US , British and French Embassy Closed , Diplomatic Staff Moved amid chaos and attacks by Militants in Ben Ghazi , Libya

An armed man waves his rifle as buildingJNN 31 July 2014 Ben Ghazi : France has evacuated French and British nationals from Libya amid persisting clashes between government troops and rebelling militias in the North African country. While has already Evacuated its Diplomatic Staff from the US Embassy , and relocated them across the Border. Continue reading


Hamas asks for Hezbollah’s Help Fight Israel , Iran offers Building Hospital in Gaza

Mideast Gaza Then And NowJNN 30 July 2014 Gaza : Hamas has urged Hezbollah to join the fight against Israel after the Israeli offensive in Gaza entered its third week. Continue reading

China Wins Human-Robot Technology RoboCup 2014 , Robots Comes More Close to Humans

Robo Cup Brazil 2014JNN 30 July 2014 Sao Paulo  — Robots designed by the University of Science and Technology of China amazed the audience and won the championship for the first time at the RoboCup, which concluded on Friday in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. Continue reading