U.A.E Under the threat of ISIS , 41 Recurits apprehended trying to establish a Caliphate

JNN 03 July 2015 Dubai : The United Arab Emirates is to try 41 people for allegedly Planning to overthrow the government to set up an “Islamic State” group-style “caliphate” in the Persian Gulf state, prosecutors said Sunday. Continue reading


Inexperienced Young DM Pushing Saudi Arabia into another War with Kuwait

Saudi Defence Minister Muhammad Bin Suleman Al SaudJNN 03 July 2015 Riyadh : Saudi Defense Minister Mohammad bin Salman threatened to launch war on Kuwait after differences between the two Persian Gulf Arab states escalated over Khafji oilfield. Continue reading

Italian Youth Unemployment exceeds 44%, National Debt Reaches Record High US$2.43 Trillion

<> on October 1, 2011 in Perugia, Italy.JNN 08 July 2015 Milan : Youth unemployment has increased to 44.2 percent in June, according to the Italian national statistics office. It’s the highest level since 1977 and about twice the eurozone average. Continue reading