Yemen Army, Popular Committees Seize al-Hazm City near Saudi Border

YEmeni Army and Popular forces sieze Al Hazm town near Saudi BorderJNN 18 June 2015 Sanaa : The Yemeni army and the Popular Volunteer Forces  seized on Wednesday the capital of a large desert province on the border with Saudi Arabia on Sunday, news websites reported. Continue reading

Saudi & Qatar’s Wahabi Monarchies , Stabbing in the Back of Muslim World By Bridging relations with Zionist Regime of Israel

King Salman & Sh. Thani Jewish PuppetsJNN 16 June 2015 Doha : The Race is ON , and Both the Wahabi Ruled States Qatar and Saudi Arabia are wasting no time in improving their ties with the Zionist regime of Israeli, a move tantamount to an act of treason against the Muslim World and especially the Palestinian issue, which the two countries have expressed verbal support for. Yet, it seems actions speak louder than words. Continue reading