147 Killed Dozen Injured in an attack on Kenyan University By Wahabi Al Shabab Terrorists

Garrisa University College Under Attack of Wahabi Al Shabaab TerroristsJNN 03A terrorist attack carried out at a Kenyan college campus has ended with 147 students killed, the country’s interior ministry says. Continue reading

Wahabi Al Shabaab Terrorists attacks Somali Parliament, at least 10 dead

Al Shabaab militants kill at least four in Somali parliament attackJNN 25 May 2014 Mogadishu :  Wahabi Al Shabaab Terrorists stormed Somalia’s parliament on Saturday, killing at least 10 security officers in a bomb and gun assault . Continue reading

2 Suicide Bomber of Al Qaida attack a Restaurant in Mogadishu , Somalia


JNN 04 Nov 2012 Mogadishu : Two consecutive Suicide bombers attack have injured several people at a restaurant in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, police sources report. A security guard died while fending off suicide bombers who were trying to storm into a popular Mogadishu restaurant. Continue reading