More than 100 thousand Shia Muslims in Ukraine : Shia Cleric

Ukrainian Shia wants their RightsJNN 26 Dec 2014 Kiev : Through his meeting with the Secretary-General of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine, al-Shaikh Shin Shin, head of Ukrainian delegation, said “We have come to Karbala to participate in the Arbaeen Pilgrimage of Imam Hussain, which is considered one of the largest pilgrimages in the world,” noting that there are thousands of Shia Muslims in Ukraine ready to attend and take part in this pilgrimage.
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Iran the First Country to Support Iraq Against Terrorists : Iraqi President

Irani Foreign Minster Meets Iraqi President MasoumJNN 26 Dec 2014 Baghdad : “Iran was the first country that backed up Iraq against the terrorists’ invasion at a time when we needed possibilities to fight the terrorists,” President Massoum said in a meeting with Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani in Baghdad on Wednesday. Continue reading