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4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Dear Sisters and Brothers of Fiqa e Jaffaria,
    I am writing with a hope that this letter may give you a feeling that majority like me are angry and sad, to read what had happened during the past days, how many inncocent Muslims got killed in sectarian Ferocity in Pakistan. My heart bleeds to read and learn these incidents, I was brought up in Karachi, in a culture where we respected every one, we were full of tolerance for each other, we were only Pakistanies, we never looked into who is who and what is his religious beliefs.
    I am no more in Pakistan, but I am a living human being and as long as I live my heartbeats will react on any good or bad happens in Pakistan, and unfortunately I do not see many good happening in Pakistan, rather any good hapenning in Paksitan from very long time, we are into the depth of illetracy(JAHALAT).
    No matter who kills an innocent person, just because the other person does not look alike, or act alike, or move alike, or pray alike, this killer is definately going to answer in the day of judgemnent, no matter what his beliefs are.
    I honestly do not know why I wrote this and what difference it will make, but I have many friend, living in Karachi and other cities of Pakistan, and I fear for their lives and always pray for their life and solidarity of Pakistan.
    We should some how find a way to finish this non-sence inforcement of our beliefs to others, and calling Kafir to any one because he/she has different religious beliefs.
    I wish we will learn some lessons from the people who have no land and they are fighting for a piece of land from decades, and here we are with a great country but we do not value that, what a unfortunate nation with no body to lead towards success and prosperity.

    Hamid M. Siddiqui

  2. assalam o alaikum hamid siddique sahib
    my name is hashmat ali naqvi and recently i was deported from UAE because i belongs to fiqeh jaffaria. my life is totally disturbed. i cannot explain everything here. why our government didnt take any serious action on it and also why leaders of fiqeh jaffaria didnt take any serious action on it? may u live long

  3. Help central Jail karachi Shia…. The ImamBargah Setup 29, and their all senior members has been put in seal wards… and police also lathi charge on all our Momin brothers take them out and put some of them in Jihadi Barracks… Please Stand for them Help them Please… all our Momin Brothers lifes are in Danger in Central Prison karachi Pakistan.. 23 Nov 2015…

  4. Salam e Jameel. Allah Tala Sab Mumineen Khidmat Guzar e Alae Mohammed ku salamt ur appni hifazat may rahkay. Bachpan say Humany Sunahay/Pharayhay/ ur yaqqen jab hum majlis ur azadari kartay hay to panjatan pak A.S. or bibi Shaeba Tasrif Latay Hay. ur jab bhi majlis may bibi yo ka zikar hota hay tu hum sab appna sar ur nazray zhooka laytay hay. phir jab hum azadari matamdari kartay hay tu shirt/kurta/banyan kiyoo utar laytay hay. jab kay sadat kiram ur bibi sah hazrir ho. mayray khayail say ye na munasib hay bagair kisi kapray kay majlis may azadari karna.
    koyee barik kurta ya T-shirt hoona Zaroori hay.

    agar mera khayal galat hay tu mafi chata hoo baat zara gorofikar ki hay.
    mohib e allae mohammed/ahlay beit/

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