20 Shia Hazaras Abducted by Wahabi Takfiri Terrorists in Zabul , Afghanistan

Shia Hazara Kidnapped in Afghanistan By IS Terroriist aJNN 23 Nov 2015 Kabul : Ghulam Jalani Farahi, deputy provincial police chief in the Zabul province, said up to 20 Shia Hazaras were forced off buses by unidentified gunmen before dawn on Saturday on the Kabul-Kandahar highway.

“The gunmen asked for identity documents and when people showed them, they took away only Shia Hazaras,” Sayed Mohebullah, a manager for the Ahmad Shah Abdali bus company, told Reuters. He added that he believed the attackers also took people from other buses.

No group has claimed responsibility yet. Both the Taliban and the “Islamic State” have been blamed for past abductions.

The Hazara are a Persian-speaking, mainly Shiite minority which has long faced persecution in Afghanistan. Thousands of Hazaras were murdered by the Taliban and al Qaeda in the 1990s.

This year, the Hazara minority became the target of a new series of killings and kidnappings in Afghanistan.

Terrorists murdered seven Hazara earlier in November in Zabul, after having abducted them in Ghazni province up to six months earlier. The victims were beheaded.

Thousands of people took to the streets in Kabul on November 11 and demanded the government improve security across the country. It was one of the biggest protests in Kabul in years. The protestors tried to scale the walls of the presidential palace, but the police dispersed them with warning shots. Seven people were wounded.

The Potential Threat of Wahabi Takfirism in its most Wicked form is once again rising in the form of IS in Afghanistan , of which can once again ruin the Sanitation done by the Armed force of Pakistan at the cost of sacrificing the Lives of Hundreds of its soldiers and thousands of Innocent Civilian Lives , which were sacrificed during the Operation against these Wahabi Takfiri Taliban and their allied Groups operating from within Pakistan , and Now the Most of whom have shifted to their safe Heavens in Afghanistan , in absence of a Strong Government , which is the agenda of the US and Allied force to Keep the Chaos and Anarchy continuing in this Region for their financial Interest in this region , as they are Losing their Hegemony , Due to the Active Role of Russian and Chinese influence in the Region , which is Beneficial , for not only Russia and China , but for whole of the Region.

But the Pakistani Govt , which have come into Power , with the direct Influence of US and Saudi Monarchy , and have been backed by Takfiri Wahabi Organisations , is persistent of the elimination of them , as they are also Upto their Neck involved in the Economic and Active Terrorism , as they feel that the Next step of the Military Establishment after the Elimination of the Terrorist Networks will be the Elimination of the Economic Terrorists , who are the root cause of the terrorism in Pakistan and else where , as they Not only finance the terrorists , but also use them for their Evil Designs , against the State and the Poor People of Pakistan , who have been deprived of even the Basic amenities of Life , Like clean Drinking Water , due to the Nepotisim , Rampant Corruption and financing Terrorism.

The Common Pakistani at Present is 100% backing the anti Terrorism Drive in form of Operation “ Zarb e Azb “  , Initiated by the Military Establishment , and Wants acceleration in it , as they feel , that the Politicians and Bureaucrats are Playing an Evil Game Against the Operation to Prove it a futile exercise .


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