1 Million Iranian School Students Are Quran Memorizers

One Million Irani School Children Memorizes Holy QuranJNN 03 Aug 2014 Tehran : An Iranian education ministry official said around one million school students in the country are memorizers of one or half a Juz (part) of the Quran.

Hamid Reza Kaffash, the ministry’s cultural deputy, told the Fars news agency that the high number of Quran memorizers has been achieved thanked to the National Quran Memorization plan.

He added that 3 million students signed up to take part in the plan and around one million managed to learn one or half of Juz of the Quran.

Kaffash underlined that the implementation of the national Quran memorization plan, titled “The Noor Plan” will continue.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the education ministry official said that 2300 Quranic schools at the elementary level will teach Quran in the next school year.

He went on to say that the activities of about 600 Dar-ol-Quran centers across the country are also planned to be developed.

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