Bahrain’s Wahabi Govt wants to Suspend Activities of Majority Shia Opposition Party

Bahrain's Main Opposition Al WefaqJNN 23 July 2014 Manama : Bahrain’s Justice Ministry asked a court to suspend the activities of the main opposition group, a move that could set back any efforts to restart reconciliation talks in the Persian Gulf kingdom. The leader of the Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, Sheikh Ali Salman, said his group planned to challenge the move by legal means. Continue reading

Bahraini Martyr’s Corpse Detained By Authorities for Last 48 Days , and still counting

Martyr Abdul Aziz Al AbbarJNN 05 May 2014 Manama : Al Wefaq National Islamic Society demanded the Bahraini authorities to immediately hand in the corpse of the martyr Abdulazziz Alabbar with a death certificate that mentions the real cause of death.
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Thousands Pro-democracy Shia Protesters March in Bahrain ahead of F1 race

Bahraini Majority Shia Population Protest against the Wahabi MonarchyJNN 05 April 2014 Manama : Around 20,000 mainly Shia protesters again marched in Bahrain calling for democratic reforms in the Wahabi-ruled kingdom. The peaceful demonstration took place west of the country’s capital of Manama on Friday, just two days ahead of the annual F1 race. Continue reading

Dozens of Shia Protesters Injured in firing by the Security Forces , while a Policeman also injured By a fire

Bahraini Protesters Exchange Fire with LEA,sJNN 23 July 2013 Manama : Dozens of people were reportedly injured in Bahrain early Friday, after police fired birdshot to disperse hundreds of anti-government protesters in several Shiite villages. A policeman was also wounded after being shot by a homemade gun. Continue reading