Heavy Pounding of Russian Planes & Hezbollah attacks causes Infighting among terrorist groups, Militants Surrendering to Syrian forces , Many areas Recaptured

Russian Planes Pounding Terrorists , Militansts surrendering to Syrian forcesJNN 15 Jan 2016 Damascus : Tens of wanted militants turned themselves in to the Syrian authorities as government troops continue to gain ground across the Arab country.

Some 42 wanted militants from Damascus, Damascus countryside, Tartous, Quneitra and
Dara’a turned themselves in to the authorities on Thursday.

During the recent months, hundreds of militants have given up fight after the Syrian army troops, the National Defense Forces (NDF) and Hezbollah fighters, backed by Syrian and Russian air forces, started making significant advances and recaptured more towns and villages across the country.

In Late December, some 117 wanted persons from Homs province and 40 from the provinces of Damascus and Hama turned themselves in to the Syrian authorities.

Meanwhile, 86 wanted militants from Damascus province and Aleppo also gave up fight to be pardoned.

The Syrian army and its allies have purged Takfiri terrorists from hundreds of square kilometers of land in the Syrian provinces in the past months.

The Syrian army backed by the Russian air force pounded the terrorists’ military positions in the city of Sheikh Meskeen, killing several militants.

The Syrian ground forces destroyed the gathering centers of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in Sheikh Meskeen as the Russian air force struck their positions at five times.

Scores of terrorists were killed and many more were injured during the Friday attacks.

Earlier today, the Syrian Army announced that its troops’ offensive against the gatherings of the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front in Dara’a city has inflicted heavy damage on the terrorist group’s military grid.

“Al-Nusra’s concentration centers in the Western part of al-Bjabaja quarter in Dara’a al-Balad neighborhood came under the heavy fire of the Syrian army, which not only killed several terrorists but also destroyed a number of their military vehicles,” the army said.

In relevant developments in the Southern battlefields, the Syrian army announced earlier today that the terrorist groups’ gatherings and one of their supplying routes came under massive attacks by the army troops and their popular allies in the Northern part of Dara’a province.

“The Syrian army troops and the country’s National Defense Forces (NDF) attacked the sites and supplying lines of the so-called al-Mothana Islamic Movement and al-Nusra Front in Sheikh Meskeen region, killed or wounded many of them and cut their supplying route,” the army said.

The Syrian Army stormed the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front’s strongholds in at least nine neighborhoods of Aleppo city, and inflicted heavy losses on the terrorist group, city sources said Friday.

“Terrorists’ strongholds in the neighborhoods of al-Shaar, al-Lairamoun, Bani Zeid, al-Sukkari, Karm al-Mayser, al-Ansari, Bab al-Hadid, al-Rashidin and al-Sheikh Saeed came under massive attacks of the Syrian soldiers,” the sources said.

“The Terrorist groups sustained a heavy death toll and their weapons and military vehicles were destroyed seriously in the attacks,” the sources added.

In relevant developments on Thursday the Syrian army troops attacked terrorists’ positions in Aleppo province, and regained control of a new village and its surrounding farms.

The Syrian Army and popular forces drove the terrorist groups back from their positions in the Eastern countryside of Aleppo province, and took control of al-Sreib village and the surrounding farms.

Battlefield reports said also that the Syrian soldiers inflicted heavy losses on the Takfiri terrorists, and managed to kill and injure scores of them.

Following the victory of the government troops in the region, scores of terrorists fled their positions and ran away to the neighboring villages.

Two main terrorist groups operating in the Southern province of Dara’a engaged in fierce clashes with each other, leaving many terrorists dead and wounded, provincial sources said.

“Scores of terrorists have been killed or wounded in exchange of fire between the ISIL-affiliated Liwa Shohada al-Yarmouk and al-Nusra Front and its allies in Dara’a countryside,” the sources said.

Fierce clashes, which have taken place among the rival terrorist groups in the province of Dara’a in the recent week, have left scores of terrorists dead and injured proving the widening rift between the terrorists after the Syrian army continued advance in more terrorist-held territories.

On Thursday, the Takfiri terrorists fighting against Syria suffered heavy losses as their positions in Dara’a province were targeted in heavy airstrikes and artillery attacks.

The Syrian warplanes destroyed terrorists’ gathering centers in the towns of Sheikh Meskeen and Nawa in Dara’a province, field sources said.

The Syrian army also fired artillery shells at the terrorists in the neighborhoods of Manishiya and Tariq al-Sad as well as al-Na’imeh town in the province.

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