Muslims Immigration to Western World for the Better Future of Children Ends in Losing Children

Danish Professor suggests School should show Blue Movies to StudentsJNN 14 Apr 2015 Brussels : The Muslims Immigrating to the Western land and the Recent Muslim converts are under severe Pressure in raising their Kids in a Western environment Hostile to the Muslim Living Standards as it challenges the Basics Principles of Muslim Environment.

As Majority of the Muslims live in the Third World Countries , below the average standards of the Western living style, so in search of greener Pastures A Number of Muslims Immigrate to the Western Land on the Pretext of better future for their children, as they can give the best of Education, and even that for free, as most of these Advanced and Industrialized Nations which offers, free Education upto the High School level, while the Higher Education is so expensive that even the Middle Class of these Industrialized Nation cannot afford , resulting in a High Number of Drop Out rate due to Non affordability of the Educational Expenses

But the Innocent Muslims don’t know that the cost of the Free Education and Higher Living Standard Package also contains the Immoral and Highly Objectionable things which this Package Includes.

As Extra Marital Sex , Alcohol , and Drugs which are totally Prohibited in the Muslim Law ,while all these things are freely available and are Promoted in the Western Environment , so much so that they have become the Part and Parcel of their culture and Society , in the Name of free society , which is Now Uncontrollable even for them , as they have already crossed the Barriers , and now they cannot retreat from their Positions , as if even they want .

As reported in a Recent News Article , the sex is so common on the School Campuses , that free condoms Dispenser are available in many of the schools , as to Prevent the increase in Sexual Disease which are very common in these countries . Due to such practices

While in the name of Free and Open forum for students , now the Danish Govt , which as legalized the Production , Distribution and Screening of Porn Movies long ago , but now they want to take a step ahead .

A sexology professor has called on Danish schools to show Young students porn to help them become “critical consumers.” Christian Graugaard believes it’s important for teens to distinguish between adult movies and real sex relationships.

“Instead of having sex education be boring and technical, where you roll a condom onto a cucumber, I want us to educate young people to be critical consumers who see porn with reflection and critical distance,” Graugaard, a Professor at Aalborg University, told public broadcaster DR.

Denmark is among one of the world’s most porn-friendly countries. It lifted a ban on pornography in 1967. In 1969, it became the first country in the world to completely legalize pornography.

According to research conducted in the Nordic countries in 2006, up to 99 percent of teenage boys and 86 percent of teenage girls watched porn.

A 2013 study from the University of Copenhagen showed that viewing online porn or sexually explicit content in magazines has little influence on the sexual behavior of teens and young adults.

Researchers carried out an online survey of 4,600 Danish youngsters, aged between 15 and 25. The study found that nearly 88 percent of boys and 45 percent of females had watched porn in the previous year. The study results showed that watching porn resulted in only a 0.3 to 4 percent difference in sexual behavior, but they did note it increased the tendency to be adventurous while having sex.

“These findings contribute novel information to the ongoing debates on the role of SEM [sexually explicit material] consumption in sexual behaviors and risk, and provide appropriate guidance to policymakers and program developers concerned with sexual education and sexual health promotion for young people,” the authors wrote in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Professor Graugaard, who was president of the Sex and Society organization for 10 years, insists schools should help teens understand that their own sex life is not what they may see on screen.

He warned that should teens try to imitate what they encounter in hard-core porn films “it’s a recipe for broken necks and disappointment,” he told Danish TV.

When the broadcaster discussed the possibility of porn education at a school in Aalborg, the students were all for it.

“I think you could get something out of it – for example the difference between real love between two people who have sex and hard porn and orgies from the US,” ninth grade student Anders Kaagaard told DR.

While sex education in Danish schools has been compulsory since 1970, parents can withdraw their students from classes if they so wish.

According to DR, efforts to introduce porn education in schools are underway in the UK and Sweden.

Raising children in the west has turned into a hard challenge facing Muslim parents, where they work against circumstances, as some work against them in their goal to raise their youngsters not only with a complete understanding of Islam, but with pride in the religion.

But Majority of People Immigrating to the Far flung Western Lands could not afford to meet the ends meet, and thus it is very hard for them to send their children to the Private Muslim Schools as they are Much costly, in comparison to the Free Public Schools , but at the end of the day the cost they have to pay , is much more then they ever had imagined or have ever thought of Before immigrating to these Greener Pastures.

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