allegedly shows the crashed Malaysian plane departing from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.

The Ukrainian military has confirmed that a Malaysian plane has crashed in east of the country.

All 285 passengers and 15 crew members have died in the crash, an adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Geraschenko said.

A Malaysian Airlines’ Boeing-777 has crashed in Eastern Ukraine, close to the border with Russia.


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