Iraqi President Appoints New PM , Maliki Resigns , But Ready to Challenge the Appointment

Iraq's New PM Haider Al AbadiJNN 15 Aug 2014 Baghdad : Iraqi President Fuad Masum charged the new Prime Minister-designate Haider al-Abadi with forming a new government, according to Al Arabiya News Channel, before entrenched Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s allies claimed that Abadi had no legitimacy. Continue reading

US Muslims Protest at Saudi Embassy against Destruction of Janat Ul Baqee & its Sponsorship of Sectarianism & Terrorism around the World

Protest on Youm e Janaat Ul Baqee @ Saudi Embassy in Washington D.C a

JNN 15 Aug 2014 Washington D.C : Blaming the Saudi government for exporting extremism around the Muslim world, a cluster of American Muslim groups joined a protest at the Saudi Embassy this week. Organized by the Chicago-based Al Baqee Organization, the rally was held in remembrance of a multitude of Islamic heritage sites that were destroyed by the Saudi Royal family upon assuming power nine decades ago. Continue reading

CAR President Appoints First Muslim PM , To Overcome the Sectarian Violence

CAR  first Muslim PM, Mahamat Kamoun,JNN 15 Aug 2014 Amid ongoing efforts to end the months-long sectarian violence in Central African Republic, a Muslim has been appointed as a Prime Minister for the first time since CAR’s independence from France in 1960 as a first step towards forming a more inclusive government. Continue reading