Iran Signs Coop. Agreement with Germany on Shia Studies Program

Iran Germany Sign Accord for cooperation in Shia Studies in University ProgramJNN 26 Dec 2014 Frankfurt : Iran and Germany have signed a cooperation agreement to launch a Shia studies program at a German university.

The cultural attache of the Iranian Embassy in Germany, Mahdi Imanipour and the President of Muenster University Ursula Nelles inked the accord to unveil the department of Shia studies.

Four German universities are currently offering Islamic studies programs of which Muenster University has the largest and most prominent Islamic theology department comprised of 650 students.

The Shia studies department at Muenster University will be initially for a three-year period and could be extended for another three-year time span.

Under this plan, Shia religious teachers and clerics would be trained at Muenster University.

Iran’s Imanipour expressed hope the new agreement would help to further deepen the Islamic dialogue within German society.

We believe various views within Islamic studies should be discussed scientifically, said Imanipour.

Meanwhile, the head of Muenster University stressed the new Shia studies program was geared at promoting the growth of Islamic studies, saying her university aims to play a vanguard role in this regard.

Nelles said the new studies program could also foster closer unity among Muslims in Germany.

In other related news, the cultural section of the Iranian Embassy is also planning a similar Shia studies program for Frankfurt University.

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