An Imambargah ( Husainiah ) Burnt By Wahabi Seminary Terrorists in RawalPindi , Pakistan

Tyrie Wala Imambargah BurntJNN 22 Sept 2014  : Pro-ISIL Takfiri Armed terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan have set a Blaze an Imambargah , copies of Holy Quran and other Religious Books and the Flag of Hazrat Abbas on Sunday in Rawal Pindi City , in the presence of the Punjab Police.

The Mob of Wahabi Seminary Students , who are trained for terrorists activities in their Seminaries , Came out on the roads Armed and Riot Geared in the Presence of the Local Police and their Elders , in the Old Tyre Market of Rawal Pindi from the Near By Madresaah Taleem ul Quran , and attacked the “ Tyre wala Imambargah ”, where even the Local Police was also not disputed , even being at the Most Sensitive Place , which was even attacked earlier , in the Riot after the Last Year Ashura Procession in which a Number of Imambargahs and Shia Mosques were attacked and Burnt by the same Lot of Wahabi Terrorists.

Due to the fire , A Man Sleeping on the Roof top of the Imambargah , was also Killed , he was also Burnt as he could not escape , due to the Mob attack.

The Mob at the Madressa e Taleem ul Quran became Violent as they got the News of the Killing of the their Cleric Mufti Amanullah , who was even the Mastermind of the Last Year Riots in the Ashura Procession Passing the same Taleem ul Quran Madressa , And as per our sources who was killed , due to their Internal Monetary Conflicts among the different Terrorists Groups , trying to supersede each other. The History of the same Madressah and other from the same Wahabi Sect , are the fore Runners in Inciting Hatred for Different Sects of Muslims , especially Shia Sect.

It is very sad that till today the Nawaz Shariff Led Government is patronizing the Proclaimed Terrorists Organisations Like Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat ( ASWJ / SSP ) ,

Shia Political Leader and Party Leaders , which include , Dr. Allama Abbas Kumaili of Jafria Alliance Pakistan ( JAP ) , Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslmeen leader Allama Raja Nasir Ababs Jafri has condemned the terrorist attack of outlawed outfits on ‘Tyre Wali ImamBargah’ where Holy Quran and Alam-e-Ghazi Abbas (AS) was set on fire in the presence of  Punjab Police , who acted as Mere Spectators Government of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif.

MWM Secretary General Allama Raja Nasir Abbas, Allama Sajid Naqvi and Allama Hamid Moosvi condemned the terrorists attack on Imam Bargah in police support and demanded of the immediate arrest of terrorists.


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