Who are Ismaili’s – Aga Khani & Bohra’s ? What is the Difference between them and the Main Stream Shia Asna Asheris ?

Prince Karim Aga Khan & Burhan uddinJNN 30 May 2015 Karachi : The Story of Ismailis and Bohras Start from the family of Our 6th Imam Jafar Sadiq a.s , as the eldest Son of Imam was Hazrat Ismail and his Younger Brother was Hazrat Musa Kazim a.s .

As Hazrat Ismail was the eldest Son of Imam Jafar Sadiq as. , so a Group of People have Perceived themselves that after Imam Jafar Sadiq , Hazrat Ismail will be Nominated as the Imam of that time , as per their Presumption , but Hazrat Ismail died in the Life of Imam Jafar Sadiq a.s , as Imam Sadiq was very much aware of the presumption of the some People , so he made it a Point and arranged Hazrat Ismail’s funeral and Burial in Public , so Nobody can deny and create doubt about his death , which can create confusion in future .

It should also be noted that Imamaat in Contrast with the Khilaafat , is a Granted By God to His chosen Ones , and not a Democratically elected seat , as in case of Khilaafat , in which Men choose their Leader , with whom they feel comfortable and worthy of his stature .

After the Martyrdom of Imam Jafar Sadiq a.s , and as Per his given will , Shia Majority accepted Imam Musa Kazim a.s , as their Imam , but a Group of Shia People who was of the concept that as Hazrat Ismail was the eldest Son of Imam Jafar Sadiq , so the Leadership ( Imamat ) should continue in his family , So these People were later on called as Ismaili , while some People accepted Abdullah Iftah , one of Imam Jafar Sadiq’s Son as their Imam ( Leader ) , and thus they were called as Fathi .

The group of People who has Chosen Hazrat Ismaili as their Imam ( Leader ) after the death of Imam Jafar Sadiq a.s , in the same Pedigree their came a Man named Mehdi , who was also chosen as the Caliph of Egypt , where He founded the Fatmi Caliphate . Fatmi Caliphs Ruled Egypt with Pride and Honour , and the Caliphs of the same Pedigree founded Institutions like Jamia Al Azhar , and Cairo was also built in the same era. These Caliph were Practising Shia Muslims , but they were not Asna Asheri  ( Faithful to Chain of 12 Imams ) .

But Unfortunately There arose a Dispute between the Ruling family in the Nomination of the Caliph , among two brothers , namely Mustaali and Nizar , while Mustaali succeeded in getting the Caliphate , But this divided the followers of Ismaili Community in two segments , One accepted the decision and recognized Mustaali as their Caliph ,who were later called as Mustallia , who are Presently known as Bohra , while the Other Group which accepted Nizar as their Leader were larter called as Nizari , who are Presently Known as Aga Khani.

As the Caliphate was awarded to Mustaali , so the Later Nizar and his followers , Ran from the Country and took refuge in the Land of Faras , which is at Present known as Iran . The Group choose City of Qazveen as their Homeland and Ruled the area for Years with Pride and Prestige . But later in the era of Hassan bin Sabbah , their Collaboration in the Movement of Fidayeen ( Assassins of Suicidal Missions  ) got great success , thus resulting in giving them Notoriety in terms of terror across Iran .

Later there came One of their Leader with the name of Hassan Zikra Al Slam who cancelled the Materialistic Jurisprudence , and Only Spiritual Jurisprudence was followed . It is believed to be 19th or 21st of Ramzan when he revoked the Materialistic Jurisprudence , and evoked only the Spritual Jurisprudence , as his followers were asked to break their fast before the fast End time , and there is also a Myth that they feasted the End of Fasting ( Iftar ) with Wine , as Per the ruling given by their Spritual Leader , that there is no need to follow the Materialistic Jurisprudence , as taming one’s soul and Spirit is enough , and it is due to the fact that Aga Khani are also Know as Firqa e Batania ( Sect of Hidden Inner self )

Aga Khanis Lived a Long Period in the Land of Iran , As their Leader even was awarded the title of “ Aga Khan “ also by the Irani Ruler of Qajaar family . The King of Iran had also awarded a Big Estate Near Kirman with the title of “ Mahalaat ” , where Aga Khan ruled with total Independence , and it is due to this fact that This Leader of them was even Known by the Name of “ Aga Khan Mahalaati ” . But at the time of British Movement Aga Khan I declared rebellion against the Qajaari Kingdom , but as they were defeated , so they have to Run for their Lives and took refuge in Hindustan , they first Made their Home in Sindh , from where they shifted to Bombay .

The British even awarded them the Title of “ Sir ” and gave them a lot of Respect and Honour . He also died in Hindustan , after whom his Son Succeeded his Leadership and became the Imam of the Aga Khan Community , who was also an active member in the Pakistan Movement , before the Partition of Hindustan . After the Death of Saddrudin Aga Khan , who had already Nominated His Grandson Prince Karim Aga Khan , in the Presence of his Son , as his Successor , whose Mother was a European Lady , and his upbringing was also done in Western Culture . And this is the reason that the Nucleus of Leadership of Ismailis from Mahalaat , Kirman and Later came to Bombay , Hindustan , and now has been transferred to West .

Bohra Community :

On the Other hand the Caliphate of Bohris lived for a Long time in Egypt , but during the Period of Crusades , The consecutive attacks of Salahudding Ayubbi led to the fall of Shia Ismaili Empire , better known as Fatmeed Empire ended up . As the Bohri Leadership ended up in Egypt , they Made their center as Hindustan and Yemen , While they were Practising Shia Muslims and Performed their Prayers 5 times a day with regularity . Their Leadership Imamate has also ended up with the end of Fatimi Caliphate , while at the same time started a series of Dai ( One who gives Invitation to Islam ) have started . The Latest Known for the Last century was Burhanuddin , who was a very Learned fellow , and have Died in the recent Past in his Home town of Bombay.

Later Bohris were also divided into two Groups , Namely : 1) Dawoodi Bohra: 2 ) Sulemani Bohra , while their difference is Basically regional . The DAI (Head Preacher) of the Dawoodi Bohra Lives in India , and Surat , Gujrat as their Head Quarter , while the Dai of  Sulemani Bohra is in Yemen , and the Number is in Hundred of thousands , and a Big Population lives in the south of India . while there is a small Number of Dawoodi Bohras also in Pakistan .

The Dawoodi Bohra are easily recognized due to their attire , as the Men are usually in a Precise Dress Code , while their Women also have their Precise Dress Code . The Sulemani Bohra are not easily differentiated as they don’t have any Particular Dress Code.

As long as the Bohris are considered they are Pious Community , as long as they don’t abuse any of Our Twelve Imams , as it is said to be that they use to abuse Imam Musa Kazim a.s , for a Long Period of time , as they were of the Believe that He Usurped the Right of Hazrat Ismail , as he was the Legal Heir of Imam Jafar Sadiq, But Later On they Have forbidden this Practice , and it is due to this reason , that during the Reign of Ayatullah Abul Hassan Isphani , they were given Permission for the Pilgrimage of Najaf and Karbala , Bohris also contributed a Heavy amount in the construction of the Shrine of Najaf and Karbala , and also Donated a lot of Gold and Silver used in the Holy Shrines . At Present a Large Number of Bohris goes for the Holy Pilgrimage to Najaf & Karbala , and now the Doors of all the Shia Holy Places are Open for them.

Ismailis v/s Bohras : 

On the Other Hand Ismailis are very liberal in the Religious Believes as described earlier that they believe more on Spritual Cleanliness then the Materialistic , They do offer Prayers , but their method of Praying is different from Us . The Most Distinguished thing about their faith , is their believe of Halool , which is described As the All Mighty Allah is the Purest form of Light , and the creation of Hazrat Ali is from the Same source of Light , and Ultimately the same Light of Ali has been converged in the Breed of Ismaili Imams , giving them the same Purity and Powers . As they are of the believe that Prince Karim Aga Khan is the Imam Ali of this time , which can also be verified , when they greet each other with Greetings as “ Ya Ali Madad ” , with which they meant that they call there Present Imam ( Leader ) Prince Karim Aga Khan for Help .

In Addition to this their Believe of Spritualism , and Non Materialistic , they are even of the Believe that even on the Dooms Day the Spirits will be called off , and even their wont be any Punishment or rewards for the Men and Women in their Bodily Materialistic forms , rather it will be also Spiritual , as the Heaven and Hell are even Non Materialistic .

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