Immigration to West for Greener Pastures & Better Education for the Next Generations or Submission to Hell

US Schools Distributing Free CondomsJNN 29 Aug 2014 : The Latest News have Unveiled the Immorality of the Western Culture and the Cost of the Immigrantion , especially to the Muslims Immigrants have to Pay after Immigration to so called Industrialized , Advanced , Technically Perfect and a Guarantee for a Lavish and Financially Sound Future for them and for their Next Generations to come.

For the Three  Decades we have seen a Huge influx of Immigration to the West In the Name of Better Future for the Coming generations & Better and Higher Education , while the Immigrants have for sure gains some monetary Benefits , but what about the Moral , Social and Religious values. Which are Pillars for any Body to Lead his Life from here to eternity.

As the section of the Latest News given below have Uncovered and completely exposed the Moral Values, and the Society which have crossed the Threshold Point and still descending in the Depth of Immorality and Loose Character , which they are unable to Protect even the Kids in the Schools , as Young as Teenagers , while the system have so much detouriated, that Now instead of Helping and Guiding the Young Ones to save themselves from ills of the society , now they are bound to Protect them from the injuries , they might incur , due to the detouriation  of the Society.

Latest News

“ When Students at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, schools are seeing newly installed free condom dispensers, according to Philadelphia city officials.

The condom dispensers will be placed in the 22 schools whose students had the highest rates of sexually transmitted diseases, and will be available to any student, as long as their parents did not sign a form to opt out of the program.

It is a pilot program designed to address “an epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases among adolescents in Philadelphia,” Donald F. Schwarz, the deputy mayor for health and opportunity, said. Since April 2011, the city has given away nearly four million condoms and now, sexually transmitted disease rates are falling.

However, Schwarz said, 25 percent of new HIV infections in Philadelphia, are teenagers and that’s a major concern.

Some high schools in the city that have “resource centers for health,” already distribute free
condoms. The Department of Health also provides high schools in the city tests for teens on sexually transmitted diseases every year voluntarily with parental consent.

The pilot program is the next logical step, Schwarz said.

“I favor the policy,” Philadelphia Mayor Nutter said. “This is a serious public health issue.”

Peg Devine, a school nurse in Lincoln, which is not a participant in the pilot program, said that she supported making condoms available to sexually active students. However, she is concerned about the ability to stretch nurses to juggle another task” .

As the Western Culture has miserably collapsed in the Name of liberalism , Liberty doesn’t mean that there are No Limits and Boundaries, but to achieve their evil desires of Imperialism , they have introduced another concept of Liberalism , and Democracy , and have taken advantage of all sorts under these Banners , and thus have amassed Huge amounts of Wealth for ages , but as the Cycle is coming to a 180 Degree Turn after about 70 years of Imperialistic Rule , Under the cover of Liberalism and Democracies .

So now the System is coming to a collapse , as the family values , Moral values , and even the Religion has vanished from the system, as Religions are Mostly the Protectors of the Social Structure of the Society , and the Best example of it is ISLAM , which teaches the Human Kind each and every aspect of life , and guide the Humanity to Live in Prosperity in all the conditions that may come.

As a Qoutation from our First Imam Hazrat Ali a.s “ Live everyday as it is your Last day , while Plan as you have to live for eternity ”

So in the Light of the above quotation , which is itself a Guideline for every faithful to follow , which clearly shows that if even there is even a doubt that Immigration to such Foreign Lands can Harm  Next Generations Moral & Religious Beliefs and Detouriation , then the Elders Must Not take even a chance to try , such decisions to Put their Young One’s to a trial , where there is a Possible 60% chance of failure.

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