Curfew Violated in Ferguson , US , as Riots erupts at the Murder of a Black Boy By State Police

Curfew Violated in Ferguson , Missouri , USAJNN 17 Aug 2014 New York : The first night of a state-imposed curfew in Ferguson, Missouri, ended with tear gas and arrests of some protesters, but it wasn’t the curfew violation that precipitated the confrontation. Continue reading

Thousands Bahraini Shia Protest the Saudi Death verdict of Shia scholar ‘Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr’

Bahraini Shia Protest against the Saudi Death Verdict of Shia Cleric Sh,. Nemir al NemirJNN 16 Aug 2014 Manama : Shia Population of Bahrain have waged a protest rally to voice their outrage over Saudi Arabia’s persisting crackdown on the Shia population in the US-backed Persian Gulf country.
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