Militants Robs Jordanian Embassy in Tripoli , Libya

Jordanian Embassy in Tripoli , LibyaJNN 04 Feb 2015 TRIPOLI — Unidentified gunmen on Saturday robbed the Jordanian embassy in the Libyan capital Tripoli and kidnapped a security guard, according to a security source.

“Unidentified gunmen on Saturday afternoon armed robbed the Jordanian embassy located in the center of Tripoli.” Said Essam Al-Na’as, spokesman for the joint security operations chamber in Tripoli.

He pointed out that “the security forces are working to assess the losses of the embassy.”

The spokesman also said the gunmen who robbed the embassy kidnapped a security guard of the embassy and took away a diplomatic security vehicle.

The entire Jordanian diplomatic mission in Tripoli left Libya after the ambassador Fawaz Al-Etan was kidnapped by militias in Tripoli in April 2014.

He was freed after the release of a Libyan al-Qaida member who were in the custody of a Jordanian prison.

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