Magazine Pg . 03

1.     Choose a Career to Have the Best Earning – 10 Best Professions Demand of the Future
2.     Revolution Knocking at the Doorstep : Doomsday of the Sheikhdoms within Sight
3.     JI’s Past Contradicts Present , Founder Maulana Maudoodi , Narates in “ Fitna e Takfir”
4.     Super memory crystal: Coin Size 5D nano-glass to preserve 360TB data for million years
5.     US Congressmen Letter sent to PM Nawaz Shariff condemning Shia Genocide , should also show            some Actions of Condemnation of Takfiri Wahabi Terrorists
6.     Mutah (Temporary Marriage) becomes Popular among young British Muslims
7.     Shias Paying the Price , for Saving the True Religion of Nature – Islam
8.     Causes and Remedies to Boiling Saudi Revolution
9.     It is Now OR Never – For the Love of PAKISTAN , Annihilate LeJ, SSP & TTP, or Ready to                           Loose Pakistan
10.  Ale Saud Annihilating Sunni Sect of Islam
11.  The Sorry State of Shia Leadership
12.  Pak GHQ Setting its new course , Brigadier and 4 Officers convicted on links with Banned Outfit
13.  Congratulations ! On the Birth Anniversary of Our 2nd Imam Hassan Mujtaba a.s
14.  Majority of Apps spy on users
15.  Italy exhibits Islamic artworks
16.  Sleep habits alters BP in pregnant moms
17.  Translation of “Embryology and Quran” Published in Tajikistan
18.  Grand Shia Cleric: Libya Liable for Moussa Sadr Abduction
19.  15th Shaban the Happy and Auspicious Birthday Anniversary of Imam Mahdi (pbuh)
20.  3rd Shaban, Birthday of Our 3rd Imam Hussain (A.S.)
21.  25th Rajab Martyrdom Anniversary of Imam Musa ibn Ja’far al-Kazim (A.S.)
22.  Costs of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars
23.  Parachinar : Another GAZA in Pakistan.
24.  Ayatollah Khamenei’s Tribute to Imam Khomeini
25.  Whole Village in France Converted to Shia Islam 
26.  The history of Al-Azhar University; Shia or Takfiri
27.  Letter from CDHRAP to Amnesty International on Discrimination Against Shias
28.  Sermon of Lady Fatima (a)
29.  Great Shia personality; Grand Ayatollah Sayed Muhammad Mufti al-Shia Moosavi Expires 
30.  US forced American Muslim into exile
31.  Indian lives 70 years without food, water
32.  Are You Ready For Hajj?
33.  Gratefulness: The Essence of Islam
34.  Are eggs healthy for weight loss?
36.  Imam Khomeini, an Eternal Figure
37.  where is her grave?
38.  What is a Family Day 
39. History of British Sponsored Al Saud & their Association with Wahabi Ideology 



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