Multiple Car Bombing in Shiite Majority areas of Baghdad Martyrs atleast 16 Shia Men

Mideast IraqJNN 02 May 2015 Baghdad : A wave of bombings hit Baghdad after nightfall on Thursday, killing at least 21 people and wounding scores of others. Continue reading


Iran Warns Saudi Arabia for any futher Mis Adventure with Yemeni People

Yemen - The Jewel of the ArabJNN 03 May 2015 Tehran : Iran has made clear it will not let Yemen fall into chaos at the hands of regional actors’ “military adventures.” The two have shared security interests, its top diplomat said, slamming lack of condemnation of Saudi aggression as “unacceptable.” Continue reading

US led Airstrikes Killing Innocent Syrian Civilians not IS Terrorists , 52 Civilian more added in a Single Day

US Led Airstrikes Killing Innocent Syrian CiviliansJNN 03 May 2015 Damascus : US-led airstrikes have killed 52 Syrian civilians in one day, a monitoring group reports. There was fighting in the vicinity, but the strike allegedly failed to kill even a single Islamist fighter. Continue reading