Centuries-old Antiqe Copy of Holy Quran Stolen in Rajasthan, India

Antique Quran with Gold Plating and Emeralds in Posssession of a HinduJNN 30 Mar 2015 Jaipur : A seven-century-old copy of the Quran has reportedly been stolen from its Hindu owner in Rajasthan’s Beawar town, 160 kms from the state capital of Jaipur.

According to reports, Jaidev Prasad Sharma , 55 , owner of the precious book, said the Quran, which had calligraphy in gold and sapphire, was gifted to him by a friend in 2011.

On Tuesday evening, one of his acquaintances visited him at home with another man and asked to see the Quran. While Sharma was briefly distracted by a phone call, the visitor allegedly pointed a gun at him and the duo left the place with the Quran.

Jaidev said he never wanted to sell the Quran and wanted to pass it on to his daughter. Police said the book was probably stolen because of its antique value and precious stones.

However, the Holy Quran is the Noblest Collection of the Commandments of the All Mighty Allah , of any Religion and is the source of all the Knowledge of the Universe , But the Depth of its Knowledge are only discoverable to only who are designated by the All Mighty God . And the People who take Guidance from the Chosen Ones can reveal all the secrets of this Universe and Here after , while still as it is a Sea of a Knowledge and Guidance , so even the Non Muslims can gain knowledge and guidance from it and can choose and select the Right Path for it.

It will be nice if the Quran is read and understood by people around the World so that they will come to know about many facts as it is Latest Testament of God and preserved by none other than God Himself that not a single word in the book is changed since over 1400 years.

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