Yemen Shiite Houthi Rebels Seize City Near Capital

Yemeni Shia Houthi Rebels Seize the Control Arman City aJNN 09 July 2014 Sanaa : Yemeni Shiite rebels seized control Tuesday of the northern city of Amran, near the capital Saana, after three days of fierce fighting, an official said, according to Agence France-Presse.  Continue reading

Libya A Lawless State after the US Led Revolution , after PM the Deputy Spy Chief abducted and Released By Militia Men

Libyan PM and Deputy Spy Chief abducted by MilitiasJNN 20 Nov 2013 Tripoli : Libyan deputy intelligence chief Mustafa Nur was abducted Sunday in Tripoli,  who has been released, a day after he was abducted by gunmen as he was leaving the airport in the capital, Tripoli., a security official told AFP as tensions ran high in the capital following deadly violence over the weekend. Continue reading

37 Wahabi Boko Haram terrorist Killed Training Camp Destroyed : Nigerian Army

SONY DSCJNN 25 Oct 2013 Abuja  : Nigeria’s military says it killed 37 suspected Wahabi Boko Haram militants in a ground and air attack that began late Monday on an encampment in a remote area of the country’s embattled northeast. A military spokesman said the assault occurred in Borno state. Continue reading

Dowry Disputes Kill One Woman every Hour in India

JahezJNN 7 Sept 2013 Delhi : One woman dies every hour in dowry-related crimes in India, with over 8,000 deaths reported in 2012. The numbers steadily increased between the years of 2007 and 2011, pointing to a rise in the demand for dowries. Continue reading

42 Killed in an attack on School Children and Teachers By Wahabi Boko Haram Terrorists

Nigerian Wahabi Terrorist of BOKO HaramJNN 7 July 2013 Niger : Wahabi Terrorist from Nigeria’s Boko Haram insurgent group killed 42 people, mostly students, in an overnight attack on a secondary school in restive Yobe state, a medical worker and residents said Saturday. Continue reading

Bangladesh in Disaster , after 780 Killed in Garment Factories Building Collapse now Atleast 38 Killed in Anti Blasphemy Protests

Bangladesh in Disaster after another DisasterJNN 8 May 2013 Dhaka : As The death toll from a collapsed building housing five garment factories in the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka, has passed 780, now the Bangladeshi Capital is hit by another disaster , As over 38 people have been killed and hundreds injured as the government crushed the Anti Blasphemy protest & Agitation by the Islamist against the Blasphemous Material on the Web.  Continue reading

13 children Dead in a fire at a Mosque in Yangoon, Myanmar

Police stand in front of a mosque and school dormitory that were damaged by a fire in Yangon

JNN 10 Apr 2013 YANGON, Myanmar,: Police in Myanmar said they were investigating the head of a mosque and a Muslim teacher for possible negligence after a pre-dawn fire swept a religious dormitory Tuesday, killing 13 children in a blaze that raised new concern over sectarian tensions that have plagued the country since anti-Muslim violence hit the nation’s heartland last month. Continue reading

After 8 months of Illegal confinement now the Saudi Govt charges Shia Cleric with Instigating Unrest

Arabian Shia Cleric Sheikh Nimr Al NimrJNN 27 Mar 2013 Riyadh : After About 8 Months in captivity without any charges , now A court in Saudi Arabia has charged prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr with “instigating unrest” and “seeking foreign meddling” in the kingdom. Continue reading

Wave of Bomb attacks, and Target Killing in Baghdad and north ‘kills 91’ injure dozens in Iraq

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JNN 23 July 2012 Baghdad : A string of bomb attacks and shootings in Baghdad and north of the capital has killed at least 91 people, say security and medical officials. Continue reading