Saudi Zionist Relations Making Pakistan a test case for Israeli Diplomatic Relations with the Islamic World

Israeli Stall @ Islamic University Islamabad 7JNN 27 Oct 2014 Islamabad : The Saudi Funded and Administered International Islamic University of Islamabad , Held a UN Debate in which Israeli Culture was Promoted , which was Organized by the Foreign Women Students of the University .

The stall for promotion of Israeli culture and customs was arranged in a hall situated under the Faisal Mosque present in Federal capital of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, where a ceremony “UN Debate Contest” was also arranged by the Faculty of “Management Sciences Women Department”.

The students including foreign students set up a stall where the Israeli cultural items were placed on tables and banners placed on wall was reflecting the Israeli flag, pictures of Israeli premier.

“WELL COME TO THE LAND OF PEACE AND PROSPERITY”, banner of Israeli stall was showing the pictures of Israeli culture as well.

It is obvious that No Stall can be allocated without consent of the Administration , without Knowing the Purpose of the Stall or the Subject of the Stall in the Islamic University , which is well managed and Recognized University , and not any Un Organized Institution , which has no record or Procedures for conducting any business in the Institution.

As this was a Planned Move by the Saudi Government , to use the Promotion of the Israeli Culture and Products in the Heart of Pakistan , The Only Country of the World which was created in the Name of Islam of which Israel is the Biggest enemy ,it was a test case to check the sensitivity , and the awareness of the General Public and specially the Women , which are always an easy prey to things like Promotion of Cultural Events .

Meanwhile, it was learnt that a group of student forced the closure of a stall that allegedly displayed Israeli culture at the old campus of International Islamic University Islamabad near Faisal Mosque , that caused uproar in the country as well as among the Palestinian students.
But as the Event has created an Uproar among the University Students , and the Media has also Highlighted the Issue , So the University Administration has come on Back foot and have Disowned the allotment of the Stall for the Promotion of Israeli Culture and instead have also initiated a Committee ,which will Probe into the Matters .

As the pictures of the ceremony unearthed, the religious, students and political circles have shown stern reaction over the ceremony and have threatened of protest on Sunday .

The legal advisor of University confirming the arrangement of stall, was of the view that “UN Debate Contest” was also arranged by the Faculty of “Management Sciences Women Department” where the students set up their stalls of UN member states but the stall of Israel was arranged without permission of university administration.

The stall was closed immediately as the students Protested against it to the administration.

Meanwhile, the local people said that without university administration’s permission it was impossible to set up such stall of ceremony in university premises.

Various student organizations and religious parties terming the action as adding salt on the wounds of Palestinians have announced to stage protest Sunday against University administration.

While this is a shame to Pakistan, a so called declared Islamic Republic, it is also something that should be protected by all Muslims.

Israel is the murderer of our brothers and sisters in Palestine. Their culture being promoted in an Islamic University cannot be done without the permission of the it’s authorities.

It should be noted that Back in 2012 President Asif Ali Zardari appointed an educationist of Saudi Arabia Prof. Dr. Ahmad Yousif A. Al-Draiweesh as president of International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI).

In June 2012 it was learnt that because of alleged intervention of Saudi ambassador whose country gives funds for the university, Dr Draiweesh Was selected for the post of IIU president.

After His Appointment , Dr Al- Draiweesh thanked the then President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari for his appointment as President, IIUI and said that he would try his best to come up to the expectation of the President. He also thanked the Khadimul Harmain Sharifain for choosing him for this post.

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