” Lailatul Qadr ” – The Most Important Night of all Nights in the Islamic Calendar

Lailatul Qadr ,JNN 08 July 2015 : The Holy Month of Ramzan is the Holiest Month of all the Month of the Islamic Calendar , and above all the Most important thing of the holy month of Ramadan is the Night of Importance  (Lailatul-Qadr) – the night which is superior to a thousand months. Continue reading

Muslims Immigration to Western World for the Better Future of Children Ends in Losing Children

Danish Professor suggests School should show Blue Movies to StudentsJNN 14 Apr 2015 Brussels : The Muslims Immigrating to the Western land and the Recent Muslim converts are under severe Pressure in raising their Kids in a Western environment Hostile to the Muslim Living Standards as it challenges the Basics Principles of Muslim Environment. Continue reading

Babri Masjid Massacre Revisited – Mosques are not Religious Places , so can be demolished Any time – Indian Hindu Leader

BJP leader Subramanian SwamyJNN 23 Mar 2015 ASSAM –A leader of the far-right Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has triggered a new controversy with his statement that mosques and churches are not religious places, and that they can be demolished any time. Continue reading

U.S. Opens Door to Oil Exports after year of Pressure

Offshore oil platform is seen in Huntington BeachJNN 01 Jan 2015 New York : The Obama administration on Tuesday bowed to months of growing pressure over a 40-year-old ban on exports of most domestic crude, taking two steps expected to unleash a wave of ultra-light shale oil onto global markets. Continue reading

5 Important things About Ebola Virus , Every body should Know

Ebola outbreak in LiberiaJNN 01 Nov 2014 Washington : The UN’s health watchdog, the WHO, says there are 60 days left to contain the Ebola outbreak, which has already claimed almost 5,000 lives. This is what you need to know about the killer virus. Continue reading

Benefits of Fasting in the Holy Month of Ramazan , In the Light of Latest Scientific Research

ramadan BenefitsJNN 28 June 2013 KARACHI : A latest study has concluded that fasting regenerates human immune system. You can plan for 30-day fasting for the holy month of Ramadan that is set to begin on the 30th June. Continue reading

Google’s Smart Contact Lens , Monitor Glucose Level with out Needles

Google smart contact lens: monitor glucose level without needlesJNN 19 Jan 2014 New York : Google has unveiled a contact lens that monitors glucose levels in tears, a potential reprieve for millions of diabetics who have to jab their fingers to draw their own blood as many as 10 times a day. Continue reading

USA a Threat to the World , Killed More than Ten Million People around the World

US CIA's trained Gurella fightersJNN 08 Jan 2014 New York : The United States of America has been voted as the most significant threat to world peace in a survey across 68 different countries. Anti-American sentiment was not only recorded in antagonistic countries, but also in many allied NATO partners like Turkey and Greece. Continue reading

Pakistani Foreign Policy Needs Correction by Brave Patriotic Pakistanis

Patriotic Pakistanis to Lead the NationJNN 13 Dec 2013 Islamabad : Here are few of the highlights of Pakistan’s involvement in the US led war on terror that has dragged on for more than 12 years: Over 50,000 deaths, $80+ billion in losses, growing insecurity and mounting fear among its citizens. Continue reading

Choose a Career to Have the Best Earning – 10 Best Professions Demand of the Future

Petroleum EngineeringJNN 28 Oct 2013 New York : If the potential to make money is the biggest determinant of what you choose to study in college, think hard about an engineering discipline — specifically oil.

That’s because the major with the greatest earnings potential, for both bachelor’s degree and graduate degree holders is petroleum engineering, according to a report on NPR.org’s Planet Money. Citing data compiled by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce, the report said median earnings — half are above and half are below — for petroleum engineers is $120,000 annually, whether they have a bachelor’s degree or higher .

* Petroleum Engineering 

As for why it’s the same regardless of whether the data include undergraduates only or all graduates, the report said one of the Georgetown researchers theorized that petroleum engineers with graduate degrees stand a higher chance of working in academics, meaning they wouldn’t be as likely to garner the top earnings found in private industry.

Here are the five top-earning majors the data revealed, along with their median yearly pay:

Highest Earning Professions

Of note is that when all graduates are factored in, earnings associated with health and medical preparatory programs match petroleum engineering’s median salary, at $120,000.

That changes markedly from the findings covering only those with undergraduate degrees. At the bachelor’s level, health and medical preparatory degree holders earn $40,000, putting them among the 10 majors with the lowest earnings. The reason is that this major is a first step — bachelor’s students tend to use the degree to go on to medical school or some other graduate program, which enhances their earnings potential considerably.

Ultimately, you won’t go wrong with the sciences, the job titles make clear. You’ve already seen the top five, and as for the remaining degrees in the top 10, the best pay is associated with mathematics and computer science, aerospace engineering, naval architecture and marine engineering, chemical engineering and electrical engineering. Those jobs, at the median, earn $94,000 to $98,000.

One of the biggest fears for many college graduates is finding a good job that pays well and has solid career prospects.

Some career paths are going to be more beneficial and open to a recent grad. To help new degree holders find the right field, the University of California, San Diego has compiled its fifth annual list of “Hot Careers for College Graduates.”

For this report, UCSD looked at four criteria — “current employment in the field, projected growth in the occupation between 2010 and 2020, median annual salary in the occupation, and workplace environment characteristics.”

The study also looked at “bridgeability factor,” a yes or no decision “based on whether a college graduate could bridge into the career with one or two years of study or reskilling.” Several careers — such as nurse, veterinarian, and pharmacist — scored well on UCSD’s criteria, but would be unobtainable for an untrained college graduate.

Almost half of the careers in the top 10 dealt with computers and technology, including the top two on the list. Although two different types of software developers — applications and systems — tied for the first spot on UCSD’s rankings, we decided to solely designate systems software developers as the number one career, based on its stronger long-term job prospects.

#1 Software Developer — Systems Software

“Although the demand for applications software developers is higher, systems software developers have a better projected employment growth rate (32% by 2020 versus 28% by 2020 for the applications software developers) as well as a higher mean annual salary ($102,550, almost $5,000 more for the applications software developer).”

#2 Software Developers — Applications

“The difference between these types of software developers is that the applications software developers are more focused on the consumer side of the software development, testing and modifying the product to ensure the desired results, and the systems software developer’s role pertains to the formulation and analysis of software requirements. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or mathematics, as well as strong programming skills, are what an applicant usually needs for a job as an applications software developer.”

#3 Market Research Analyst/Marketing Specialist

“Government data shows 392,740 currently employed marketing research analysts under classification code 13-1161. Although the mean annual salary, $67,380, is considerably less than the number one and number two careers in the hot careers list, the job outlook between now and 2020 shows a deep and urgent need for more qualified individuals in these positions, with a projected growth rate of 41 percent by 2020.”

#4 Accountant/Auditor

“Accountants and auditors earned the number four spot on the hot careers list because of the sheer demand for accounting jobs. At last official count, 1,129,340 people in the U.S. were employed as accountants and auditors, with a respectable projected growth rate in the field of 16% by 2020. The mean annual salary for accounting and audit careers is $71,040, which has increased by nearly $10,000 in the past three years alone (from $61,690 in just 2010). Salary growth also illuminates why this is a promising career path for individuals with financial aptitude.”

#5 Network/Computer Systems Administrator

“The criteria that landed this occupation on the hot careers list are a mean annual salary of $76,320 paired with a projected growth rate of 28% by 2020. Increased reliance on technology in homes and every economic sector will continue to generate strong demand for graduates who can fulfill the numerous needs of users and enterprises. Currently, the U.S. government reports 350,320 systems administrators employed, but increasingly complex security threats, cybersurveillance, and upcoming ‘meaningful use’ requirements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 will no doubt continue to require additional manpower on the front lines of computer networks and systems.”

#6 Computer Systems Analyst

“Computer systems analysts scored strongly in every category of hot careers evaluation. With 482,040 systems analysts currently employed in the U.S., the career category is projected to experience growth in demand of 22 percent by 2020. With a mean annual salary of $83,800, it is among the most highly remunerative job categories on the list.”

#7 Management Analyst

“There are a reported 540,440 employed nationwide at present. All industries — even government organizations and not-for-profit organizations — rely on the unique expertise of management analysts to operate efficiently. With the onset of the global economic recession that began in 2008, utilization of management consultants has been growing, and demand for these professionals is projected to continue to grow by 22% by 2020. The mean annual salary for management consultants is $88,070.”

#8 Public Relations Specialist

“Compared to other jobs on the hot careers list, public relations specialists represent the smallest number of people currently employed (201,280), but the field has a projected growth rate of 23% by 2020 … The mean annual salary in the field, counting both corporate and self-employed public relations specialists, is $61,980.”

#9 Insurance Sales Agent

“As the population lives longer, there will be an increased need for insurance agents; the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects this career path to increase by 22% by 2020. Our research shows there are 336,740 insurance agents nationwide, earning a mean annual salary of $63,400. Although one third of all insurance sales agents in 2010 reported having at least a bachelor’s degree, only a high school diploma is required for entry to this job — a unique factor among the top ten hot careers.”

#10 Professional Colleges Teacher

“Professional Colleges teachers have chosen an occupation that is high on the hot careers list because of the number of currently employed teachers—1,360,380. Outnumbering any other single occupation nationally, a teaching career path tends to offer a form of stability that is relatively rare in other fields of pursuit … Overall demand for teachers is significant on a national level. From 2010–2020, a large number of teachers from the Professional Colleges are also expected to retire, which will create additional positions for new teachers and results in projected national growth in the career of 18% by 2020.”

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Revolution Knocking at the Doorstep : Doomsday of the Sheikhdoms within Sight

Saudi Revolution in the offingJNN 26 Oct 2013 DURHAM, England — THIS summer, disgruntled Saudis took their grievances online in droves, complaining of ever-growing inequality, rising poverty, corruption and unemployment. Their Twitter campaign became one of the world’s highest trending topics. Continue reading

JI’s Past Contradicts Present , Founder Maulana Maudoodi , Narates in “ Fitna e Takfir”

JI's Founder Maulana Abul Ala MaudoodiJNN 23 Aug 2013 Karachi : Founder of the Religious Political Party “ Jamaat e Islami ” , Molana Abul Ala Maudoodi , was a great Muslim Scholar as among his Other Books , “ Khilafat and Mulookiat ” is an asset , and is acclaimed unanimously by all the Muslims , His writings have created awareness among the Muslim Masses , and it was his thoughts that became the foundation Stone of the Political Party “ Jamaat e Islami ” , As he was a Man who was of the thought that Unity should not be lost among different sects of Muslims as per the teaching of Islam and the People and Groups calling other Muslims “ Kafir ” , Should not be allowed to do so .As the People doing so are Evil themselves . Continue reading

Super memory crystal: Coin Size 5D nano-glass to preserve 360TB data for million years

5d-nanostructured-glass-optical-memoryJNN 14 July 2013 London : A research group in Britain has recorded data into a crystal of nanostructured glass. This future storage with practically unlimited lifetime and capacity exceeding Blu-Ray’s by 2,800 times might save civilization’s data for aliens if humankind is gone. Continue reading

US Congressmen Letter sent to PM Nawaz Shariff condemning Shia Genocide , should also show some Actions of Condemnation of Takfiri Wahabi Terrorists

US Congres Men condemn Shia Genocide In PakistanJNN 14 July 2013 Karachi : We highly appreciate the Letter sent by the Bi Partisan members of United States Congress addressed to the newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan. The letter which condemns Shia Genocide in Pakistan by Takfiri Deobandi terrorists (operating as Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan , Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat ASWJ , Lashkar-e-Jhangvin and their allied Groups and Cells ). The letter quotes human rights groups documenting incidents of anti-Shia violence in Pakistan. Continue reading

Mutah (Temporary Marriage) becomes Popular among young British Muslims

MarriageJNN 12 July 2013 LONDON: Young British Muslims are increasingly turning towards Mut’ah or temporary marriage for better understanding with each other and to assess if the couples are compatible and can last long but also to balance their religious beliefs with their modern Western lifestyle. Continue reading

Shias Paying the Price , for Saving the True Religion of Nature – Islam

Stop Shia KillingJNN 03 July 2013 : From Cairo to Peshawar, Shias are under attack by Wahabi militants. The sectarian terrorism targeting Shias has left thousands dead. The rest of the world watches silently as Muslims self-destruct in sectarian wars. Continue reading

Causes and Remedies to Boiling Saudi Revolution

Shia Uprising in Saudi ArabiaJNN 19 June 2013 Riyadh : The eastern region of Saudi Arabia has witnessed a deadly cycle of demonstrations, shootings, and detentions for more than two years. While Shia in the east share grievances with the rest of the country, simmering discontent is aggravated by a history of regime discrimination and provincial neglect. To stabilize the region, the regime must address the roots of dissent at both the local and the national levels. Continue reading

It is Now OR Never – For the Love of PAKISTAN , Annihilate LeJ, SSP & TTP, or Ready to Loose Pakistan

Pakistani Political Terrorist CouncilJNN 18 June 2013 Islamabad : Arresting Malik Ishaq under the MPO (maintenance of public order) and carrying out ‘targeted operations’ — whatever that means — is no way to handle the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ). Action against the LeJ cannot be limited to Quetta, or even Balochistan because this is a group that is entrenched in every part of Pakistan, a group which spreads its poison from pulpits and Facebook pages alike, a group that is actively aided and abetted by a very active political wing Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan ( SSP / ASWJ ) Unlike their TTP allies, they cannot be geographically or politically isolated. A few scattered arrests cannot harm them. Continue reading

Ale Saud Annihilating Sunni Sect of Islam

Saudi Anhilating Sunni Sect of IslamJNN 04 Apr 2013 :  Like many social and biological systems, the success of religious movements is often a function of securing some type of evolutionary advantage. In simpler terms: better ideologies win while inferior ideologies vanish. Moses challenged Pharaoh and staged a rebellion with a bunch of slaves and his religious movement emerged successful. Jesus challenged the corruption of his time and offered an alternative ideology and his religious movement became victorious. In the thriving trade city of Mecca and among the warring tribes of Yathrib, Mohammad offered a new way of life and soon the entire Arabian Peninsula saw the rise of Islam. What was common among these powerful movements was the same fundamental evolutionary advantage: they offered greater social justice and a better way of life for their followers. Continue reading

The Sorry State of Shia Leadership

Shia Leadership of PakistanJNN 6 March 2013 Karachi : The Shia Nation has been 3rd time badly hit by the terrorist Network since 12th Jan, 2013’s  Twin Bombing on the Alamdar Road in Quetta, in a short span of time, i.e about 50 Days time 255 Shia Men , Women and Children are being alone Martyred in these 3 incidents of Bomb Blast of Karachi and Quetta, rest of about 50 Shia Men who lost their lives in the continued Target Killing across Pakistan in the same period , make the figure even higher , as the Patient Shia Nation has borne this Killing and atrocities for about last 30 – 35 years in Pakistan , and have since then waited for a reliable and credible Shia Leadership , since the Loss of Allama Arif al Hussain Al Hussaini , who really worked Day in and Day out for the Shia Nation and created a Sense of security in the Common Shia Public , as they were confident that they are not speechless in this time of Misery and Disaster , as there is some body to speak for their rights and the atrocities being done against them .

But the Establishment of Pakistan who at that time was busy minting money coming from US , Saudia and UAE , was not interested that any body should disturb them , while they are busy counting their Foreign Exchange reserves , and they were least Bothered if it costed them Shia Body bags or even at the cost of the Whole of the Shia Nation .

As this was the time when the Disgruntled Shia Nation was Looking for a Reliable and Credible Leadership , that Can take the charge , and can take a Stand Like Mufti Jaffer Hussain or can be brave and and Unite the Shia Nation like Allama Arif Hussain , But Alas!

So Many Climbed and Claimed the Benefits of the Status , But Non Delivered as per the Inspiration and the Necessities and complexities of the Situation, and the time Passed away .

Finally a Group of Revolutionary Minded Clerics , took a step forward and launched a Shia Political cum Religious Party , under the Banner of Majlis e Wahdat e Muslimeen, which took its time in organizing , the Party on National Level , and the Best Part of the Party was that they talk of Unity of the Shiite Nation , and discarded Nation being divided in parts and groups .

As we all saw that the Alamdar Road Blast was the Turning Point , in the Shiite History also that regardless of Differences among different Parties and groups , Whole of the Community rose above their Personal and Party Differences and took a firm stand on the Issue , and whole of the Pakistani , rather the International Community , saw that whole of the Pakistani Shia Nation was committed and United for the Cause , and that sent tremors waves in the Political , Administrative and Establishment of Pakistan.

And the result was that the Government has to Bow and surrender to the Legitimate Demands of the Community , and the Governor Rule was imposed in the Balochistan Province.

The Misery was not yet over , as the 2nd Kirani Road, Hazara Town Blast , Once again Shook the Shia Nation , and the Act of Unity and Show of Shia Strength was Once again Shown and Proven , And this was the time when the Political Parties , which were now really disturbed by the Unity and the Massive Show of Strength took their Stand and Started to Play a game of Politics and the Lead Players were the So called Owners of Karachi , as this is the first time in History that any group or Party has shown such a Massive Show of Strength and Unity in Karachi, that the City was almost Paralyzed by the Protest Sit Ins on about 32 different Places  ,so their strategy was first by Painting the Picture as ethnic , instead of Sectarian , Just to create division in the United Shia Stand ,and secondly gain the Benefit of sympathies of a whole constituency , where they can achieve their Provincial and National Assembly Seats , and that also in the troubled Province of Balochistan, and if they win to do that then can be also be spokes person for the Shia community Partly if not wholly.

Any way as the Shia Community have seen so many conspiracies, from Within and Outside that they completely rejected which was a great set back for them , and then they got ready for their Plan B, and sent their good wishes to the enemies of the Shia Community , and Paid Visits in the name of reconciliation and Harmony among different sects.

But This reconciliation and Harmony gave a Present in shape of a Huge Bomb Blast in a Shia Neighborhood of Karachi , which resulted in the casualty of about 55 Men , Women, and Children , Total destruction of about 200 Homes , and 100 Shops , and among the victims of all this disaster , the Majority which bore this Burn was now again the Shia Community.

As Shia nation is not afraid of the Martyrdom and Destruction , as they have been going on through this for the Last 14 Centuries , and as per their Believe they ‘ll will have to face this till the Dooms Day , except in the Reign of the Present Imam Mehdi AJTF, who will rule the Whole World with such a Justice that No One has to bear any Injustice , regardless of its color , cast , creed or Religion.

But the Question and the fight of the Shia Nation is that the Cost of any Death and Destruction to the Community should be such Huge , that even the Blood thirsty enemy should think twice , before committing such a Henious crime , and to fix the Price of Death and Destruction to the Community , is the work and thought of the Leadership is to decide as How the Enemy should be Nailed that it has to pay the Price .

As in the case of the Bomb Blast in Abbas Town , Karachi , the Biggest City of Pakistan , The whole of the Shia Nation was eyeing and was Pin Drop Silent to hear the Strategy of their Leadership , as What has to be done to Stop this Menace in the First Place , and How the Enemy should be encountered , and secondly , as whole of the Shia Nation was ready to March along side their Leader ship , but they looked like speech less.

As per the sources the Political Leadership of Karachi was very Much annoyed and disturbed by the earlier two Protest Sit Ins in Karachi and across Pakistan , each of which lasted for several days , paralyzing the whole city and the Nation for Several Days .

So On the Direct Orders of the Governor of Sindh the Shia Leadership was asked not to give any call for such Protest , while they were given fake assurances , we don’t know whether the Leadership followed on the given Instructions willingly or Under Pressure, but as the Shia Community has suffered a Huge Loss ,not only by losing their loved Ones , but also losing their Shelter and Businesses , but till now the Leadership which they have entrusted and backed , has uptill now , not come up with any thing concrete steps, that may heal up the wounds of the Shia Nation and specially the victims of the Bomb Blast , who are now homeless Orphans.

In a Situation like this the Leader ship should take the nation in confidence , by sharing their future and Present strategy , instead of Hiding behind the curtains , as it raises the eye Brows of Many , who are ready to infiltirate the system and to derail the Unity Band wagon , which has been achieved by the Nation after a very Long time , and after Paying a Huge Cost.

It is a very crucial time for All the Active Players of the Leadership , whether it may be Shia Ulema Council (SUC) , Majlis e Wahdat e Muslimeen (MWM) , Shia Action Comitte (SAC) , Jafaria Alliance Pakistan (JAP) , Imamia Students Organisation (ISO) or other regional & City level Groups should sit together and Urgently formulate a United Policy, which can be Implemented across Pakistan Unilaterally for the safety and well being of whole of the Shia Community to fight against the Evil forces .

As with the every Passing Moment , the Political Parties which have been threatened by the Shia Unity and Strength are trying to Infiltrate and create disintegration among the shia Nation, so the formula is Sooner the Better. Rather than for Waiting for Next Disaster to come up and shaken the confidence of the Nation in the Leadership.

Muharram Ul Harram 1434 Hijri Moon Sighted , Ashura on 25th Nov 2012 in Major Parts of the World

JNN 15th Nov 2012 Karachi : The moon of Muharram, first month of the Islamic calendar, has been sighted and the first of Muharram will be on Friday, November 16.The Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee announced on Thursday  that the moon of Moharramul Harram 1434 Hijri has been sighted in the country and the Ashura would fall on 25th November 2012  (Sunday). Continue reading

Ale Sauds The Yazeed of the Present Era , & their Unholy UnIslamic Acts , Background , and Zionist Connections Revealed

JNN 22 Aug 2012 Riyadh : This is article based on indepth research on the Ale Saud the Rulers of Saudi Arabia , who are famous for their UnIslamic acts and trying to mislead the whole of the Islamic World by Deceiving , them and Being Called the Custodian of the Most Holy Land of Islam , and the Mecca and Medina . Continue reading

Pak GHQ Setting its new course , Brigadier and 4 Officers convicted on links with Banned Outfit


JNN 05 Aug 2012 RAWALPINDI: The court martial proceedings of Brigadier Ali Khan, Major Inayat Aziz, Major Iftikhar, Major Sohail Akbar and Major Jawad Baseer, who were facing charges of having links with a banned outfit, were completed on Friday. All four accused have been convicted in the case, ISPR statement said. Continue reading

Congratulations ! On the Birth Anniversary of Our 2nd Imam Hassan Mujtaba a.s

JNN 05 Aug 2012 : Imam Hasan (A.S.) the Leader of the youth in Heaven was born in the holy city of Medina on 15th Ramadhan in third year after Hijrah. Imam Hasan(A.S.) the Second Holy Imam of the Shi’ites in the world was divinely gifted with all great qualities to such an extent that he was outstanding in knowledge, tolerance, intelligence, bounty and valour. Continue reading

Majority of Apps spy on users


JNN 18 Dec 2010 : An investigation into smartphone applications has revealed that most the Apps are designed to spy on people, transmitting personal data of device owners to different companies.

According to The Wall Street Journal‘s investigation, 56 of the 101 widely used Apps — including software and games for iPhone and Android phones — transferred the personal details of their users to advertising companies without the consent of users.

Various companies benefit from the personal information in different ways, ranging from finding the users address to their interests and software they use the most.

Forty-seven of these applications transmitted the location of the phone, whereas age, gender and other personal information were sent by five of the Apps. The unique ID number assigned to each phone by the manufacturers was the most widely shared detail.

iPhone sends out more information compared with Androids which typically use Google operating systems, the study found.

TextPlus 4 (iPhone App for text messaging), Pandora (a music App in both iPhone and Android), and Paper Toss (a game in both iPhone and Android) were the applications sharing the most data. The manufacturers of TextPlus 4 and Pandora; however, deny the claim, saying that the Apps share data anonymously and the personal profile, including age and gender, is transferred voluntarily.

Apple, similarly, says iPhone Apps “cannot transmit data about a user without obtaining the user’s prior permission and providing the user with access to information about how and where the data will be used.”

The manufacturers of Smart Phones running Google’s Android operating systems, such as Motorola Inc, Samsung Electronics Co and Google, say the responsibility of handling with user’s information rests with the App-makers. If users do not like a particular application to have access to their data, they can simply choose not to install the app, Google says.

While computer users can block or delete tiny tracking files (cookies), smartphone users are completely powerless in this regard.

“In the world of mobile, there is no anonymity,” says Michael Becker of the Mobile Marketing Association, stressing that a cell phone is “always with us. It’s always on.”


Moscow Muslims Pray on Sidewalks for Want of Mosques

It is a typical Friday scene — worshippers kneeling in the rain outside Moscow’s biggest mosque, forced to use their shoes to anchor their prayer rugs to keep them from blowing away in the autumn winds.

It is a typical Friday scene — worshippers kneeling in the rain outside Moscow’s biggest mosque, forced to use their shoes to anchor their prayer rugs to keep them from blowing away in the autumn winds.

The scramble for a place inside is a weekly headache for Muslims in the Russian capital, a city with one of the biggest percentage of Muslims in Europe but with only four mosques.

And their plea for more space to worship is stirring tension with Russia’s resurgent nationalists.

“When I can get here early, I can find a place inside. Otherwise I need to stay outside,” said Abdyl Ashim Ibraimov, 30, a regular at the Sobornaya mosque, Moscow’s largest.

Thousands of faithful descend upon the site each Friday for the Islamic day of prayer, but the green building topped with gold crescents — wedged between blocks of apartments and an immense stadium in central Moscow — can only hold up to 800 people.

Once full, worshippers filter into its nearby administrative offices, then the interior courtyard and finally spill onto neighbouring sidewalks.

“Friday prayers are very important. That’s why we come here, whether it’s raining or snowing,” said Ashur Ashurov, a silver-haired man in his sixties.

Estimates vary for the number of Muslims in Moscow, a vast city of 10.5 million. Russian officials put it at about 1.2 million but the Council of Muftis, the official Muslim organisation in Russia, says it is closer to two million.

With only four mosques, “there is a catastrophic shortage of place,” said the Sobornaya mosque’s imam, Ildar Khazrat Alyautdinov. “It is not enough to accommodate those who want to come and pray.”

“We are asking, and even demanding, that there be a mosque in every borough, ideally in every neighbourhood,” Alyautdinov said.

According to Alyautdinov, a project to add a second building to enlarge the Sobornaya mosque site has been blocked by the absence of “one small signature from a bureaucrat” needed to finish the work.

And fierce protests from residents have thwarted other plans to build an enormous new mosque in the city’s southeast designed to hold up to 5,000 people. Moscow officials had promised to hand over land in a park to build this new facility.

Alexei Malashenko, an expert on Islam with the Moscow Carnegie Centre, a think-tank for nonpartisan research and analysis, said the root of the problem is a lack of tolerance among Moscow residents.

“Moscow is a cosmopolitan city… and the city with the biggest Muslim population in Europe. People need to get used to seeing mosques,” he said.

Bahrain’s Shi’ite Opposition Gains in Elections, But Still in Minority and Pressure

Bahrain’s embattled Shi’ite opposition movement won big in the Persian Gulf island state’s parliamentary elections, according to results announced on Sunday.

Bahrain’s embattled Shi’ite opposition movement won big in the Persian Gulf island state’s parliamentary elections, according to results announced on Sunday.

The Shi’ite bloc called Al-Wefaq on Saturday won all 18 seats it had contested, a one-seat gain from 2006 elections, making it again the largest force in Bahrain’s 40-member Council of Representatives. No candidate secured a majority in nine districts, setting the stage for runoffs Saturday. Turnout was 67 percent, with more than 300,000 ballots cast.

“We were having difficulties yesterday because lots of names were dropped [from the voter rolls],” said Khalil Al-Marzooq, a returning Al-Wefaq member of parliament, in an interview Sunday. “However, because of the massive participation, we managed to win.”

The vote in the Sunni-led kingdom — a strategic base for the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet — comes amid heightened tensions between the government and the Shi’ite majority.

On Thursday, 23 Shi’ite opposition members will go on trial for charges of plotting a coup. The men were arrested two months ago following weeks of escalating Shi’ite street riots. Human rights groups allege that hundreds more have been detained, deprived of due process, and in many cases tortured — claims the government vehemently denies. Authorities also shut down dozens of opposition websites, including Al-Wefaq’s.

Mr. Al-Marzooq said the crackdown was regrettable and that in addition to pursuing its priority of housing for low-income Shi’ites, Al-Wefaq would seek democratic reforms.

“We want more authority for the Council of Representatives — this is the main thing — and we are looking in the future to have a peaceful transition of power so that the prime minister is elected directly or indirectly from the people of Bahrain,” he said.

The prime minister and members of the Shura Council, the upper legislative body, are currently appointed by King Hamad ibn Isa Al Khalifa.

The election was the third since the king began his political-reform project nearly a decade ago, paving the way for Bahrain’s first elected parliament since the 1970s. While the reforms resulted in greater enfranchisement of the country’s Shi’ites — and of women, who were granted suffrage — it has led to an intra-Shia debate over whether the system is rigged to the point that participation is futile, with four opposition groups having called for an election boycott.

One common complaint of critics involves gerrymandering, which effectively ensures the majority Shi’ites — 60 percent to 70 percent of the population, estimates say — cannot win a parliamentary majority.

Hadi Al-Mosawi, a newly elected Al-Wefaq member of parliament (MP), stated that his bloc had conceded 22 districts, contesting “the only 18 which allow us to be competitive — the Shi’ite areas.” He said there were wide differences in the number of people across districts — differences that tended to favor Sunnis. “One MP can represent 16,000, and another can represent only 1,000,” he said, calling the discrepancy a violation of the “one-man, one-vote” principle.

Mr. Al-Marzooq said that despite the difficulties, Bahraini Shi’ites stood more to gain by working within the system, appearing to regret Al-Wefaq’s boycott of the 2002 elections.

“At least if you have a goalkeeper — even if he is standing against a very good opponent — at least he will defend the goal from lots of balls coming in,” he said.

“This is the situation in Bahrain. If you aren’t in the parliament, then there will be lots of [bad] laws — like what happened in 2002 without the presence of the opposition. The terrorism law, the political-societies law, the gathering law — all of the bad laws — have come from the [2002-2006] parliament, where the opposition was not there.”

“The massive participation,” Mr. Al-Marzooq said, “shows that the boycott debate is over.”

Saudi student punished for being Shia

Shia students at an elementary school in Saudi Arabia have been subject to physical punishment and insults over their faith by a Salafi teacher.

The report, which was first published by the Saudi Arabian Rasid News Network, said the punishments traumatized the students and inflicted emotional and psychological damage.

The teacher identified as Shaher al-Aatibi, is a hard-line member of the Salafi sect working at the Jafar ibn Abi Talib elementary school in Qatif in eastern Saudi Arabia.

Al-Aatibi repeatedly calls Shia students ‘infidels’ and ‘idolaters,’ saying they support Iran and the late founder of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini.

According to the report, the teacher also physically punishes students over unwarranted issue such as wearing rings, causing a rift among the different tribes of the area.

A 2009 report by the New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) criticized the Saudi government over its “systemic state discrimination” against Shia Muslims across the Kingdom.

Jafar ibn Abi Talib elementary school has a total of 600 staff and students, a vast majority of whom are Shia.

Qatif has the largest concentration of Shia Muslims in Saudi Arabia.

Italy exhibits Islamic artworks

Italy has mounted an exhibition of Islamic artworks in the city of Milan, which features pieces from the dawn of Islam until the modern era.

Italy has mounted an exhibition of Islamic artworks in the city of Milan, which features pieces from the dawn of Islam until the modern era.

Organized by Milan Municipality, the event displays Islamic artworks from Egypt, Iran, India and Spain.

The exhibition aims to provide those living outside the Islamic community with a better understanding of the Muslim world.

Muslim immigrants of Italy were provided with the chance to “show their art and go proud saying that we had and we have a very big civilization and we can show it,” director of the exhibition Giovanni Curatola told Press TV.

Over one million Muslims currently live in Italy where Islam is the second largest faith after Catholicism in the European country.

In recent years many Muslims have immigrated to Italy from Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia.

In 2005, the Italian Minister of Interior founded the Council for Italian Islam composed of Muslim people.

“We tend to learn about other people, other religions and other civilizations through our own prejudices and stereotypes,” cultural assessor Massimiliano Finazzer Flory said.

“This is wrong,” he added, saying “Culture is all about questioning our convictions and this exhibition offers people a look at a civilization from a geographical, historical and anthropological point of view but without involving ideologies.”

Milan’s Islamic Art Exhibition will run until the end of January 2011 at the city’s Palazzo Reale.

Translation of “Embryology and Quran” Published in Tajikistan

Written by Hojat-ol-Islam Abdul-Karim Biazar Shirazi, the book “Quran, Embryology and Conversion of Some Embryologists to Islam” was translated into Tajik language and published in Tajikistan.

Written by Hojat-ol-Islam Abdul-Karim Biazar Shirazi, the book “Quran, Embryology and Conversion of Some Embryologists to Islam” was translated into Tajik language and published in Tajikistan.

The book has been translated by Seifollah Monajanov and published in Tajik Cyrillic alphabet by Iran Cultural Center in Tajikistan.

The introduction of the book, which has been published in 1000 copies, is in both Persian and Cyrillic scripts.

Hojat-ol-Islam Shirazi has got a PhD in Quran and Hadith Sciences, an MA in Islamic History and Civilization from McGill University in Canada, as well as an Ijtihad certificate from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

His other published works include the 8-volume collection of “Kashef Exegesis” in Persian and Arabic, “Islamic Sects’ Solidarity”, and “Islam; Religion of Solidarity”.

Sleep habits alters BP in pregnant moms

JNN 02.10.10 Getting too much or too little sleep can place pregnant women at an increased risk of experiencing pregnancy-related complications, a new study says.

According to the study published in Sleep, expectant moms who get less than five hours of sleep a night are nearly 10 times more prone to preeclampsia

Pregnant women sleeping 10 hours or longer, similarly, were at a greater risk of the complication, although it did not reach statistical significance.

“Our findings, however, are generally consistent with reports documenting associations between habitual sleep duration, blood pressure values, and hypertension in men, nonpregnant women, adolescents, and children,” said lead researcher Michelle Williams.

Insufficient sleep, particularly in the third trimester, alters blood pressure levels in pregnant women through affecting the metabolic and neuroendocrine system of the body.

The condition can subsequently contribute to either pregnancy-induced hypertension without proteinuria or preeclampsia, the study found.

Scientists believe their finding would motivate expectant moms to improve their lifestyle, particularly the sleep habits, in order to lower their risk of developing any pregnancy-related complications.

“Women generally already know that they’re eating well and getting enough exercise for two during pregnancy. Our study suggests that women should also aspire to sleep well for two,” Williams added.

Pre-eclampsia is a medical condition in which the expectant mom experiences pregnancy-induced hypertension) in association with having significant amounts of protein in the urine.

Shab-e-Zarbat (Nineteenth of Mah-e-Ramazan) or Night of attack on Imam Ali (A.S.) at Kufa Mosque

JNN 29.08.10 Shab-e-Zarbat (Nineteenth of Mah-e-Ramazan) or Night of attack on Imam Ali (A.S.) at Kufa Mosque

On the 19th of Ramadan month (Mah-e-Ramazan) of the year 40 A.H, Imam Ali (pbuh) came to the mosque in Kufa for his morning prayers. Imam Ali (pbuh) gave the call for prayer (Azaan) and became engaged in leading the congregation. Abd-al-Rahman ibn Muljam pretending to pray, stood just behind Imam Ali (pbuh), and when Imam Ali (pbuh) was in a state of prostration, Abd-al-Rahman ibn Muljam dealt a heavy stroke with his sword, inflicting a deep wound on Imam Ali’s (pbuh) head.

The Holy Prophet (pbuh) had prophesied the assassination of Imam Ali (pbuh) and his issues. Regarding Imam Ali (pbuh) he (pbuh) had said, “O Ali! I see before my eyes thy beard dyed with the blood of thy forehead.”

They assassinated Imam Ali (pbuh) at his finest time – the hour of standing before Allah, the Exalted, during a prayer of submission, in the best of days, while fasting during the month of Ramadan (Mah-e-Ramazan); during the most glorious Islamic duties, while preparing to wage jihad, and in the highest and most pure divine places, the Mosque of Kufa.

May joy be to Amir al-Muminin Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (pbuh) and a blessed afterlife!

The crime of assassinating Imam Ali (pbuh) remains one of the most cruel, brutal and hideous, because it was not committed against one man, but against the whole rational Islamic leadership. By assassinating Imam Ali (pbuh), they actually aimed at assassinating the message, the history, the culture and the nation of Muslims embodied in the person of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (pbuh). In doing so, the Islamic nation lost its guide of progress, and at the most wondrous opportunity in its life after the Holy Prophet (pbuh).

Imam Ali (pbuh) suffered from his wound for three days, and He (pbuh) passed away on 21st of the month of Ramadan (Mah-e-Ramazan) at an age of 63 years.

During these three days, he (pbuh) entrusted his son, Imam Hasan (pbuh) with the Imamate of guiding the nation ideologically and socially. During those three days, as during all his life, he never ceased remembering Allah, praising Him, and accepting Him and His ordinance.

Likewise, he continued giving pieces of advice and directions leading to good, pointing to the right, defining the way to guidance, explaining the course for deliverance, calling for the observance of Allah’s ordinances, and warning against following one’s ill desires and set-backs from not carrying out the divine message.

The following is one piece of advice offered to his sons, Imam Hasan (pbuh) and Imam Hussain (pbuh), as well as to his people, the nation and coming generations:

“I advise you to fear Allah, and not to run after (the pleasure of) the world, even if it may run after you. Do not be sorry for anything from it which you have been denied. Say the truth and act for (Allah’s) reward. Be an enemy of the oppressor, and be a helper of the oppressed.”

“I advise you, my children, my household and all those who may receive my message, to fear Allah, to arrange your affairs well, to maintain good relations among yourselves, for I have heard your grandfather (pbuh) saying: ‘Good relations are better than prayer and fasting in general.'”

“(Fear) Allah when handling matters of orphans. Do not let them starve, nor allow them to be lost as long as you are there.”

“(Fear) Allah in respect to your neighbors, for they were the trust of your Prophet (pbuh). He went on asking us to take care of them, so much that we thought he would make them heirs (of our heritage).”

“(Fear) Allah in respect to the Holy Quran, (take care that) no one may excel you in following its tenets.”

“(Fear) Allah in respect to prayer, as it is the pillar of your religion.”

“(Fear) Allah in respect to your Lord’s House (Kaaba), do not forsake it so long as you live, because if you do you will not be looked upon with respect.”

“(Fear) Allah in respect to Jihad, fight with your wealth, your lives and your tongues, in the way of Allah.”

“Have mutual liaison and give-and-take. Beware of turning your faces from, and of renouncing, one another. Do not abandon bidding good and forbidding evil, lest vicious people may overrule you, and then in such a case, your invocations will not be responded to (by Allah).”

Then he said: “O, Banu Abdul Muttalib, certainly I do not want you to wade through the blood of the Muslims, crying: Amir al-Muminin was murdered. You certainly kill for me no one but my killer.”

“Wait till I die by this stroke of him (Abd-al-Rahman ibn Muljam), then strike a single stroke against him, and do not disfigure his body, for I had heard the Holy Prophet (pbuh) saying: ‘Avoid mayhem even with a rabid dog.'”

Such was the heroic end of this great man! The loss to the Mission and the nation was the gravest after the loss of the Holy Prophet (pbuh).

By the death of Imam Ali (pbuh) the nation lost:

A heroism that had become the song of the time;

A courageous history that has never dreamt of its like;

A wisdom no one can fathom, save Allah;

A purity, the like of which was only in the prophets;

An abstinence from the pleasures of life that could be attained only by the nearest to Allah;

An eloquence such as to be the echo of Book; and

A jurisprudence, and a thorough knowledge of the laws of religion, that made him the ‘gateway of the city’ of the Prophet’s knowledge, and the authority to whom the Islamic nation referred in all its affairs.

Peace be upon Amir al-Muminin the day he was born, the day he was martyred on his altar.

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds.

Grand Shia Cleric: Libya Liable for Moussa Sadr Abduction

Top Shia Cleric “Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem-Shirazi” says Tripoli should take responsibility for the abduction of a Lebanese Shia leader, who went missing on Libyan soil more than three decades ago.

Ahlul Bayt News Agency, “If an Israeli soldier hides somewhere, the issue is immediately investigated, but on the abduction of a great character like Imam Moussa al-Sadr there is no action,” Ayatollah Makarem-Shirazi said on Thursday.

Speaking to a high-ranking Lebanese delegation on the occasion of the 31st anniversary of the abduction of Imam Moussa al-Sadr, the prominent Iranian cleric described the Lebanese leader as an icon who belonged not only to Lebanon but to the whole Muslim community.

Ayatollah Makarem-Shirazi hailed Imam Moussa al-Sadr’s contributions to Lebanon, the Islamic Revolution in Iran and all Muslims, and called for more active investigation into his disappearance.

Khalil Hamdan, the head of the Lebanese delegation, thanked Tehran for its continued efforts to discover the fate of the senior Lebanese cleric.

Hamdan further referred to inquiries by the Lebanese judiciary authorities and the Iranian parliament, insisting that the cleric was “alive and held in Libya.”

It is widely believed in Lebanon that Imam Moussa al-Sadr, the founder of the Lebanon’s Amal movement, was kidnapped on the orders of senior Libyan officials while on an official trip to Libya in August 1978.

Accompanied by two of his companions, Mohammed Yaqoub and Abbas Badreddin, Sadr was scheduled to meet with officials from the government of the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

In 2008, the government in Beirut issued an arrest warrant for Gaddafi over Sadr’s disappearance.

Shia Muslim Organizations Aid to Pakistani Flood Victims

The World Federation in partnership with The Africa Federation, the Council of European Jamaats and NASIMCO is launching the Pakistan Flood Appeal 2010. The displaced victims in Northern Pakistan are suffering and The World Federation of Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri (ksimc) is appealing to all communities around the world to donate generously. The World Federation has set a target to collect £ 80,000 for this appeal.

‘If you are reduced to poverty, then trade with Allah (SWT) through giving in charity.’ Imam Ali (AS)

Since 28 July 2010, heavy monsoon rainfall in north-west Pakistan has caused catastrophic floods in different rivers causing more then 1170 dead, misplacing thousands of families and damaging infrastructure. In the worst-affected areas, entire villages were washed away and thousands of people have lost everything. Over 3 million people would be affected and forecasters have predicted more rain in the upcoming days that will cause further devastation. This is the worst flooding in more than 80 years in Pakistan.


The World Federation in partnership with The Africa Federation, the Council of European Jamaats and NASIMCO is launching the Pakistan Flood Appeal 2010. The displaced victims in Northern Pakistan are suffering and The World Federation of KSIMC is appealing to all communities around the world to donate generously. The World Federation has set a target to collect £ 80,000 for this appeal.

The World Federation is working with the Hussaini Foundation to explore the urgent provision of immediate relief and medium to long term assistance to the displaced victims. The Hussaini Foundation has already set-up its relief team and is sending out food parcels to the victims and has undertaken the following assessment in four key areas:

Baluchistan: The areas of Kachhi, Jaffarabad, Kohlu and Sibi districts are most effected hundreds’ of mud houses have been washed out, road links are badly damaged.

Gilgit: Thousands peoples were rendered homeless as torrential rains hit Gilgit. Communication with the rest of the country was put to halt due to landslides from Gilgit to Skardu, Ghizer, Astore and Islamabad.

Azad Jammu and Kashmir: An emergency has been imposed in the upper areas of AJK following high-level floods in river Neelum. Muzaffarabad is affected and many river side houses are badly damaged. The relief efforts from governments and army are underway but an urgent need for food and medicine is needed.

Sindh: The government have alerted the local authorities to gear up and evacuate peoples from the expected affected areas.

The Foundation is also undertaking a detailed assessment from its grassroots sources to evaluate the extent of damage to houses and property, but due to disruption caused by the devastation in the infrastructure and communications networks, this has been challenging. The long-term rebuilding of the affected areas could take several years because of the extent of the devastation.

The World Federation is deeply distraught and concerned about the devastation and loss of lives and strongly appeals to all donors to donate generously. Your contribution will make a great impact on the lives of all those who have lost everything, including their homes and their livelihood.

The momineen are also requested to remember the victims in your Duas.


Donate on The World Federation Website

Donate in Canada or USA, (via NASIMCO)

Donate in Europe (via CoEJ)

For more information, please email relief@world-federation.org

15th Shaban the Happy and Auspicious Birthday Anniversary of Imam Mahdi (pbuh)

15th Shaban:The Happy and Auspicious Birthday Anniversary of ImamMahdi(May Allah Almighty Hasten His Reappearance) Hadrat Hujjat ibn Hasan al-Askari(A.S.) the Twelfth Holy Imam ,Al-Mahdi, Al-Muntazar, Qa’im, Baqi’atullah was born on 15th Shaban in 255 A.H. in Samarrah(Iraq). The Reappearance and Second Coming of Imam Mahdi(A.S.),”the Ultimate Savior and Redeemer of Mankind” and “the Only Hope for Humanity” will save the world from all the evil forces and will grant salvation to humanity. On this Auspicious and Solemn Occasion we extend our Heartiest and Happy Greetings to all the peace-lovers and justice seekers in the world.                             ———————————————————————————————-

15th Shaban:The Happy and Auspicious Birthday Anniversary of Imam Mahdi(May Allah Almighty Hasten His Reappearance) Hadrat Hujjat ibn Hasan al-Askari(A.S.) the Twelfth Holy Imam ,Al-Mahdi, Al-Muntazar, Qa’im, Baqi’atullah was born on 15th Shaban in 255 A.H. in Samarrah(Iraq).

The Reappearance and Second Coming of Imam Mahdi(A.S.),”the Ultimate Savior and Redeemer of Mankind” and “the Only Hope for Humanity” will save the world from all the evil forces and will grant salvation to humanity.

The Qur’anic prophecy of the inevitable victory of Islam will be realized following the advent of Imam Mahdi(A.S.) who will fight the wrong,remedy the evils and will establish a “New World Order” based on the Islamic teachings of justice,virtue and goodness.Thereafter,there will be only one religion that is Islam and there will be only one “Universal Islamic Government” in the world heralding an era of peace,prosperity,eternal bliss,happiness and universal justice.

On this Auspicious and Solemn Occasion we extend our Heartiest and Happy Greetings to all the peace-lovers and justice seekers in the world.

Brief Biography of Imam Mahdi (A.S.)

Name: Muhammad.
Al-Mahdi, Al-Qa’im, Al-Hujjah, Al-Gha’ib, Sahibu’z-Zaman.
Father’s name:
Imam Al-Hassan (AS).
Mother’s name:
Hazrat Narjis (SA).
Sha’ban 15, 255 A.H.
Still alive but in occultation.
(The hidden Imam who is expected to return)
“The world will not come to an end,” said the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), “ until a man from my family (Ahlulbayt) and of my name shall be master of the world, When you see a green ensign coming from the direction of Khorasan, then join them, for the Imam of God will be with the standards who will be called al-Mahdi.”
“The Mahdi will be descended from me, he will be a man with an open countenance and a face with a high nose. He will fill the earth with equity and with justice, just as it has been filled with tyranny and oppression.” (Biharul Anwar, Majlisi)
Imam Mahdi (AS), the last in the line of the Twelve Ithna Ashari Imams was born on 15th Shaban 255 Hijri in Samarra, Iraq. His father was the Eleventh Imam Hasan al-Askari (AS) and his mother was Nargis Khatoon, grand daughter of the Emperor of Rum.
It was 8th Rabiul Awwal 260 Hijri when our Twelfth Imam led the funeral prayer of his father Imam Hasan al-Askari (AS). He was only Five years old, yet the whole crowd of muslims including the Abbasid caliph of that time Al-Mu’tamid followed the young Imam without question. Once the prayers were over and the Imam went inside the house, that the Caliph realised the full implication and significance of the occasion and he immediately ordered his soldiers to enter the house and search for the young Imam. They did not find any one inside the house. The Caliph was very angry at this incompetence of ministers and other officials who were unable to find a boy of five who had just led the prayers and had just disappeared. The caliph had no inkling of the secrets that God did not want to reveal. He went back to his palace and into the luxurious life of a playboy king while the world around him squeezed his empire into oblivion.
The Imam’s period of lesser concealment began immediately after he led the funeral prayers and disappeared inside the house. This was in the year 260 Hijri.
The doctrine of ‘Ghaiba’ or concealment, declares simply that the Imam has been withdrawn by God from the eyes of people, that his life has been miraculously prolonged, that he has been seen from time to time, has been in correspondence with others, and has maintained a control over the guidance of the followers and the believers and the safety of Islam from its enemies.
In the following few pages we shall try to bring some evidence from the Qora’an and the authentic Hadith of the Prophet to prove the point to interested readers.
This is an essential belief that Imam Mahdi (AS) Sahibuz zaman, is alive and guide’s his followers whenever such need arises. This is based on the verses of the Holy Qur’an that express the idea of Divine Guidance through the Prophets and Imams. “ And among those whom we have created are a people who guide others with truth, and in accordance therewith act justly” . (Sura vii V 180)
“ We shall test you with something of fear and hunger, some loss in goods or lives or the fruits (of your toil), but give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere (Sura 2, V.155)
A great Hanafi scholar Muhammad ibn Muslim cites Imam Ja’afar al-Sadiq (AS) explaining the meaning of the above Verse. Imam indicated that there would be signs indicating the coming (reappearance) of al-Mahdi(AS) which are the means whereby God tests the faithful. “Something of fear” is a reference to masses perishing by contagious diseases; “hunger” is a reference to high prices of foodstuffs; “Some loss in goods” is a reference to scarcity and famines; “Lives” is a reference to mass destruction of human lives, probably global wars; “Fruits” is a reference to lengthy periods of draughts; so when all that happens, then give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere.”
“This is its interpretation,” continued the Imam , quoting Verse 7 of Sura 3, which indicates that “only those who are firmly grounded in knowledge are capable of interpreting the verses of the Holy Qur’an”, adding, “ We the Ahlulbayt are the ones firmly grounded in knowledge”.
In the book “Yanabi al Muaddah”, the Hanafi scholar and Mufti of Istanbul during the Osmani Caliphate in Turkey writes on page 321, quoting Imam Ja’afar al-Sadiq (AS) interpreting Verse 83, Sura III of the Holy Qora’an comments as follows:- “ When the Qa’im al-Mahdi reappears, there will be no land on earth where the Kalima is not said. “This could be a reference to the fact that by the time al-Mahdi reappears, all continents of the world will have muslim populations. They already do now.
After presenting the above proofs from the Qur’an, the following are authentic traditions from the Prophet of God regarding Imam Mahdi (AS).
At the end of Vol.2 of Fara’idh al-simtain and on page 269 Ibn Khaldun’s ‘Mukaddimah’ , it is related from Ibn Abbas, that the Holy Prophet said, “ Ali is Imam of my nation and my successor therein after me, and among his offspring is the awaited Qa’im who shall fill the world with justice and equity as it was filled with injustice and oppression. The Prophet further elaborates, “ beware of doubting, for to doubt the order of God, the Mighty, the Sublime, is apostasy (Kufr). Ibn Khaldun also states that “ When imprisoned with his mother in the house, he entered a sort of well or pit in the house that his family occupies at Samarrah, Iraq, and there he disappeared, but he is to come forth at the end of the age to fill the earth with justice”.
Allama Jalaluddin Suyuti quotes in his book Jalalul- Oyun Vol.6 page 50. “ The Hour shall not come till Al-Mahdi takes charge on earth on my behalf,” said the Messenger of God. Allama Suytu also quotes Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal that famous companion Abu Said Khadhri quoting the Messenger of God saying, “ I bring you glad tidings of al-Mahdi, God shall send him to my nation, in a time different from your own, and after a series of earthquakes, and he shall fill the earth with justice and equity as it was filled with injustice and oppression. He shall distribute the wealth equitably among the inhabitants of the earth. In the manual in which he sets forth the many duties and privileges of pilgrims, Majlisi has given an accepted form for a short letter in Arabic, which anyone can write, and sent to his Imam of the age. It may be placed on the tomb of any of the Imams, or it may be fastened and sealed, and covered with clean earth and cast into the sea or river or a deep well. In any case it will reach the Hidden Imam andhe will give his personal attention.
There is a famous saying of Imam Hussain (AS) about the twelvth Imam. “ The Ninth of my descendants is the Imam who will rise with the Truth. God will grant life to earth through him after its death. The true faith will supersede all religions through him. His absence shall be lengthy during which many people will go astray. Only a few will remain on the Right Path. They shall suffer pains, people will put pressure on them, saying,” let us know when this promise of the Return of the Mahdi is fulfilled”. Those who will bear the pains and denials patiently will get the same rewards as those who accompanied the Prophet during his expeditions for Jihad.”
Imam Zainul Abedeen (AS) has said, “ Of us one will be born whose birth will remain secret so much so that the people will say that he was not born at all.”
Imam Muhammad al Baqir (AS) is quoted by Kulaini in Al-Kafi, “ Nine Imams after Hussain are destined, the last of them will be al-Qaim.”
Imam Jafar al-Sadiq (AS) is quoted in Ilal al-shaa’i saying, “ The fifth of the descendants of my son Musa will be the Qa’im a descendant of the Prophet (SA).
Imam Musa ibn Ja’afar (AS) was asked once, “ Are the Qa’im with the truth?” The Imam replied, “ I also rise truthfully, but the real Qa’im is he who will remove the enemies of God from earth and will fill it with justice. He shall be my fifth descendant. His absence will be lengthy during which multitudes will turn away from the faith while only a few will uphold it”.
Imam Ali al-Reza (AS) in the above saying of Imam Hussain (AS) that due to the excessive the length of the concealment of the 12th Imam many believers will have doubts about his existence. Many will question the very longevity of his life and the usefulness of his presence as an Imam. Reza said, “ O Da’bil, my son Muhammad (AS) will come when I am gone. After him, his great grand son will be named Muhammad(AS) who will be the Qa’im. He will be awaited during his absence. When he appears, the world shall bow down before him.”
Imam Muhammad Taqi (AS) has said “ The Qa’im will be from amongst us the third of my descendants”.
Imam Ali Naqi (AS) said, “ My successor will be my son Hasan; but what will be your condition during the reign of Hasan’s successor”? Those who were present asked, “Why, what do you mean by that”? Imam replied, “ you will not have the chance to see him, later you will not be allowed to mention his name”. Then the Imam was asked as to how they should mention him. Imam replied, “ You may say that he is the last of Muhammad’s (PBUH) (infallible) descendants. “
Some people asked Imam Hasan al-Askari (AS), “ your forefathers have said that the earth would never be without knowing the sign of Allah (Hujjatullah) till Doomsday, and he who dies without knowing the Imam of his time will die the death of ignorance”. Imam replied, “ That was as true as the shining day. They inquired as to who would be the Imam who would be the sign of the Mercy of God after his death, Imam replied, “ He will be my son, the namesake of the Holy Prophet (Muhammad Abul Qasim). He who died without knowing him will die the death of ignorance. His absence will be so lengthy that the ignorant will wander puzzled and would surely stray from the Right Path. But the Righteous shall remain steadfast and pray for their Imam to appear within their life time”.
All these predictions were recorded since the time of the Holy Prophet who himself prophesied the advent of the Mahdi. (Read this Hadith in the story of the 5th Imam).
As in the above saying of Imam Hussain (AS) that due to the excessive length of the concealment of the 12th Imam many believers will have doubts about his existence. Many will question the very longevity of his life and the usefulness of his presence as an Imam.
To the question of existence, we have seen above the many Verses from the Qora’an and Hadith of the Prophet and all the Eleven Imams. We have also read quotations from the Books of Ahlul Sunna wal Jama’a and many scholars and philosophers from the earliest times to the present.
As far as the longevity of his life, in Qur’anic terms it is not difficult to explain. Prophet Jesus is alive and will come out with the 12th Imam. Prophet Sheeth and Prophet Khidhr are still alive according to the Verdict of the Qur’an. If God keeps his guided ones alive for a certain purpose there should not be any doubt.
As for the usefulness of his concealed existence, there are numerous occasions when the Imam miraculously helped those who called him for help.
During the period of Ghaibate Sughra (the period of lesser concealment) from the time of the death of his father Imam Hasan al-Askari (AS) in the year 260 Hijri, our 12th Imam was seen only by a few people who were appointed his ambassadors (Safeer) on his behalf to convey his teachings to the believers. These Four Ambassadors were as follows:
1. Abu Amr Uthman ibn Sa’id al Asadi. He was a deputy of 10th Imam Ali Naqi (AS) and after his death, of the 11th Imam Hasan al-Askari (AS) and after his death, of our 12th Imam.
Having performed these duties of conveying the messages from the Imam to the believers and the teachings of Ahlulbayt, he died in Baghdad and was buried there.
2. Abu Ja’afar Muhammad ibn Othman al Amri, the son of the first Ambassador was appointed the 2nd Safeer of our 12th Imam. He died in 305 Hijri (917 AD) .
3. Abul Qasim Hussain ibn Rauh Nawbakhti was appointed the Imam’s 3rd Safeer. He was a top ranking scholar and Faqeeh, renowned for his knowledge of all Islamic sciences. He was also a very pious man. Under the directions of the 12th Imam, his 3rd Safeer Hussain ibn Rauh performed his duties as Safeer for the next 15 years. He died in the year 320 Hijri
4. Abul Hasan Ali ibn Muhammad al-Samari. He was the last Safeer of the 12th Imam, succeeding Hussain ibn Rauh as directed by the Imam. He performed his duties for 9 years and died on the 15th Shabaan 329 Hijri (May 15, 941 AD) Having being asked on his deathbed as to who would succeed him, he replied: Providence now wishes to give the matter another shape the duration of which is known to God alone.”
After Abul Hasan there was no Safeer. In this sorrowful year, i.e. 329 Hijri, many scholars such as Ali ibn Babwayh Qummi and Muhammad ibn Yaqub Kulaini, the learned compiler of al-Kafi also died. Besides these events, an extra ordinary phenomenon was also witnessed. In the sky so many stars did shoot that it seemed as if Doomsday had come. That year was namedas the year of the dispersal of stars. After this, followed a dark period because no saffeer was left to directly approach the Imam al Mahdi (AS). It is also related that Imam himself told his last Safeer that there will not be any more appointments of Sofara. When asked what the believers would do, the Imam replied, “follow the Foqaha of our Deen, those who have knowledge of Qora’an, who protect Deen and would not follow their own desires”.
In answering those who question the usefulness of the Imam in concealment, there are numerous occasions mentioned in books of many Ulemas, such as Shaikh Mufid (d413 Hijri) Allama Hilli (d. 726) /shahid Thalith Noorullah Shoostry (d.1019). They have mentioned in their own period as to how the 12th Imam was approached and gave help. All these stories are mentioned in their own books.
Here in this book I would like to mention two such occurrences that happened to those who have told their experiences to me personally. Both of them are now dead and it is important for me to tell these happenings before my own death.
I lived in Najef in the fifties and during my stay there I used to visit Kerbala nearly every week. In the town of Kerbala there was a Dispensary run by the Pakistan Government. The Pharmacist there was one Mr.Rizvi who not only distributed medicine to the poor of Kerbala but also looked after the patients and sometimes even prescribed medicine for them. There was no qualified doctor to attend to the patient. Mr.Rizvi used to go to Baghdad on Friday to get stocks from the Hospital there. On one such occasion when he was coming back by Minibus, the Bus driver stopped at Mehmudiya, half way Kerbala. It was late in the evening. The Bus Driver told the passenger’s that there was something wrong with the Bus engine and he could not proceed until next morning. The passengers would have to provide for their own Board and lodging themselves for the night. Mr.Rizvi was very upset. He had a box load of medicine with him and if he would not be in Kerbala, the next morning his patients would be disappointed and some of them might have to go without any medicine. He was standing by the Road side, in this little town Mehmudiya, some 40 miles from Kerbala. Night was getting darker. People were sitting in dark coffee houses drinking coffee or playing card games etc. As time passed his worries increased. He realised that if he does not move from there soon, some youngsters might come and vandalise his goods and stocks of medicine. So he prayed to God and the words uttered were “Ya Sahebuz Zaman Udrikny” O’Imam of the Time, help me. Moments later, he saw a jeep car stopped right there where he was standing and a very good looking young Arab gentleman got out of the Jeep and told him, “Do you want to go to Kerbala”? He was astonished at this help and said yes, of course I want to go to Kerbala. He said, “put your box in the car and sit beside me”. The man drove the car and arrived in Kerbala an hour later. Without asking him the address of his destination he took him straight to the door of the Dispensary and stopped. Mr.Rizvi got down, brought his box of medicine down and started to look for some money in his pocket to give something to the Driver of the Jeep. When he turned to look for him, there was nothing there. There was no jeep car, no man, nothing. The road was completely empty. He bowed down on the dust of Kerbala to thank God for sending the help through the Imam of the Time. He told me this story personally and he had no doubt in his mind that the help came from the 12th Imam. From that time onward his devotion towards helping the people of Kerbala had increased a hundred fold. He died some years later while still helping his patients in that little Dispensary in Kerbala.
My second story was from the lips of an Englishman, Col.Abdullah Baines. During the 2nd World War he was stationed at the Royal Air Force Base at Habbaniyah, a town some 22 miles south of Baghdad. During the height of the war there was some scare in Britain that Hitler might invade Iraq to grab oilfields. It was 1942 that the Commander of the Base decided to evacuate families of the people living at the base. Col.Baines was given the task of leading the caravan of jeep cars full of women and children from Baghdad to Damascus. They had to pass through the Desert where there was no road and they had to find there way by looking at the stars as Captains of the ship sail in the sea and find there way to their destination. Col.Baines was a Christian but he was well versed in Islamic history and especially the history concerning the lives of the Imams. He had read many books about the 12th Imam and was well aware of the stories of those faithful who believe who receive help from the Imam in their distress. They call the Imam and help comes to them. All the women and children with Col.Baines were all christians and not muslims.
Half way through their journey of this caravan of five jeeps through the desert, they lost their way in a desert storm. They were hopelessly lost, going round and round in the desert, not knowing where to go and how to find their way to Damascus. They decided to camp there. Made a circle of jeep cars and all travellers sat down on the ground to await a miracle to get them out of that endless desert. They did not know what to do. One day and one night passed like that and when the next day’s sun came scorching, all of them were in despair. Water stocks had gone and thirsty children began to demand for water. Col.Baines did not know what to do. Then he remembered that he read somewhere that if you are in such distress, call the Imam of the time for help. He put up his hands in the shape of prayer, closed his eyes and asked in his heart for the Imam to help. He said, “we are all Christians and we may be sinners, but these children with me are innocent , they do not deserve to die in this manner. O’Imam of the Time, help them get out of this desert”. His prayers had not even ended when he saw that two horsemen were coming right through the eye of the storm. They came near the circle of jeep cars, approached Col.Baines, and asked, “ Do you all wish to go to Damascus”. He said “yes of course”. They said, “follow us”. The jeeps lined up and followed the horsemen. They had gone a few miles until the way became clear for them. Their guides told them to go straight to the West and they will reach Damascus. In a few days they all reached Damascus and safety. Col.Baines realised that his prayers to the 12th Imam were heard and help arrived from the Imam.
Once the war was over, Col.Bains embraced Islam, changed his name to Abdullah Baines and after his retirement from the Army, settled in Kent. He has himself told me his story before his death in 1965. He also told me to publicise this as much as possible for this is the truth and people should not refrain from telling the truth.
There are numerous experiences of this kind of help given by the Imam to people in distress who call him for help. Ayatollah al-Jazaeri told us two such stories of his own experiences in Iran when help came from the Imam to people.
Although absent and unrepresented, Imam al-Mahdi (AS) still guides people and defends the faith. Even though unseen, the Imam supervises the world affairs and guides it. This curtain will exist as long as Providence deems it necessary. The time will come, which may be too late for many of us, but when the curtain of absence will be removed, Imam al-Mahdi (AS) will reappear and as predicted by the Prophet, fill the world with justice and equity, discarding the prevailing injustices and oppressions. May God bring about his early reappearance and ease his coming.
We beseech the Most High and Almighty to make our effort of enduring benefit and to help us in disseminating benevolence and guidance. He is the Hearing and Answering.

3rd Shaban, Birthday of Our 3rd Imam Hussain (A.S.)

Imam Husain ibn ‘Ali (peace be upon him)

Name: Husain ibn ‘Ali
Sayyid-as-Shuhadaa (Leader of Martyrs)
Abu Abdullah
Thursday, 3rd Shaban 4 A.H. in Madina
Imam ‘Ali Al-Murtaza (peace be upon him), 1st Holy Imam
Hazrat Fatima (daughter of the Holy Prophet) (PBUT)
(Martyred) Date: Friday, 10th Muharram, 61 A.H.
Kerbala, IraqAge: 57 years
Massacred along with some of his family members and companions by the army of Yazid ibn Mu’awiya L.A
Buried: Kerbala, Iraq


On the third of Sha’ban in the year 4 A.H. (1) the city of Medina witnessed the birth of a boy in the house of Lady Fatimah (PBUH) and Imam Ali (PBUH); he was later nicknamed the “Master of Martyrs.” This newly born baby was the second son of a family whom the Prophet of Islam (PBUH&HP) saluted by the name of “Ahl al-Bayt” (people of the house of the Prophet). They were referred to as Ahl al-Bayt after Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) received the verse of Tat’hir (Purification) (The Holy Quran, 33:33). His mother was Lady Fatimah (PBUH), one of the greatest women in history, whose deep knowing, morality, purity, and other great characteristics are well known to all, a mother whose rank and status is described by the Holy Quran in a whole chapter.

His father, Imam Ali (PBUH), hugged his newborn second son in his arms. Imam Ali (PBUH) was the first person who became Muslim, most knowledgeable in religion, and most eloquent in the Arab language. As his exceptional record of self-sacrifice and courage in defending the religion of Allah (SWT) was passed down with the rise and expansion of Islam. He was the one whom Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) constantly announced as his successor by the command of Allah (SWT).


On such an auspicious day, Imam Ali (PBUH) took his son to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP), as was the custom of respect, in order for a name to be chosen for his newborn son, just as he had done for his first son. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) named him ?Hussain? by the order of Allah (SWT). Hussain is the Arabic equivalent of Shubayr in Hebrew. Shubayr was the name of the second son of Haroun/Aaron, the successor of Musa/Moses (PBUH).

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) once informed Imam Ali (PBUH) about the similarity found between Muhammad and Musa, Ali and Haroun, Shubbar and Hassan, Shubayr and Hussain: “O Ali, your status with respect to mine is equivalent to the status of Haroun with respect to Musa, except there will be no prophet after me.”

The Prophet’s flower

Hussain (PBUH) spent his childhood with Lady Fatimah (PBUH), Imam Ali (PBUH), and especially with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP). The love and affection Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) had towards Hussain (PBUH) was so unique that all the companions were aware of it, had frequently seen its manifestation, and had heard of it repeatedly. Moreover, historians have recorded incidents and narrations in this respect. In one account it has been said that the Prophet’s prostration took longer than usual in his prayer. People came to the Prophet and asked, “Were you receiving a revelation or order from Allah during prostration?” Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) replied, “No, my son Hussain had climbed onto my back; I waited until he wished to come down.” This is an example showing how the best creature of Allah (SWT) treated Hussain (PBUH) while he was in the best state of worship.

The companions had seen Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) repeatedly put Hassan and Hussain (PBUT) on his shoulders and play with them. At other times he would kiss Hussain (PBUH) and say, “Hussain is from me, and I am from Hussain. May Allah love him who loves Hussain.” In other traditions the Prophet would say, “Hassan and Hussain (PBUT) are my two aromatic flowers from this world.”

Nonetheless, most people knew that the Prophet’s love for his two grandchildren, especially for Hussain (PBUH) was not a usual love of a grandfather for his grandchild. According to the Holy Quran, the Prophet’s (PBUH&HP) actions and words are apart from his desires: “Indeed in the Messenger of Allah you have a good example to follow …” (The Holy Quran, 33:21) On the other hand, although Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) had other adopted daughters and a son, the specific affection and recommendations were only shown towards Hassan and Hussain (PBUT).

Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH&HP) recommendations and affections for Hussain (PBUH) were in fact portraying an important fact. He would repeatedly inform people that salvation and prosperity can only be found through the friendship and love of Imam Hussain (PBUH). Umar Ibn Khattab narrates from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP): “Hassan and Hussain are masters of the youth in heaven. Whosoever loves them has loved me, and whosoever has animosity with them, is my enemy.” In another account the Holy Prophet has also said, “You came to awareness by me; you found the right path and were guided by Ali; you were given blessings through Hassan; but your eternal salvation is with Hussain. Be aware that Hussain is a door from the doors of heaven. Whosoever has animosity towards him can never enter heaven.”

In the mirror of Allah’s book

Imam Hussain (PBUH) was still a child when several verses of the Holy Quran were revealed either about or referring to him. One of those verses is referred to as the verse of Mubahilah (3:61). On the day of Mubahilah when a spiritual contest between Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) and the Christians of Najran was set up to invoke the curse of Allah (SWT) on the liars, Hussain (PBUH) and his family were the only ones accompanying the Prophet. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) had orders from Almighty Allah (SWT) through the verse of Mubahilah to take Hassan and Hussain (PBUT) as his children with him.

Hussain (PBUH) was one of the five people in regards to whom the verse of Tat’hir (Purification) was revealed. He, his father, brother, and mother were under the Prophet’s cloak when Allah (SWT) revealed to His Messenger: “Verily Allah desires to remove all kinds of uncleanness from only you, O Ahl al-Bayt (people of the house), and to definitely purify you.” (The Holy Quran, 33:33) This verse of the Holy Quran is clear proof of the infallibility of this family and their separation from all sins and mistakes.

In another verse, Allah (SWT) commands all Muslims to love those closely related to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP): “Say: I do not ask of you any reward for it but love for my near relatives?” (The Holy Quran, 42:32). When the companions asked Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) who these “near relatives” were, the Prophet (PBUH&HP) replied: “They are Ali, Fatimah and their two children.”

Years of youth

Unfortunately, the sweet years of Hussain’s childhood were soon over. He was about seven years old when the Prophet departed from this world, after having said his final words about his Ahl al-Bayt. Alas the Islamic world mourned.

The Prophet’s burial ceremony was not over yet, when the conspiracies were applied to rob the caliphate. People ignored all the numerous commandments and recommendations the Holy Prophet had made in regards to his successor. The great event of Ghadir had been veiled by negligence and disregard, and despite Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH&HP) frequent emphasis on Ali (PBUH) as his successor, his right for Islamic governorship was usurped. Even Fadak, a fertile land given by the Prophet to his daughter, was seized from the Prophet’s progeny by the government. The Prophet’s basil witnessed the harms and injuries caused upon his mother over the conflicts of allegiance, and as a result, lost his mother at the age of eight because of the crisis. The loss of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) and Imam Hussain?s (PBUH) mother on the one hand, and the oppression upon Imam Hussain?s (PBUH) father on the other hand, in addition to the pressures he faced from the government, were bothering Hussain’s (PBUH) clean soul. This period coincided with the three caliphates’ era.

During this time Hussain (PBUH), as a Muslim and a follower, followed the path of Ali (PBUH) and was determined to defend truth with any opportunity he received, even though he was in his youth. He would warn people about the alterations made to Islam after the demise of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP). In the best of manners Hussain (PBUH), his father, and brother would express their objection to the alterations rulers of their time had made to the religion. In one of the cases for example, the third Caliph had exiled Abu Dhar, a close companion of the Prophet, for the ?wrongdoing? of expressing his complaints about the Caliph’s deviation from the path of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP). Although the Caliph had banned all from bidding farewell to Abu Dhar, Imam Ali, Hassan, and Hussain (PBUT) all went to bid their farewells to Abu Dhar to express their objection. Upon departing, Hussain (PBUH) turned to Abu Dhar and said,

“Dear Uncle, the Almighty Lord is powerful and able. He can change everything that has happened to you. These people seized your comfort, world, and life. Yet, you protected your religion from their deviations; truly you are not in need of this world and the people dependant upon this world. Their world has no value in your eyes, even though they are in great need of your way in life. Strengthen your heart and refrain from greediness and lowliness. Do not fear, and seek refuge in Allah, for perseverance is a sign of faithfulness and greatness.”

Hussain (PBUH) supporter of father

Hussain (PBUH) was about 32 when authority over Muslims was handed back to its rightful owner, as people paid their allegiance to Ali (PBUH). After some time, Imam Ali (PBUH) migrated to Kufah with his sons, and therein established the new capital of the Islamic government. During the span of his father’s rule, Hussain (PBUH) was a true supporter and close assistant to his Imam and father in all political and military stages. He showed his utmost respect to his father and remained obedient to his commands at all times.

Hussain (PBUH) was trained and raised by the greatest defender of Islam; he had learned courage and bravery from his father; and he was seriously involved in the three wars during his father’s Caliphate. In the battle of Jamal, Hussain (PBUH) was responsible for commanding the left side of the army of Amir al-Mu’minin (PBUH). He also achieved the first victory for the army of Ali (PBUH) in the battle of Siffin, where he and his companions freed the Furat (Euphrates) River.(2) Moreover, his role as a witness in the Hakamiyah arbitration between Muawiyah and his father, Imam Ali (PBUH), is clear proof of his active participation in the society.

Hussain (PBUH) a follower of his brother

After the martyrdom of Amir al-Mu’minin (PBUH), Imam Hassan (PBUH), by the will of Allah (SWT) and the recommendations of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP), became the Imam and leader of the Muslims. He took responsibility in leading the Islamic society and in preaching the religion of Allah (SWT).

As in the case of his father, Hussain (PBUH), like a true follower, continued to obey and respect his brother, while remaining firmly obedient in even the smallest matters. His manners and obedience towards his brother was so exemplary that historians have acknowledged and recorded many of the cases. In one example, they have recorded a narration from Imam Baqir (PBUH) as follows: “Due to the high respect that Imam Hussain (PBUH) held for his brother, he refrained from walking ahead of or talking before his brother, Imam Hassan (PBUH).”

As mentioned, Hussain (PBUH) was always in a state of obedience and support to Imam Hassan?s (PBUH) actions in political and social matters, especially concerning peace treaty with Mu’awiyah. Despite the unfaithfulness of all Muslims towards Imam Hassan (PBUH), Hussain, the son of Ali (PBUT), a known character in the world of Islam, defended Imam Hassan’s (PBUH) decision on the peace treaty. Imam Hussain (PBUH) believed peace was the key factor in Islam’s maintenance.

After the peace treaty, Hussain (PBUH) and his brother moved from Kufah to Medina, their birth place and city, in which the Prophet’s shrine was built. In Medina, they continued to educate, enlighten, interpret, and explain the commandments of Allah (SWT) to the people. Not long after, however, Imam Hassan (PBUH) was poisoned and martyred by the order of Mu’awiyah. As Imam Hassan (PBUH) departed this world, the divine position of Imamate was once again passed to the most deserving. His brother Hussain (PBUH) became the next Imam in Islam.

The Status of Imam Husain (A.S.)

Imam Husain (Abu Abdulla) (A.S.) had a lofty position in the Qur’anic verses which mentioned his high position with the position of Ahlul-Bait (A.S.). next to the verses of the Glorious Qur’an like the verse of Purification, Malediction, Affection and others, we quote statements, from the Messenger of Allah (S.A.W.) as additional evidence expressing the lofty position occupied by Imam Husain (A.S.) in the world of Islam and the Muslim Ummah.

Some of them are:
In the Sahih of Tirmidi, The Messenger of Allah (S.A.W.) said:
“Husain is from me and I am from Husain, Allah loves whoever loves Husain.”

2. Salman Farsi is reported to have said: I heard the Prophet of Allah (S.A.W.) saying:
“Hasan and Husain are my two sons. Whoever loves them, then he loves me and whoever loves them then Allah loves him. And whomsoever Allah loves, He will make him enter Paradise. And whoever dislikes them then dislikes me. And whoever Allah dislikes, He will throw him into hell face downward.”

Ali bin Husain (A.S.) said, on the authority of his father, on the authority of his grandfather (A.S.), “The Messenger of Allah (S.A.W.) took the arms of Hasan and Husain and said, ‘Whoever loves me and loves these two and their father, he will certainly be with me on the Day of Judgement.”

Aspects of His Character:

Under the supervision of his grandfather (S.A.W.), his father, and his mother, al-Zahra’ ( peace be upon them all), the aspects of his characters fused together personifying the Message of Allah, the Blessed and Exalted, in thought, action and conduct. Here, we cite some examples regarding him:
Shu’aid bin Abdul-Rahman is reported to have said:
“On the way to Taf (Battle of Karbala’), wherein he was martyred) a mark was seen on the back of Husain bin Ali (A.S.). Imam Zainul-Abideen (A.S.) (his eldest son, and the son who survived the battle) was asked about it. “It is the trace,” he replied, “of the bag, which he puts on his back (carrying food) to the house of the widows, orphans and the poor.”

Another example, reflecting his humble nature is that of his acceptance of an invitation to having food with the poor. He encountered a number of poor men. Having had their food they hastened to ask him to share with them. He dismounted from his horse saying: “Surely, Allah does not like the haughty.” He partook of their food and said: “I have accepted your invitation won’t you accept mine?”
“Certainly, we will,” said they. He took them to his house and said to al-Rabab, his wife, “Bring us what you have been storing.”
One day he was asked, “How great is your fear of your lord?”
“No one would be secure on the Day of Judgement except those who feared Allah” he replied.”

The night before the tenth of the month of Muharram, Imam Husain (A.S.) asked the Ummayad army to delay the battle till the following morning. He said: “This night we want to offer our prayers to our Lord, and we want to ask His forgiveness. He knows that I love to offer my prayers to Him, recite His Book, and pray much asking for His forgiveness.”

25th Rajab Martyrdom Anniversary of Imam Musa ibn Ja'far al-Kazim (A.S.)

Imam Musa ibn Ja’far al-Kazim(A.S.),the Seventh Holy Infallible Imam of the Shi’ites whose matchless devotion and worship of God has earned him the titles of “Abd-e-Saleh” and “Bab-ul-Hawaij” (The Door to Fulfilling Peoples’ Needs).

The Holy Imam (A.S.) was confined in prisons for 14 years by the ruling Abbasid caliphs and was finally martyred by poisoning in the prison of Baghdad on 25th Rajab, 183 A.H., by the tyrant and cruel Abbasid caliph Harun al-Rashid.

On this heartbreaking and sad occasion we extend our Heartfelt Sorrow and Condolences to all the Shia Muslims and the Lovers of Holy Ahlul Bayt(A.S.) in the world.

Bahraini Shia Muslims Under Severe Torture of Wahhabi Security Authorities

30 May 2010The Bahrain Center for Human Rights expresses it great concern for the continuous escalation pursued by the security authorities in Bahrain represented in the violence and bloodiness of the authorities in confronting the growing public protests that prevail the Bahraini villages and areas opposing the authority’s policy.                                                                                                                                

30 May 2010The Bahrain Center for Human Rights expresses it great concern for the continuous escalation pursued by the security authorities in Bahrain represented in the violence and bloodiness of the authorities in confronting the growing public protests that prevail the Bahraini villages and areas opposing the authority’s policy.

The BCHR received several complaints from sufferers and victims of this policy, the last which was the young Hasan Ali Darwish (20 years old) suffering severe injuries in the village of Karzakan, last Monday 17 May 2010, due to being shot by the Special Forces live ammo “shotgun” when he was leaving his grandmother’s house and heading towards his house.

The village of Karzakan had witnessed a protest demonstration that led to the intervention of the Special Forces which used live ammo to disperse the protestors. The shooting, which the youth faced, caused a punctured lung which led to internal bleeding.

The 12 splinters he faced have not yet been removed. The local newspapers published a news piece stating that the Public Prosecution ordered the imprisonment of the accused for 30 days in custody.

Two youth from the village of Malkiya suffered from injuries due to firing live ammo “shotgun”[ii][2] at them on Tuesday 13 April 2010, when the youth Abdullah Hasan (18 years old) and Sadiq Ali Abdullah (18 years old) where walking to the baker in the same area, and were startled by the firing of live ammo at them which led to scattered injuries on the bodies of the two youth.

Abdullah Hasan was injured with shotgun splinters on his hand, leg and chest, while Sadiq Ali was injured in the head and other parts of his body. When they turned to the hospital, the security forces were contacted and who interrogated them and kept them under security surveillance, then they were pulled out of hospital by force and taken to prison to face the charge of assembling.

The shotgun fires a bullet that explodes directly after firing it, only to offload dozens of solid balls that get scattered over a wide area in aim of hitting the largest number possible of targets, and this normally leads to the downfall of several wounded amidst the demonstrators.

These solid blocks penetrate the human skin and stop at the bone, and it is difficult to later extract those blocs from the body, as there are still dozens of Bahraini citizens whose bodies suffer from the remains of these metal blocs since the nineties.

It is also difficult to cure or remove these blocs due their small size, and there are many who got killed in the incidents of the nineties due to the indulgence in using this weapon which is intended at hunting small animals and birds.

In another case received by the BCHR which proved the excessive use of force by the Special Forces when dealing with the inhabitants of the Bahraini villages, two students from the Al-Jabriya Industrial School, and they are Mohammed Ammar Ahmed and Sayed Abbas Habib (17 year-olds), were arrested on 14 April.

The bus carrying the students back to their village was driving near the concentration of the Special Forces stationed at the village of Karzakan, and it was filled with the sounds of clapping and singing, which angered the Special Forces and pushed them stop the bus and beat everyone inside and arrest the earlier mentioned students without any legal justification.

Some of the Bahraini village and areas are being besieged with Special Forces for several months, and these forces and the civilian militias belonging to them of foreign individuals brought by the security apparatuses as mercenary forces from several tribes in Syria, Jordan, Yemen or the province of Balochistan in Pakistan.

These forces raid the residents of the Shiite villages and abuse them in a systematic manner, where the villages are stormed and live ammo, rubber bullets and tear gas is used, which leads to the injury of hundreds of people among them elders, women and children.

Several properties, houses and mosques are damaged. The mercenary forces are used to prevent the political seminars and to attack the peaceful protests and demonstrations. The Special Security Forces use armed civilian militias wearing, in some cases, black masks and attack the villages. The description “mercenary” can be applied to these Special Forces that are selected in a structured manner, and from certain countries; to be used security and military wise outside the usual framework of the security and military apparatuses of the country.

These “mercenaries” are granted materialistic and job privileges that the citizens working in the same unit and same jobs do not get. They are given housing, travel tickets and are thrown into political disagreements which they are not a part of, and they are trained in a special manner to raid the villages and humiliate the residents.

The votes of these mercenaries were also used, after actively granting them the Bahraini citizenship, to marginalize the parliamentary elections of 2006, which is a matter that is expected to be repeated in the coming elections. The BCHR believes that targeting the Shiite villages on a regular daily basis by using foreign forces from a Sunni sectarian background, aims at creating sedition between the people of the country of the two sects, and to deepen the differences and sectarian tensions.

This policy was met with utter rejection by the civil society institutions and human rights organizations in Bahrain.In a fourth incident that happened in Sitra area, north of the capital, a car carrying two youth who are Yousif Ahmed Hubail (28 years old) and Hasan Ahmed Hubail (21 years old) – the brothers of one of the wanted – was stopped by civilians in order to arrest them without knowing the reason behind that. When the two youth refused to obey these civilians due to them being unaware of their identities, the civilians severely beat the two youth.

It later turned out that these civilian forces had come to arrest their brother (Hubail), and who was not in the car they were driving.

Yousif Hubail and the Bruises Caused by Beating

On the same day, the two youth submitted a notification to the Sitra district police station; however they were surprised that the nature of categorizing this case changed from them being plaintiffs to defendants, on the charge of attacking security men while carrying out their official duty.The majority of the villages and areas of Bahrain witness rising public tensions, and semi-daily confrontations with the Special Forces.

The demands of the protestors are usually presented in stopping the systematic sectarian discrimination against the Shiite sect, whose pace increased since the arrival of the current King to the throne, and to stop the policy of the political naturalization in aim of changing the demography to manipulate the results of the elections, and to stop the continuous arrests of the people of these villages, and to end the established torture in the Bahraini prisons, and to stop bringing, funding and training foreign mercenary forces. Also, of the reasons for protests is the increase of poverty level among the citizens and the pervading corruption amidst the ruling class and the class surrounding it, and the authority being a party in inflaming sectarian disputes between the Shiites and Sunnis, and marginalizing the role of the Parliament and excelling in humiliating the loyal representatives of people in it.The Bahrain Center for Human Rights recommends:
1. Stop bringing firearms of all kinds, and to refrain from the use of excessive violence against the demonstrators;

2. Stop bringing and exploiting the non-Bahraini mercenaries with a sectarian agenda in the various security apparatuses.

3. Set up an independent commission of inquiry, to investigate the issue of using excessive force, and the illegal exploitation of foreigners, and to bring the ones responsible for it to trial;

4. Initiate an actual dialogue process with the pillars of society to resolve the crisis the country is going through, and to stop resorting to security solutions

Costs of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

English Radio correspondent Mehdi Geramifard has interviewed Beau Grosscup, professor of international relations at California State University in Chico and author of the book: “Strategic Terror, the Politics and Ethics of Arial Bombardment.” The interview deals with costs of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars by the US administration which has passed 1 trillion dollars for the American taxpayers.

Crisis of the American Occupation of Iraq Monday, June 07, 2010

The confirmation of the results of Iraqi parliamentary elections and the continuation of talks to form new government in the country were among important news regarding Iraq during the past week.

Iraqi Premier Nouri Maliki early last week went to the holy city of Najaf and met and discussed with the most senior religious authority of Iraq Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Sistani about the country’s domestic situation. The meeting was carried out in a situation where the Al-Iraqiya Coalition led by Ayad Allawi once again called for the foreign meddling in Iraqi domestic affairs.

A meeting with Maliki, the head of Supreme Iraqi Islamic Assembly Ammar Hakim and former premier Ibrahim Jafari was another event that attracted the attention of the media.

Maliki’s trip to Kurdistan shows the serious move by the State of Law Coalition for getting the viewpoints of Kurds and Shiites closer for forming the new government.

The sending of the first Iraqi ambassador to Kuwait after twenty years represents Baghdad’s determination for removing the differences.

The increase of terrorist attacks in Iraq following the release of several terrorists in US-controlled prisons without the agreement of Baghdad government discloses the US role in the recent violence in Iraq.

Iraqi Premier Nouri Maliki early last week met and discussed with Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Sistani in the holy city of Najaf. The meeting was carried out while the head of Al-Iraqiya List Ayad Allawi a few days earlier in a meeting with Ayatollah Sistani had asked him to back the formation of the government by the Coalition. But Ayatollah Sistani had refused to do so. Many political observers believe that in view of the status of religious authority in Iraqi social life, the victorious groups in the elections are seeking to take advantage of the role of Ulema and religious authorities for resolving the political standoff in Iraq. Although Ayatollah Sistani has not so far supported any political group, he has stressed that the new government should be formed as soon as possible. At the same time, the Iraqi National Alliance has also reminded that the country should go out of the current standoff quickly.

The head of State of Law Coalition Nouri Maliki, the head of the Iraqi Suprme Islamic Assembly Ammar Hakim and the head of National Reformation Ibrahim Jafar last week met and discussed with eachother in Baghdad. Finding a solution to break the existing standoff in the talks concerning formation of the government was the main motivation of holding a meeting between the three officials. At present, Nouri Maleki, Ibrahim Jafari and Adel Abodlmahdi are among the choices of the Shiite coalitions for assuming the premier post. After the confirmation of the parliamentary elections results, the formation of government is the most urgent priority. Thus, the biggest parliamentary faction should immediately introduce the candidate for premier post. In view of this fact, it seems that the victorious coalitions in the lections will have busy days ahead.

As Mohamamd Hussien Bahrol-Ulum arrived in Kuwait as the first Iraqi ambassador after twenty years, Baghdad-Kuwait ties entered a new phase. The ties between Kuwait and Iraq came to halt when Iraq attacked Kuwait in 1990s. The event has had adverse impacts on the type of relations between the two countries insofar as despite the collapse of Saddam’s regime, there is still unfavorable atmosphere in the two countries’ ties. It seems that Iraq is going to take a high step in normalizing relations with Kuwait by sending its ambassador to the country. Assuring Kuwait that Iraq is no longer a threat to the country was another reason for sending Bahrol-Ulum as the first Iraqi ambassador to Kuwait after twenty years. However there are still some issues that can overshadow relations between Iraq and Kuwait. The debate over Kuwaiti debts from Iraq due to Iraq war against the country and the issue of the fate of Kuwaiti captives and the war missing are among the current problems between Iraq and Kuwait that should be solved.

The disclosure of the relation between the releasing of terrorists detained in the US-controlled jails with the recent insecurities in Iraq has left no doubt that the United States is behind the instability in Iraq. The spokesman for Baghdad Operation Headquarters Qassem Atta has said that 86 terrorists have been arrested during the past two months who have been kept in the US-controlled Buka prisons. The United States without informing Iraqi forces and intelligence agencies has released a large number of them. These terrorists most of whom have been Al-Qaeda members have been placed at the commanding level after release. Evidence shows that these terrorists were involved in the recent operations in different Iraqi cities. What is important is that the released terrorists have been trained in the US-controlled prisons. All of this shows that the US circles have relations with Al-Qaeda.

Although the Washington officials claim that they are fighting with terrorism and Al-Qaeda in Iraq, there are numerous documents and evidence showing that the US circles are financing and arming terrorist groups in Iraq.

African Shia Leader's speech on Az-Zahra (AS)'s Birthday + Pic

The Shia Islamic Movement in Nigeria organizes Birthday Anniversary of the Leader of all Women of the Worlds Sayyidah Az-Zahra(AS). Hundreds of thousands of believers graced the occasion which took place at well decorated  Fudiyyah Islamic Center (F.I.C.) Zaria  on Thursday the 20th J/Thani 1431(3/6/10).

The Leader in his lengthy inspiring speech started by congratulating the Ummah on the Auspicious Birthday Anniversary of  Sayyidah Az-Zahra(salamun Lahi alaiha) and that of Imam Khomeini(QS) which coincided with hers’.

Sheikh Zakzaky said Sayyidah Fatimah (salamun Lahi alaiha) being the only  ‘son’  of the Prophet of Islam Muhammad (SAWA) through which his progenies will come  from is a respect to him. Islam is the final Message to humanity upto the End of Time and for this fact Almighty God wanted to protect the  Message so He  exalted  her  Children to the Position of Imamate. A Position which Prophet Ibraheem prayed for and  was granted after passing through God’s test.

Imamate is an exalted position in the sight of God which surpassed that of messengership and Prophethood as evidently understood when Prophet Ibraheem (AS) , being Messenger and Prophet, prayed for it.Sheikh Zakzaky explained adding that Allah Almighty has confined the exalted status to the Children of the Prophet who came though his ‘son’ Fatimah and cannot be questioned   on that.

He explained further that Sayyidah Az-Zahra due to her purity and exalted status could not have had a matching husband other than  Imam Ali(AS). Had it been Ali was not created it would have meant Sayyidah (AS) could not have had a husband. This goes to show that Islam being the final message to humanity upto the Last Hour,  could have ended with the demise of the Prophet, had it been there was no Sayyidah Fatimah’s who is the mother of the holy Imams (AS). The prophet must have heirs since his Leadership, which will remain with his children who are his heirs through his blessed daughter,   is upto the Last Day.

Members of Ahlul Bayt(AS) are bestowed with outstanding knowledge by God which cannot be quantified. Even Shia scholars like Kulaini and the like who wrote volumes of books on all aspect of jurisprudence, proved to be unequal.

The special status of Sayyidah Az-Zahra(AS) cannot be questioned. Those who opposed her status are people who are contaminated with bad culture which affected their thinking about woman. A Culture which degraded a woman to nothing; a culture which considers a woman as an asset- a view very popular in the pre-Islamic Arab. These are people who  have doubted the status of Sayyidah Fatimah(AS). Sheikh noted.

The Prophet in many occasions mentioned the lofty status of Ahlul Bayt(AS) and with this,  those who opposed their special  status engaged in creating and assigning status also to their favourites after the Prophet.  For example a book was written by one of their Ulema to express the qualities of their leader Yazid bin Mu’awiyyah(LA).

The Necessity of Seeking knowledge.

The need to acquire knowledge is of utmost necessity in order to know and appreciate  status of Sayyidah Fatimah(AS). Her supplications, compiled in some books, reveal more about her deep wisdom and knowledge which can only be compared with that of Imam Ali(AS). Her Sermon of Fadak contains a lot as reported by Sayyidah Zainab(AS).

The ways for acquiring knowledge have been simplified in this age of Information Technology especially with the Internet. Therefore one can access information and knowledge that were not easily accessible before.

Her Ascetic life….

Her ascetic life is something  to reckon with. She had a farm-Fadak,  which used to generate about 200,000 dinars annually, but out of generosity Sayyidah used to give out everything as charity to the needy and poor. Ascetism does not mean one should not posses  wealth, rather not to be attached to  it. Sheikh Zakzaky noted

In addition to this, Sayyidah used to receive revelation from God too. Since Some servants of Allah among the Israelis received revelation why then not the Ummah of the Prophet especially the chosen ones among them!?

International Women Day

Today is the International Women day for the Muslims. It is the day which Muslim Women should remember Sayyidah Fatimah (AS)’s  life with view of emulating her.

Alas, the society we live today inherited some bad cultures from the past which still exist and some were as a result of our coexistence as Nigerians. Therefore, those who want bring about a change shall be different, our characters must conform with Sharia.

Sheikh Zakzaky lamented that presently divorce is being carried out by Muslims at will without following the six steps as outlined in the Holy Quran. This originated from lack of true knowledgeof Islamic laws . Also the enemies of Islam misunderstand the Quran and opined that Islam permits beating of women. The word  Darb in Arabic has many meanings. And in this context it means strike action just like prisoners go on hunger strike not beating . The Character of the  Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) is the Quran and he explained  its meaning practically , it was never reported that the prophet had beaten his wife even though sometimes they behaved like other women.  So beating of women is not Islamic.

Parachinar : Another GAZA in Pakistan.

JNN 05.06.10 Today the  World is Mourning On the Martydom of Peaceful Activits of the Freedom Flotilla and looks helpless in lifting the three year Old Blockade of GAZA Strip , as the Residents are fighting the Oppression of the Terrorist state of Israel, And the same is the Policy of the Israeli backed Terrorist Groups  , May it be Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan , Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , Lashkar E Jhangvi , or the Punjabi Taliban , for the last three years the Kurrum Agency Head Quarter Parachinar is also under siege , and faces a Blockade , as this is the Only area in the Tribal Belt with the Shia Majority . The Residents following the path of Ahlul Bayte , the true path of Islam , have resisted the yazidi TALIBAAN , since there inception, so they are being punished for that for Propagating the real spirit of Islam , and not the Yazidi / Wahabi Islam , which is the creation of the Enemies of Islam as well as of Pakistan.

The leading Ulema and Scholars of The Shia Community , have reminded the Government of this seizure repeatedly and asked for removal of this  Blockade of ParaChinar by the Terrorist , and have demanded an Army Operation against these Militant Terrorists , which till now have not taken place , which has cut off Parachinar from the rest of the Country till to date.

The three-year Long blockade of Parachinar has deprived the territories’ half a million residents of food, fuel, medicines and other necessities. The Residents of Parachinar have fought bravely y from the Wahabi Saudi funded Terrorist, working to destabilize & Disintegrate Pakistan, our Beloved country . These Residents have a number of times even fought beside Pakistani forces in the hour of there need, but now there are left alone to fight there Battle for survival. But still they  are ready to fight side by side with Our countries Armed Forces to cleanse our Beloved Pakistan , from the rouge elements of  Taliban and there supporting Terrorist Organizations.

The World should also consider the Worsening conditions of not only the GAZA Strip But also of the Helpless and Innocent Resident of Parachinar, as the Zionist regime, is trying to destabilize not only the Middle East , but also the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Which is called the Fort of Islam.

Nigeria Islamic Movement marks Imam Khomeini(QS) week

The Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria organises a five-day( 1st to 4th of June 2010) programme to mark the annual Imam week at Congo Conference Hall of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria.

The Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria organises a five-day( 1st to 4th of June 2010) programme to mark the annual Imam week at Congo Conference Hall of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria. The programme comprises of lecture, presentations, film show and book fair.

On Tuesday the 1st of June being the opening day Sheikh Muhammad Turi delivered lecture on Imam Khomeini(QS) views on Leadership generally known as Wilayatul Faqeeh.

Sheikh Turi explained in detail how the concept of Imam’s wilayatul faqeeh was misunderstood by some scholars even during his time and how the Imam, through wisdoms and provisions of Sharia, was able to clear the dust on the issue.

The Speaker highlighted on the importance of leadership as displayed by the late Imam and of course his concept of Wilayatul Faqeeh which made Imam an outstanding figure amongst Scholars.

Others who spoke t the occasion are Dr. Abdullahi Danladi and Mallam Ibraheem Aqeel.The Participants, after the lecture, watched pictures of Imam Khomeini depicting various events of his life such as his exile to Iraq, Turkey and France; his life before and after revolution and many other events

21st Anniversary of Departure of Imam Khomeini

The ceremonies marking the 21st anniversary of demise of the Founder of Islamic Republic of Iran late Imam Khomeini (May his soul rest in peace) was held in late Imam’s holy shrine, today (Friday), in the massive presence of the revolutionary and pious people of Iran.                                                                                        

Today, Friday June 4, marks the 21st anniversary of departure of Imam Khomeini. The Father of Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini passed away in the year 1989 at the age of 87; a decade after the victory of Islamic Revolution.

The people of Iran and many of the freedom-seeking people across the world were deeply saddened by the demise of late Imam. The people had lost their popular leader; their source of emulation; and their pioneer of true Islam.

The massive participation of the people in the funeral of late Imam Khomeini (May his soul rest in peace), was a reminder of the glorious and epic presence of people on February 1, 1979, which was the day in which late Imam returned to Iran after 15 years in exile. The global official news agencies estimated that nine million people took part in late Imam’s funeral.

Therefore, the departure of late Imam, like his existence, became the source of awakening and movement.

Following the departure of late Imam (May his soul rest in peace), the Assembly of Experts immediately convened a meeting. Following the presentation of late Imam’s testament by the then President Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, the Assembly of Experts started consultations for choosing a successor to late Imam. Finally, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, who was one of the prominent followers of late Imam, and was one of the prominent figures of the Islamic Revolution, was elected for this major prophecy with the unanimous votes of the Assembly of Experts.

Currently, 21 years after the sad demise of late Imam (May his soul rest in peace), the Iranian nation continues to be devoted and loyal to the pure thoughts of lmam Khomeini.

Today (Friday), on the 21st anniversary of departure of late Imam (May his soul rest in peace), people have once again vowed allegiance to the Founder of Islamic Republic of Iran, late Imam Khomeini, and the Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei.

This year, like previous years, the followers of late Imam Khomeini (May his soul rest in peace), from tens of countries worldwide, have gathered in late Imam’s Holy Shrine, alongside convoys of pilgrims, who have arrived in Tehran from different cities across the country, to once again commemorate the memory and valuable ideas of late Imam and to once again vow their allegiance to the Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, the righteous successor to late Imam Khomeini (May his soul rest in peace).