Shia Target Killing escalates , A DSP & a Doctor Martyred wihin 24 Hrs.

Target Killing in KarachJNN 10 May 2015 Karachi : Sectarian Target Killing has once again escalated , as two Shia Professionals were martyred in Target Killing with in 24 Hrs, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Syed Zulfiqar Zaidi was gunned down along with his friend in Shah Faisal colony area of Karachi on Saturday evening.

Witnesses and police officials said that the incident occurred when DSP Zaidi was having a routine dinner at a Road Side restaurant along with his friend Shahzad when at least two armed men on a motorcycle targeted him, firing over a dozen times.

DSP Zaidi and his friend were shot multiple times and embraced Martyrdom at the spot. As the Assailants Fled easily from the crime scene , taking the cover of the Darkness , as the area was suffering from a Routine Power Break Down, which is Helping the Criminals in committing Heinous Crimes , while the innocent Citizens are crushed from both the sides , firstly from the Menace of terrorism , and at the same time by the Departments Like Karachi Electric , which is a Provider of Basic Amenity of Life ,i.e is Electricity , which is the right of each and every Citizen of Pakistan .

As the Law abiding Citizens who Pay their Bills regularly , at the same time also pay for the Influential who Don not Pay their Bills , as the Debts are being adjusted in the Bills of the Regularly Paying Consumers , as Per the New Karachi Electric Laws. The Law abiding Citizens are of the Opinion that the Karachi Electric should also be nominated in the cases as the One Mentioned above where their Criminal negligence is facilitating the Hard Core Criminals.

The bodies of the Deceased were shifted to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre for autopsies.

Shortly after the attack a large contingent of police official reached the scene of the attack and cordoned off the site to collect forensic evidence. Over a dozen empty shells of the pistols used in the attack were found on the site.

He was the In charge of the Security at the High Court of Sindh . He had also the additional charge of security of the Sindh Secretariat.

Senior police officials including IGP Sindh Ghulam Hyder Jamali visited the spot after the incident. He said that the area was suffering power breakdown in the area and that DSP Zaidi’s attackers took advantage of the darkness.

He added that the office of the Fauji Foundation also located near the site and its guards tried to catch the culprits. But the assailants managed to escape taking the cover of the darkness , due to Power Break Down.

IGP Jamali said that different teams of the police are working to arrest those who are targeting police officers.

DSP Zaidi leaves behind a widow and a daughter. He had adopted a daughter last year.

The attack comes at a time when the Pakistani Establishment is showing its commitment in eradicating terrorism from the , Only Nuclear Islamic State of the World , and which is also geographically at the Most Strategic Location of the Region , as if terrorism is eliminated and eradicated from the Nation , then it is not far away that Pakistan , and especially Karachi , with in a Period of 6 – 7 Years time , will become the Next Major Trading Hub of the region , with its economy growing in Leaps and Bounds .

Shia Doctor Martyred in Karachi

A Shia homoeopathic doctor was shot dead on Saturday when unknown motorcyclists opened fire at his clinic in Karachi’s Nazimabad area.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Central Captain Chaudhry Asad Ali said Dr Anwar Ali Abidi and another person sustained injuries when assailants opened fire at the doctor’s clinic in Paposh Nagar , Nazimabad. Later, the doctor succumbed to his injuries.

The body was shifted to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital for medico-legal formalities.

Police suspect the incident was the result of a target killing.

It is also a fact that at a time when the Pakistani Military Establishment is even ready to give any sacrifice to eradicate the Menace of terrorism from Pakistan , the Political Leadership of the Country at Provincial as well as  the Federal Government have given a cold shoulder to their efforts , as they are even now giving Protection to the Criminals behind the curtains , as they knew that if their Protected Criminals are being interrogated , then they might also reveal the Dirty games these Politicians were Playing for decades to Prolong their Leaderships and Governments .


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