Abu Dhabi’s first Hindu temple Land allocated By UAE Monarchy

UAE Monarchy allocates Land for a Hindu Temple in Abu DhaabiJNN 26 Aug 2015 Dubai  : The Indian government has lauded a decision by the United Arab Emirates to allocate land for the building of the first Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi.

Narendra Modi, India’s prime minister, A Hindu Extremist , and a sworn enemy of Muslims, currently on a two-day trip to the UAE, said in a tweet on Sunday, that he was thankful to the UAE government, describing the move, “a great step”.

There are currently two Hindu temples and one Sikh gurudwara in Dubai, but none in Abu Dhabi.

On Sunday, Modi became the first Indian premier to visit the country in 34 years, meeting with Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The trip is seen an important step in Making a new strategic Alliances , as the UAE is also a Part of New strategic Alliance between , US , Israel , Saudia , against the Latest Alliance of Pakistan , China , Russia, Iran and others , the trip is Official described as part of burgeoning trade relations between India and the UAE, and the decision to allocate land for a temple in Abu Dhabi underpins the strategic vision of the two nations.

The UAE, a federation of seven emirates, is home to about 2.6 million Indian expatriates who comprise a third of the total population and outnumber the local Emirati population. Annual Indian remittances from the UAE are estimated at $14bn.

India is already UAE’s second-largest trading partner and the UAE is India’s third largest trading partner behind the US and China. Trade between the two reached $60bn last year.

The think Tanks in the Muslim World is of the view that the Increased Influence of Extremist Hindu President of India , Narendra Modi is actually a Plan to Become a Regional Power , with the Blessing of US and Zionist Lobby , working against the Muslims World and Countering the Muslim Worlds Influence , by Promoting their Ideology and Religion in the Region , as they feel that the Hindu Population is already in Billion which can counter the ever rising Muslims Influence.

While the Hindu & Zionist Lobby is Promoting the Increased Influence , under the cover of trade relations , in the same Pattern as the British Govt did century back , under the cover of East India Co.

Samir Saran, vice president of the Observer Research Foundation, a think tank based in Delhi, told Al Jazeera

“It is still a relationship centred around trade … Modi certainly didn’t go lobbying for a temple,” Saran said.

The Extremist Policies of the Wahabi UAE Monarchy is also on record , as they have supported extremism and Sectarianism in Islam , by Promoting Wahabi Ideology and Talibanization , and at the same time they have Cornered Shia Population in UAE , and have Put restrictions on the Religious ceremonies of Shia Muslims , under the pretext of Shirk , while now the same People are Promoting directly the faith , which is in direct contradiction to Islam.

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