Top Bahraini Shia Cleric House Raided by Al Khalifa forces

Sh. Isa Qasim Home Raided by Khalifa forcesJNN 30 Nov 2014 Manama : Regime forces in Bahrain on Tuesday raided the house of the country’s leading Shia figure Ayatollah Sheikh Issa Qassem. Continue reading

European Govt’s Loose confidence on US Govt , Wants to repatriate Gold Reserves Back Home

European Govts wants to repatriate Gold Reserves from USaJNN 30 Nov 2014 New York : The financial crisis in Europe is prompting some nations to repatriate their gold reserves to national vaults. The Netherlands has moved $5 billion worth of gold from New York, and some are calling for similar action from France, Switzerland, and Germany. Continue reading

Mother’s Revenge : Afghan Mother Kills 25 , Injures 31 Taliban Terrorists to avenge her Sons Death

Reza Gul - Afghan Mother Kills Taliban FighterJNN 29 Nov 2014 Kabul : An Afghan woman has killed at least 25 Taliban Terrorists in revenge for the killing of his son, who was shot dead before her eyes in western Farah province, local media report. Continue reading

Racial Discrimination of African Americans ignites Riots & Protest across US

Racial Discrimination Ignites Riots in Ferguson , MissouriJNN 26 Nov 2014 Ferguson – Missouri : Chaos broke out on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri after a grand jury declined to indict white police officer Darren Wilson for fatally shooting unarmed Black teenager Michael Brown. Continue reading

Execution of Shia Cleric will be the Last Nail in Saudi Monarchy ‘s Coffin

Shiite Protest Against Sh. Nimr Al Nimr Death SentenceJNN 23 Nov 2014 : The Ale Saud Monarchy is planning to execute a revered Shiite cleric and protest leader reveal the extent to which the regime is vulnerable and desperate to perpetuate itself. Going ahead with the execution would be strategic miscalculation. Continue reading

Drone Deaths Highlighting JI’s certified Links to terrorist Organizations

Drone Strikes Killing Jamaat e Islami ActivistsJNN 23 Nov 2014 ISLAMABAD: The most recent deaths of two Pakistani al-Qaeda leaders in the US drone attacks in North Waziristan have again brought to light the alleged al-Qaeda links of the Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan, which has refuted such allegations in the past as a pack of lies. Continue reading

Shia Ansarullah Fighter flushes Out Wahabi Al Qaida Terrorists from another town in Yemen, Govt Needs More Help from Shia Fighters

Shia Ansarullah Fighter Captures another Town By Al Qaida TerroristsJNN 22 Nov 2014 Sanaa : Yemen’s Shia Ansarullah fighters have managed to push Wahabi al-Qaeda Terrorists out of the southwestern strategic town of Rada’. Continue reading

Obama Makes Major changes in Immigration Policy, Temporary Relaxation for Parents with US Born Child

President ObamaJNN 22 Nov 2014 Washingtion : President Barack Obama has announced major changes to the United States Government ‘s Immigration policies. The changes will affect millions of People who entered the country without permission. The president took the action through an Official declaration , known as an “Executive order.” Continue reading

Millions of Shia Pilgrims Ready to Walk On the Newly built “ Ya Hussain Road ” to Commemorate Arbaeen

Iraqi Shiite Piligrims Heading to KarbalaJNN 21 Nov 2014 KARBALA, Iraq : Millions of people are making their way to Karbala, Iraq to visit the shrine of Imam Hussein (as) on Arba’een / Chehlum. It is the 40th day commemoration of martyrdom of Imam Hussein (as).

Continue reading

Winter Hits Early in US All 50 States Below freezing temperatures, 4 dead in NY

Winter WeatherJNN 19 Nov 2014 New York : Four people died during a storm that dumped more than 4 feet of snow around Buffalo and forced motorists in 150 vehicles, including a women’s basketball team, to ride it out on a day when temperatures dropped to freezing or below in all 50 states. Continue reading

Iran Inaugrates Middle Easts Biggest Gold Processing Plant , Plans to Double its Gold and Gas Production

Iran Inaugrates Middle East Biggest Gold Processing Plant in Zareh ShuranJNN 17 Nov 2014 TEHRAN:Iranian state television reported a new gold processing plant, “the biggest in the Middle East”, has been inaugurated, with the hope of doubling Iran’s production of gold up to six tons annually.  Continue reading

Islamophobia & Hate against Muslims growing in US & Europe as the IS Increases its atrocities

The BNP Hold A Demonstration In Central LondonJNN 11 Nov 2014 New York : As militants of the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) commit atrocities in Iraq and Syria, the number of Islamophobic attacks have been increasing across the US and Europe, putting Muslim communities in post 9/11 stigmatization. Continue reading

The Most Wanted British Born Wahabi Lady Terrorist ” White Widow ” Killed in Ukraine

Samantha Lewthwaite from her school year book.JNN 15 Nov 2014 Kiev : A British female terrorist suspect who allegedly fought alongside ISIL terrorists in Syria and has been internationally wanted, has reportedly been shot dead in Ukraine, a Russian news agency reported. Continue reading

Hezbollah recruiting Sunni , Christian , Druze Men to create Harmony among Communities & fight against Common Enemy Wahabi Ideology

Hezbollah Recruiting Sunni , Christian , Druze Men to Fight Wahabi TerroristsJNN 14 Nov 2014 BEIRUT: Hezbollah is recruiting young Christian, Druze and Sunni men in east Lebanon for the Resistance Brigades to fight ISIS, local newspaper An-Nahar reported Wednesday. Continue reading

US ‘World’s Leading Terrorist State’ – US Philospher & Historian Naom Chomsky

Naom ChomskyJNN 07 Nov 2014 New York : The United States is the “world’s leading terrorist state,” based on its deadly, CIA-run operations in the likes of Nicaragua and Cuba, according to new op-ed by historian and social philosopher Noam Chomsky.  Continue reading

7th Century Chinese Mosque Revealed , A Mix of Chinese and Arabic Architecture

7th Century Chinese Huaisheng MosqueJNN 11 Nov 2014 Beijing : Whenever one goes to mosques around the world, one expects to see Islamic architectural designs containing minarets with geometrical sequences and a dash of Arabic calligraphy, whether it be in Andalusia Spain, Turkey, or even the outskirts of Africa.

However, in China this is not necessarily the case. We do see traces of Arabic calligraphy yet coupled with Chinese calligraphy a sight of two blended forms of art never thought to be seen. The blend between two cultures does not just stop there, but rather, it is further shown in the infrastructure, where instead of the typical Islamic geometrical minarets, there are tilted tiled roofs that are complementary to the Chinese traditional styled temples that are famously seen in martial arts movies.

The sight not only leaves Muslim tourists awe-struck but rather local non-Muslim inhabitants, as the blend of Arabic calligraphy and designs is something new to them where their land of familiarity becomes a land of ambiguity due to how there is no clear cut answer over which culture is more defined—the one of the Arabs or the Chinese.
The Merge of two artistic cultures

Islam was introduced to China during the 7th century, through some of the companions of the prophet. It was reported that Sa’ad ibn Aby Waqqas, one of the ptophet’s companions was one of the first Muslims to set foot in China in the 630s where he and other Muslims built a mosque in the outskirts of Guangzhou that is known as Huiasheng Mosque.

The mosque was established to commemorate Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Thus, it was given the name, Huaisheng, which means, “remember the sage.”
The mosque has however also been known as the “light tower mosque,” due to the 1300-year old minaret, which was used as a beacon for boats on the Zhujiang river.

It is said that whenever the sailors would see the tower, they would know that they arrived at the “silk road,” which was a place for trade. The tower was also used as a call to prayer, and a means to check the weather conditions.

There have been reports that the mosque was rebuilt twice. The first time in 1350, during the Yuan dynasty, and, the second time in 1965 under the Qing dynasty, after being destroyed in a fire. The 1300 year old minaret was however left the same ever since first built, which has been used to symbolize how Islam was present in China long enough to be considered part of both Islamic and Chinese history.

Characteristics of the mosque

Huaisheng mosque’s Chinese architectural style that complements the Arabic-minaret-mosque-featured style is most specifically from the Tang dynasty. The blend of both Arabic culture and Chinese culture gives the mosque a unique taste, which makes it attractive for both tourists and local inhabitants.

The mosque’s gateway tower has the inscription of Chinese calligraphy that reads, “Religion that holds in great esteem the teachings brought from the Western region.” The Western region in this context means Saudi Arabia—the place where prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) came from—due to the direction of Saudi Arabia being towards China’s West.

The roof of the corridors has Arabic calligraphy containing Qur’anic verses and the Kalimah, which further shows the merge of both Arabian and Chinese culture within the mosque’s infrastructure.

The red-brick gate mosque has 6 important components, one being the light tower, prayer hall, the ablution area, corridors, storehouse of Islamic scriptures, and the stone steles pavilion, which contains manuscripts and calligraphy. All of the corridors and infrastructure consists of a green-sculpted and titled roof, which is both customary and complementary to the Chinese architecture style.

Huaisheng Mosque Today

The mosque was of great benefit for Muslims and sailors in the past that it brings the question of its use today.

There has been the rise of business from traders across the globe that go to Guangzhou via the seaport as it’s near the international financial hub Hong Kong. This has thus brought forth a lot of Muslims from different cultures that take the time to pray in the blessed mosque whenever taking business breaks during the day. Muslims of different races can also be seen in the differed array of cultured food stands that are placed outside.

The streets near the mosque and the mosque itself are usually crowded on Fridays because hundreds of Muslims pray Jumm’ah and later spend time doing Dhikir in circles or who share food from different stalls from across the streets.

This has interested the local non-Muslim inhabitants to be part of the integrated environment where some come to the mosque out of curiosity. Moreover, local Muslim inhabitants and Muslim business tourists usually go to the mosque to either pray or take a break during the day, while attempting to understand the foreign language from the West so that they both could understand the words of Allah and combine two cultured forms of art.

A form of practice that has been followed like generations before them, where some of the companions of the prophet (peace be upon him) came to trade, only to introduce to the local inhabitants an esteemed religion from the West that was to them once unknown.

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20 Shia Martyred in a Suicide Attack on Ashura Procession in Yobe , Nigeria

Suicide Attack at Ashura Procession in Yobe State , NigeriaJNN 11 Nov 2014 Abuja : A suicide bombing claimed at least 20 lives in northern Nigeria on Monday in the Ashura Procession , held to Mark the Martyrdom Anniversary of the 3rd Leader in the Chain of Leadership of the Shia Muslim . Continue reading

At last after 18 Year of Non Convicted Imprisonment Shia Leader of SMP , Released from Prison

Allama Ghulam Raza Naqvi of SMP 1JNN 10 Nov 2014 Lahore : Renowned Pakistani Shia leader, Allama Ghulam Raza Naqvi, founder and the Leader of Sipah e Muhammad Pakistan ( SMP ) has been discharged from a prison in the eastern province of Punjab, where he spent 18 years behind the bars without any conviction against him, Media reports. Continue reading

Lost US Military Hardware worth $420mn , supplied to Create ISIS to fulfil Evil Designs in the Middle East and the World

US Military Hardware Lost in Afghanistan , Forund with ISISJNN 09 Nov 2014 Kabul : How does the military lose half a billion dollars worth of equipment in one year? That’s the question Pentagon auditors are asking after it was revealed that US military equipment worth $420 million went missing in action in Afghanistan last year. Continue reading

China Pledges $40bn for Reviving the Historic Silk Route to Promote Trade in the Region

China approves $40B for New Silk RouteJNN 08 Nov 2014 Beijing : Beijing says it will spend $40 billion to revive the historic Silk Road and connect China with Central Asia, the Middle East and Europe – but this time, China will be the global power flexing its economic muscles. Continue reading

Sweden Officially Recognizes Palestinian State, Israel recalls Ambassador

Sweden Recognizes Palestinian StateJNN 07 Nov 2014 : Sweden has recognized the occupied state of Palestine officially, according to its foreign ministry. The Scandinavian has become the first West-European EU state to recognize the territories. Israel has recalled its ambassador in Sweden. Continue reading

5 Important things About Ebola Virus , Every body should Know

Ebola outbreak in LiberiaJNN 01 Nov 2014 Washington : The UN’s health watchdog, the WHO, says there are 60 days left to contain the Ebola outbreak, which has already claimed almost 5,000 lives. This is what you need to know about the killer virus. Continue reading

5 Shia Man Martyred by Suspected IS Terrorists During Ashura Commemoration in Saudi Arabia

Firing at Hussainiyah During Ashura Commemoration Saudi Arabia 6JNN 05 Nov 2014 Riyadh : Masked Terrorists Martyred five Shia Man at the Ashura commemoration in the Shia Majority Eastern Province , Al Hasa of Saudi Arabia , police said Tuesday, in an unprecedented attack highlighting sectarian tensions in the Wahabi-dominated Saud Dynasty .
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Shia Man injured By firing During Ashura Commemoration in Sydney , Community under threat by IS Terrorists

Shooting at Nabi Akram Center , Sydney , AustraliaJNN 04 Nov 2014 Sydney : There are fears of violence against Sydney’s Shia Muslim community by Islamic State supporters after a Shia man was shot outside the Islamic Center in the early hours of this morning in southwest Sydney. Continue reading