Iraqi Forces and Shia Militias Re Capture Tikrit from the IS Terrorists

Tikrit Re Captured By Iraqi Forces and Shia Militias fJNN 05 Apr 2015 Baghdad : Iraqi Govt claims it has liberated the city of Tikrit – its biggest victory in the fight against Islamic State terrorists to date.

Security Forces and Shiite Militias , backed by Iraqi Air Power and  also U.S.-led coalition aircraft retook the hometown of former president Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi tricolour Flag was raised.

The operation began on March 2 and had looked bogged down before Iraqi forces made rapid advances over the past 48 hours.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi ‘announces the liberation of Tikrit and congratulates Iraqi security forces and Militias on the historic milestone’, his official Twitter account said.

He was referring to Shiite Volunteers which played a major role in the fighting to retake Tikrit, a Home town of Former Dictator Saddam Hussain ,  which ISIS had controlled since it captured swathes of Iraq in June last year.

Iraqiya state television showed footage of houses previously used by the terror group in liberated areas, but it was not clear whether any pockets of resistance remained.

The provincial government headquarters was retaken on Monday, and on Tuesday the Iraqi tricolour replaced the black ISIS flag on the building.

In a statement to AFP just minutes before Abadi’s tweet, his spokesman Rafid Jaboori said: ‘Iraqi forces reached the centre of Tikrit, raised the Iraqi flag and are now clearing the city.’

There no immediate information on how many fighters were killed, wounded or captured in the fighting.

The government has not provided any casualty figures since the operation started a month ago.

Iraqi army and police forces, as well as volunteers and Iran-backed Shiite militias, completely surrounded Tikrit within two weeks of launching the operation.

There was a lull in fighting when government and Shiite Militias apparently balked at the number of snipers, booby traps and trenches which ISIS was using to defend the city centre.

Iran was Baghdad’s top foreign partner in the Complete operation, but Iraqi air force strikes were proving insufficient to break the back of IS resistance.

The fulfil the Needs of the War Imposed on it, Iraqi Government Paid the US Govt to get F 16 Jets to Combat with the Terrorist gaining Rapidly the Border areas , But the US Govt as ever Mis committed and Never delivered the Much required F 16 Jets which could have enhanced the Much required Air Power of the Iraqi Forces.

Sensing the Sensitivity of the Situation , Iraqi Govt Ordered an Urgent Delivery of Russian SU 25 Fighter Jets and MI 28 , and MI 35 Russian Helicopters , which were Urgently Delivered with in a weeks time , which enhanced the Much needed Air Power of the Iraqi Forces,

And Finally on the Call Given By Grand Ayatullah Sistani , Hundred of thousands Mostly Shia Volunteers , started registering themselves to serve their Motherland as it was the Need of the Hour , The already demoralized Iraqi forces ,were Physically , technically and Manually were Multiplied and Morally became boosted , and thus they started their Onslaught with Recharged Passion for the elimination of the IS Terrorists , which were first encircled and then their advancements were checked and then they were beaten back , and now the Iraqi force with the Help of Shia Militias , and Help form the Irani Military Advisors they have come in a Position that they are re capturing the Lands Over ridden by the IS Terrorists year Back.

The government even at a time requested strikes from the U.S.-led coalition which has been assisting Iraqi forces elsewhere in the country since August last year.

American jets began bombing ISIS targets in Tikrit on March 25. France also took part in the campaign.

The move sparked a freeze in the participation of the Popular Mobilisation units, an umbrella organisation for Shia volunteers and militias which accounted for the bulk of the manpower involved in the Tikrit battle.

US and the Allied forces have not caused Major Dents in the IS Ranks , as the Ground forces played the Major Role in the Operation Clean up of the IS Terrorists from Tikrit.

There even came a Point when the Shiite Militias , threatened to with draw from the front lines in protest on the Presence of the US and their Allies Air forces which were not causing Major damages to the enemy ranks , but rather were working as the eyes and ears of their enemy , the IS Terrorists.

But finally as the Shiite Militia Didn’t want to destroy all the efforts done in coming a long way from Losing the Land , to a Point where they were about to win the Game they took again the charge on the War fronts and finally Made the IS Terrorists Run away , while Lot of them were Killed in Action and a No. of them were also taken as the POWs.

Tikrit, which once had an estimated population of around 200,000, had been largely emptied of civilians by the time the government operation was launched at the start of March.

The fate of those who were believed to have remained in the city was unclear on Tuesday.

Thousands of people displaced last year or more recently from Salaheddin province, of which Tikrit is the capital, have started returning to their homes in outlying liberated areas.

But the level of destruction Tikrit is believed to have suffered and the threat posed by unexploded bombs mean residents of the city itself could take longer to return.

Tikrit holds both strategic and symbolic importance. It was the hometown of executed dictator Saddam Hussein, remnants of whose Baath party collaborated with ISIS last summer.

Since June, Iraqi forces had tried and failed several times to retake the city, seen as a key stepping stone to recapturing Mosul, Terrorists ‘ largest hub in Iraq.

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