” Operation Decisive Storm ” Ended by Saudi Arabia , Political Solution Sort after taking Lives of 767 Yemenis

Sanaa ruined by Saudi Led AirstrikesJNN 22 Apr 2015 Riyadh : The Saudi-led military coalition has Ended operation “Decisive Storm” against Shia Houthi rebels in Yemen, a statement by Saudi military command cited by local media, says.

All goals set by the “Decisive Storm” operation have been achieved. These included the destruction of ballistic missiles the Houthis had taken control of. The decision to end the offensive comes following a request by the Yemeni government, according to the Saudi-led coalition spokesman.

The anti-Houthi campaign is now switching into a new phase codenamed “Restoring Hope”, the statement said, as cited by Saudi-owned Arabiya TV. The Saudi Defense Ministry says it is going to focus on anti-terrorism, security and finding a political solution to the crisis.

This does not, however, mean a ceasefire will be declared.

“The coalition will continue to prevent the movement of Houthi militias from moving or undertaking any operations inside Yemen,” Saudi spokesman Brigadier General Ahmed Asseri in the Saudi capital Riyadh. He added that the bombing operation will resume if it is deemed necessary.

But reports from Yemen said moments before the supposed end of the operation, Saudi-led coalition forces were still bombing military targets in Sanaa and Aden. Footage from Sanaa and reports from Aden also showed that the coalition bombing and shelling continued overnight.

Meanwhile, the ousted Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi has issued a video address, in which he thanked the coalition for “supporting legitimacy.”

Hadi also claimed that the nation has “no other choice than to fight rebels from [the] Ansar Allah [movement] that staged a coup in the country,” and vowed to return to Yemen and “rebuild” it. The televised speech was aired from the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh where Hadi is currently in exile.

The White House has welcomed the Saudi announcement, saying that it continues to “support the resumption of a UN-facilitated political process and the facilitation of humanitarian assistance.”

Tehran also welcomed the halting of the bombing campaign, with the Iranian Foreign Ministry saying the conflict “cannot be resolved by force” and that the “ceasefire definitely represents a step forward, which will stop the killing of innocent and defenseless civilians,” TASS reported.

Houthi rebels, meanwhile, shrugged off Saudi Arabia’s claims the bombing campaign has been a success. A senior Houthi Revolutionary Committee member quoted by the agency claims halting the operation represents “a failure of the aggression they launched.” The Houthi official says the rebels have no responsibilities for maintaining the ceasefire.

The announcement about the operation wrapping up comes hours after Saudi Arabia’s King Salman ordered the country’s National Guard to reinforce the border with Yemen.

Before that, only the navy, air and ground forces were involved in the operation, the latter’s involvement limited to controlling the border. The National Guard is widely seen as the best equipped force at Saudi Arabia’s disposal and answers to its own ministry separate from the Ministry of Defense.

Saudi Arabia and its allies have been engaged in a campaign of airstrikes and a naval blockade of Yemen, targeting anti-government Houthi rebels.

The Houthis had seized control of the capital Sanaa, driving Yemen’s President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi into hiding in Saudi Arabia, and advanced on the major port city of Aden.

Washington revealed on Monday it would be sending two more warships into waters off Yemen, to bolster its force there. The Pentagon said the vessels are conducting routine “maritime security operations”. The US is assisting Saudi Arabia, but not taking part in the anti-Houthi campaign directly.

At least 944 people have been killed and 3,487 injured during the month-long conflict in Yemen, World Health Organization reported Tuesday.

Iran’s foreign ministry welcomed a halt to the air strikes.

“We said the crisis in Yemen had no military solution, and a halt to killing innocent and defenseless people is absolutely a step forward,” said Marzieh Afkham, a spokeswoman for the ministry, according to the semi-official ISNA news agency.

Analysis : 

Saudi Arabia Began the War , to show the Power , as they have already Lost control and Power in the Region , as Iran has risen up as the Regional Power , whether it was War on Iraq by the Saudi and US Infested ISIS , or the threat to impose War on Syria which was also countered by Iran , Russia and China by not allowing the Saudi and US ambitions to Put Syria in the same Scenario , as in Libya and other African Countries .

Saudi Arabia was Over Confident that they are in command of the Two Major Military Powers of the Region , which are Egypt and Pakistan . as they have already Purchased the Dictatorship in the Egypt under the Rule of General Sisi, and secondly the Strongest Army of the Region The Pakistani Army , will be at there Disposal , as there Yes Man , Nawaz Shariff , who is Personally under heavy Obligations of the Saudi Ruler , as they have Once saved his Life from the Gallows , and Plus who have a lot of Financial Interest in the Saudi Arbia , could not dare to say NO to sending Pakistani Troops in the War , which they have started to save their already Lost Hegemony in the Region as now , Iran Possesses it , Whether it claims it or not.

But the timing was Bad as the Pakistani Nation , and the Military Establishment has already awaken , and are in the correction Process of their Past Mistakes ,As Pakistani Army has already Launched a Massive ” Operation Zarb e Azb ” and ” Operation Khyber One ” in which about 175,000 Pakistani troops are already engaged ,  thus whole of the Pakistani Nation Rose up against sending the Patriotic Pakistani Troops for Saving the Most Corrupt and Illegitimate Arab  Monarchies .

The Saudi and Arab Sheikhdoms who have come to Power by looting and conspiring with British Rulers , and as per there History and even at Present , they are up to there Neck into Gambling ,  Boozing and Womanizing , Don’t know the Art of Wars , But as they have a Lot of Illegitimate Wealth , with which they think they can buy any thing in the World , but the time have Just Proved that they were Wrong  ,they tried to Buy the Lives of the Patriotic Pakistani Troops , but our Top Army Brass , and the Wise People of Pakistan Strongly Resisted it , and said a Flat NO to sending troops , in somebody else War.

Finally as a Resultant when they confirmed their Situation on the Ground , They realized that they are in No Position to Put their Boots on the Yemeni Grounds , as the Majority of their forces Personnel are Ex Patriots , which even includes Yemeni , Men , So to cover there face from Shame , they have to End the ” Operation Decisive Storm ” after taking Lives of atleast 767 Poor  Innocent Yemeni Men , Women and Children in aerial Strikes .

On the other Hand the Houthis who are tough Fighters , and now even control Major Parts  of Yemen , still standing Tall and Bold. to fight any aggression , and to teach a lesson to any invader who dares to cross the Border and challenge their Sovereignty .

UNICEF Repost of Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen

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