‘Muslim Free Zone’: Arkansas Gun Range Bans Muslim Customers

Muslim Free Zone -JNN 06 Oct 2014 New York : A gun range in Arkansas is stirring up controversy across the United States after it banned Muslims from using the establishment following alleged complaints over “Allah Akbar” ringtones belonging to Muslim customers with poor English skills. Continue reading

Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Protesters Vows to Stand Firm Against Government

Hong Kong's Pro Democracy ProterstersJNN 06 Oct 2014 HONG KONG—Student pro-democracy leaders urged their supporters to occupy demonstration sites Saturday night as police and government officials demanded an end to the protests, marking a hardening of positions with a day left before the city’s work week begins. Continue reading

Extremist Myanmar and Sri Lankan Buddhists Gang against Muslim Minorities

Ashin-Wirathu monk Sign of Terror in MyanmarJNN 06 Oct 2014 Myanmar : A radical monk who heads a movement accused of stirring violence against Muslims in Myanmar has announced a partnership with a hardline Buddhist group in Sri Lanka to defend their religion. Continue reading