Bahrainis Stage Protest Rallies in Several Towns

Bahraini Stage Massive Protest in Different TownsJNN 24 Nov 2013 Manama : People in Bahrain have once again staged anti-regime protests across the Persian Gulf country despite a ban on demonstrations and an intensified crackdown on activists. Continue reading


Bahraini Forces Brutal Crack down on the Peaceful Protest at funeral

Bahraini police brutally quashes protest at funeralJNN 16 Oct 2013 Manama : Bahraini forces have resorted to the use of plastic bullets, tear gas and sound grenades in a brutal effort to disband hundreds of anti-regime protesters following the funeral for Yousif Ali al-Nashmi, who was killed while in custody of the Saudi-backed regime. Continue reading

Thousands of Defiant Bahrainis Peacefullly Protest for the Democratic Reforms

Bahraini Protest for DemocracyJNN 26 Aug 2013 Manama : Thousands of Bahrainis took to the streets in a march for democratic reform outside the capital Manama, 10 days after a police crackdown on a similar demonstration organized online by activists inspired by the Egyptian protests. Continue reading

Monarchy Blessed Parliament approves New legislation to Curb the Revolution , Shia Opposition vows to continue their struggle Until the Victory

Bahraini opposition vows continuing protestsJNN 02 Aug 2013 Manama : Bahriani Parliament has approved 22 new Legislation , which give the already Repressive Regime to Crack Down on the Majority Shia Population , and even now the Nationality of the Convicts can even be revoked. But the Bahraini Shia Oppostion vows for More Protest ,Until the Political freedom and Dominance of the Monarchy , over the Regime is curtailed upto a limit of the Constitutional Monarchy , and the Democracy is restored in the True letter & Spirit in the Island Republic. Continue reading

Saudi Backed Bahriani Forces Raided the House of the Top Shia Cleric to enrage the Shiite Population

Top Shiite Cleric Sh.Isa QasimJNN 20 May 2013 Manama : Bahraini security forces raided the house of top Shi’ite cleric Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim on Friday, the opposition said, an act likely to enrage the island’s majority Shi’ite population which is at loggerheads with its Wahabi rulers. Continue reading

Saudi Govt sends More tanks and Weapons to Bahrian ,to suppress the Unarmed Protesting Shia Citizens

Saudi Arabia Sends More Tanks and weapons to BahrainJNN 29 April 2013 Manama : Saudi Arabia has sent more tanks and weapons for its troops in Bahrain during the Formula One Grand Prix auto race in Manama. Further More The Bahraini Government has confirmed that they have arrested about 22 Men Since February , for their crime of Protesting against the Monarchy, and demanding their Basic Human Rights. Continue reading

Bahraini Shia Organised a Week to Denounce the Destruction of Mosques by the Al Khalifa Regime

Bahriani Shia Pray on the Site of Demolished Mosque by Al Khalifa Monarchy aJNN 11 Apr 2013 Manama : Bahraini Shia Muslims citizens showed their confirmed determination and participated in the prayers Organized on the demolished Mosques sites  across Bahrain as part of a campaign ” The highlight the atrocities of the Al Khalifa Wahabi Monarchy who have demolished Several mosques for their Personal Benefits ,to save their Unjust rule of Oppresion And discrimination. In this regard they have Organised “  Demolished Mosques week in Bahrain” titled ” strives to ruin them” ( war on religious freedoms), from 5-11 April,2013 to mark the second anniversary of mosques demolition when more than 38 mosques had been demolished by the regime in Bahrain. Continue reading

A female Bahraini Doctor reveals that she was sexually assaulted and tortured to extract false confession in Jail

Bahraini Dr. Fatima HajiJNN  06 Apr 2013 Manama : Dr. Fatima Haji A female Bahraini doctor says the Al Khalifa regime forces have ‘severely’ tortured her and several other doctors, who treated injured anti-regime protesters, in order to extract false confessions.  Continue reading

Bahraini Protests starts Paying Off , as 21 Medics convictions reversed By Court , Pledges to get others freed

Bahriani Medic Released from JailJNN 30 Mar 2013 Manama , An appeals court in Bahrain has reversed the convictions of 21 medics arrested in connection to anti-government protests in 2011. Along with dozens of others, some of whom are still jailed, they helped treat the wounded in the mass unrest.

The physicians, nurses and other hospital workers were convicted last November on misdemeanor charges over their treatment of injured protesters, and for participating in “illegal assemblies.” Some of the accused said their convictions were based on false confessions extracted under torture.

They are now cleared from having to spend three months in prison or paying 200 dinars ($530). Two more similar cases remain open, as the suspects failed to appear in court.

The international medic community hailed the decision as a victory, but said the fight for justice is not yet over.

“The kingdom must now demonstrate a renewed commitment to civil and human rights by compensating the health professionals who were wrongly arrested, mistreated, and convicted; restoring all of those wrongly dismissed to their jobs; freeing others still serving prison sentences on similarly spurious convictions; and fairly prosecuting the officials responsible for these outrageous rights violations,” Dr. Deborah D. Ascheim, Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) board chair said.

“We need to see the accountability established. And those who are responsible of torturing the doctors and arresting the doctors and putting forth charges and crimes against the doctors and giving them all this pain, they should be brought to justice. This is the priority,” Dr. Nada Dhaif, one of the acquitted doctors told RT.

Dr. Nabeel Tammam, a surgeon at Salmaniya Medical Complex in Manama, is one of the 21 whose conviction was overturned. “We will continue our pressure until we gain the freedom of all the rest of the medics still in jail,” Dr. Tammam told PHR, “because we believe that they are innocent and that all they did was to perform their humanitarian duty.”

The acquitted medics were among the 82 workers arrested between February and March 2011 for providing medical treatment to protesters. The charges against them went as far as claiming they attempted to overthrow the regime.

In September 2011, 20 of the medics were sentenced to up to 15 years in prison. However, in 2012 they were retried by a civilian court. Nine of them had their sentences reduced to 1 to 3 years in jail; two, who remain at large, had their sentences sustained; nine were acquitted after being found innocent.

Anti-government protests have rocked Bahrain since February 2011, as demonstrators call for an end to the Al-Khalifa monarchy, which has ruled the country since 1974. Hundreds have been arrested, and thousands have lost their jobs. Scores of people have also testified that they were tortured during their arrest.

Bahraini human rights activists have unsuccessfully called on the international community to intervene, over what they have called a suppression of the country’s opposition. A common thread of discontent among protesters is over discrimination against the country’s Shiite majority at the hands of the predominantly Saudi Backed Wahabi government.

Nearly 100 people have been killed since the start of the uprising.

Bahraini Hold a Mass Protest Across the Country on the 2nd Anniversary of the Uprising, A Teenager Martyred due to the Brutal Crackdown of the forces

Bahraini Martyr Hussain Ali Ahmed Ibrahim al-Jazeeri 14 FebJNN 15 Feb 2013 Manama : Bahraini protesters have staged a mass sit-in in Manama to mark the second anniversary of their revolution against the ruling Al Khalifa family. Protest were arranged all over the country , and a Brutal and forceful crack down was down on Peacefully Protester , as a result of which a Young Shia Teenager was Martyred , when the forces fired Birdshots from a very close range.

Continue reading

Bahraini Shia protesters Now challenging Police in Capital Manama

Bahraini Shia Protesters Challlenge Forces in the CapitalJNN 18 Dec 2012 Manama : Security forces in Bahrain fired tear gas ,stun grenades and arrested protesters Monday to break up protests after calls by anti-government groups during marches in the traditional market area of the Gulf nation’s capital, forcing many businesses to close. Continue reading

A Shia Infant and a Senior Martyred , while the Right Activist and Medics Arrested , Protest and Demonstrations continue against Al Khalifa

JNN 20 Oct 2012 Manama : Bahraini have held a funeral procession for latest martyr, who was martyred due to inhalation of tear gas fired by regime forces. while the excessive use of Poisonous Tear Gas have also Martyred an Infant , at the same time about 12 Shia Citizens , which includes Medics, Human Rights Activist were detained in the Brutal Crack Down by the Saudi Backed Bahraini Forces. Continue reading

A Sad Eid Ul Fitr in Bahrain , 90 Children Behind Bars ,Anti Regime Protest continues in Sitra and Nuwaidrat

JNN 21 Aug 2012 Manama : Bahrain is living a sad atmosphere during this Eid. It is supposed to be one of the happiest Muslims occasions celebrated by Muslim communities around the world at the end of Ramadan. Whilst, Bahrainis celebrate it by mourning an innocent child who was brutally murdered by the regime forces. While 90 children , who are below the average legal age, have been kept behind bars treating them like adults by detaining them with accusation that do not go with their age.  Continue reading

Bahraini protesters clash with police after rally ban, police fire tear gas on thousands of protesters

JNN 21 July 2012 Manama : Violent clashes erupted in Bahrain as thousands protested the government’s move to limit political marches. Police used tear gas and, reportedly, rubber bullets to disperse the crowd, which responded with firebombs. Continue reading

Bahrain’s Al Khalifa Govt. officially admit demolishing 38 mosques used for Prayers by Shia followers of Islam

JNN 07.06.12 Manama : Al Wefaq National Islamic Society drew attention to the statement made by the Ministry Justice that officially recognises the demolishing of mosques reflecting their legal, political and moral responsibility as part of a systematic governmental campaign. Continue reading

Bahrain's Al Khalifa Govt. officially admit demolishing 38 mosques used for Prayers by Shia followers of Islam

JNN 07.06.12 Manama : Al Wefaq National Islamic Society drew attention to the statement made by the Ministry Justice that officially recognises the demolishing of mosques reflecting their legal, political and moral responsibility as part of a systematic governmental campaign. Continue reading

14 year Old Protesting Shia Boy Martyred by Bahraini Police After Eid ul Fitr Prayers

JNN 31 Aug 2011 Sitra : A young Shia Boy Ali Jawad al Shiekh,14  embraced Martyrdom when he was Protesting Peacefully against the Saudi Patronized Zionist Agent King Hamad Al Khalifa , and the Riot Police fired aiming at him , due to which he sustained fatal injury. And Later he was Pronounced dead in the Hospital. Continue reading

Members of the Al Khalifa family themselves tortured Shia Doctors & Protesters

Left to right: Khalifa Bin Ahmed Alkhalifa (General Director of Southern Province Police), Khalifa Bin Abdulla Alkhalifa (Head of the National Security Apparatus), Khaled Bin Hamad Alkhalifa (Son of the king) and Nasser Bin Hamad Alkhalifa (Son of the king)

JNN 16 August 2011 Manama : Bahrain’s ruling Al Khalifa family and the King Hammad Al Khalifa , are themselves involved In the torture of the Shia Doctors , Protesters and the Prisonres , held in the Bahrain Prisons, As per The facts revealed by the Bahrain Center of Human Rights . They even Cursed the Shia Nation , the Clerics and the Leader , which is a worst example of the ruling family of Promoting sectarianism in the Muslim World. Continue reading