African Union calls for Boycott of Zionist Regime of Israel

African Union calls for Boycotting Zionist Regime of IsraelJNN 05 Feb 2015 Djibouti – Djibouti’s Foreign Minister Mahmoud Youssef on Tuesday called on the African Union to opt for “firm and clear” decisions in favor of the Palestinian cause. Continue reading

Holy Quran a Best Seller in France after the Publication of Blasphemous Cartoons

Holy Quran a Best Seller in FranceJNN 03 Feb 2015 Paris  – Following the publication of cartoons desecrating Islamic sanctities in France, the Noble Quran and books about Islam are becoming a best-seller in the country. Continue reading

World Hijab Day Observed all over the World

World Hijab DayJNN 04 Feb 2015 Cairo :  As the clock ticks towards the launch of the World Hijab Day event, several Muslim organizations across the world announced plans to mark the event with several activities to raise awareness about the Islamic headscarf. Continue reading