Shia Houthi’s Ansarullah Militia Demands annexation of Militia with Regular Army & Police of Yemen

Shia Houthis Ansarullah Militia demands annexation with Regular Army and Police of YemenJNN 04 Feb 2015 Sanaa : Yemen’s Ansarullah (Shia Houthis) movement who overran the capital, Sanaa, are demanding their militia becomes part of the country’s army and police force as a precondition for talks on releasing the nation’s president and Cabinet members from house arrest, a senior politician said on Monday.

The demand is the latest in the power grab by the Ansarullah movement who last month raided the presidential palace, months after taking over key state institutions and military facilities after descending from their northern stronghold into Sanaa in September.

The demand, along with other conditions put forth by the Shia Militia , the Only hindrance to meet this condition is with the International Player’s Like US and Saudi Arabia , who thinks that if the Militia becomes an Integral Part of the Government , then it will be difficult for the foreign forces to implement their agenda in the Middle eastern country , as the Militia Members are sons of the soil and they will not accept any Plan to disintegrate their Motherland or to infest Al Qaida agents ,who have created chaos in the country , and US is continuously trying to Meddle in the country’s internal affairs in the Name of Hot Pursuit against the Al Qaida Elements ,which has always been their  Part of Plan in many countries like Afghanistan , Libya , Iraq , Pakistan and many other African countries , that first the Al Qaida Agents are being Planted to create chaos , and later the US force come to save that country from terrorism .

The impoverished Arabian Peninsula state, which is also home to a formidable al-Qaeda affiliate, has been leaderless since President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi submitted his resignation from the presidency last month after the Ansarullah movement pressured him for a greater share of power and besieged his home.

On Monday, Abdullah Noaman told The Associated Press that his Nasserite Party pulled out of UN-brokered talks the day before, after the Ansarullah demanded that their 20,000-strong militia join the country’s military and security forces as a precondition to any kind of deal.

On Sunday, Ansarullah movement gave Yemen’s political factions a three-day ultimatum to reach an agreement; otherwise they said they’ll take over themselves.

In September 2014, Ansarullah revolutionary movement gained control of capital Sanaa following a four-day battle with army forces loyal to General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar, the half-brother of the country’s former dictator, Ali Abdullah Saleh.

In the same month, Ansarullah movement and the Yemeni government inked a UN-backed ceasefire deal that called for the withdrawal of the Ansarullah movement from the capital once a neutral prime minister was picked. The deal has failed to deliver any practical results so far.

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