World Renowned Indian Shia Scholar Molana Mirza Athar Passes away

IMG_1549JNN 01 Mar 2016 Lucknow : Professor Maulana Mirza Mohammad Athar passed awayFebruary 26, 2016. He was the Orator on the Topic of Ahlul Bayt (Household of holy Prophet) from Lucknow, India for than 6 Decades . Miirza was the son of the late Mulla Mirza Mohammad Tahir.

He received his education at Sultan-ul-Madaris, where he graduated with Sadr-ul-Afazil, and Lucknow University, where he obtained his masters in Persian Literature.

Prominent personalities in Mumbai, said it was an irreparable loss as Maulana Athar was not only a good orator but also contributed to the up lift  of the Muslim community through his role in the All India Muslim Personal Law Board.

Haji Parekh, a resident of Mazgaon who escorted the orator whenever he was in Mumbai, said Maulana Athar was undergoing treatment for pneumonia since the past two months but his condition remained feeble. “The death of Papa has left people from the Shia and Bohra sect in a state of shock. Despite his feeble condition, Papa was always alert and was in Mumbai during the protest against the execution of Shaikh Nimr by the Saudi Arabia government in January. His loss has left a void that cannot be filled by any other orator. The sermons of Masjid e Iranian during Moharrum will not have the same effect,” said Mr Parekh.

Maulana Mirza Mohammad Athar, the man who held the record for imparting Moharrum sermons for 57 successive years at the Masjid e Iranian in South Mumbai.

Maulana Athar started giving sermons in 1958 at Masjid e Iranian and became active in Islamic activities as word of speeches revolving around humanity and teachings of Islam drew people from different sects of Islam as well as those from outside it. He was part of the AIMPLB and later spearheaded the All India Shia Muslim Personal Law Board.

Afzal Dawoodani, state vice president of the BJP’s transport wing, said, “Maulana Athar was always approachable. Though he never took active interest in politics he was always aware of the changing political scenario in the country and used to advise people accordingly,” said Mr Dawoodani.

Also to his native Lucknow, he was popular all over India as well as in Pakistan, the Middle East, UK, US and Australia. On January 23, 2005, Mirza Mohammed Athar was elected the first president of All India Shia Personal Law Board (AISPLB).

Mirza Mohammed Athar passed away at 79 yrs old, at Max Hospital Saket New Delhi.

His burial took place in Lucknow yesterday at Karbala Imdad Husain.

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