Chinese Investor embraces Islam on ” Eid al Ghadeer ” in Qom , Iran

Hong Jun Shen , Richard converts to Islam Renamed as Ali By Ayatollah Mohammad Javad Alavi BoroujerdiJNN 29 Oct 2013 Mashad : A Chinese investor has converted to Shia Islam in Iran’s holy city of Qom and has been renamed after the first Imam Ali a.s. Continue reading

Martyrdom of Imam Hazrat Ali a.s Commemorated across the World.

Yom e Shahadat e Ali , Karachi 2013JNN 01 Aug 2013 Karachi : Muslims  commemorated the anniversary of the martyrdom of the first Imam of Shia Sect of Muslims, Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (PBUH), On Wednesday in Many Parts of the World , Including Iran ,Iraq, India , Pakistan , and other Countries. Continue reading

Wahabi terrorist of FSA desecrate the Shrine and Grave of the Companion of the Holy Prophet near Damascus , Syria

Shrine of Hijr Ibn Addi Desecrated in Damascus , Syria bJNN 03 May 2013 Damascus : Wahhabi extremists have desecrated the shrine &  grave of the Companian of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, Hujr idn Adi , and a Loyalist of Hazrat Imam Ali a.s ,near the capital, Damascus. Continue reading

Youm e Ali Processions taken out around Pakistan ended safely, except Minor Incident of Rangers High Headedness in Karachi

On 21st Ramzan , Muslims around the world , especially the Shia sect observed the Youm e Ali , the Shahdat Anniversary of Hazrat Ali a.s , the First Imam of the Jafria Sect of Islam, As he was Fatally wounded by the Poisonous sword of Abdul Rehman ibn e Muljim L.A ,  in the Mosque of Kufa , while he was offering the Fajr (Morning) Prayers , after which he went under critical Medical care , but as the wound was fatal , so he could not survive , and He embraced Martyrdom on the 21st of Ramazan , Leaving behind all the faithful of Islam in deep Mourning , and since his Martyrdom , till this day , His Martydom Anniversary is commemorated with full religious fervor , and enthusiasm by all the Muslims , and especially the Jafria Sect of Islam. Continue reading

Congratulations ! On the Birth Anniversary of Our 2nd Imam Hassan Mujtaba a.s

JNN 05 Aug 2012 : Imam Hasan (A.S.) the Leader of the youth in Heaven was born in the holy city of Medina on 15th Ramadhan in third year after Hijrah. Imam Hasan(A.S.) the Second Holy Imam of the Shi’ites in the world was divinely gifted with all great qualities to such an extent that he was outstanding in knowledge, tolerance, intelligence, bounty and valour. Continue reading

The care taker of the Mojzati Imambargah at Katti Phari , Qasba Colony, Karachi embraced Martyrdom

JNN 15 June  2011 Karachi : The terrorists strike again and targeted another Shia man, who was the administrator of an Imambargah. S.Shahid Hussain Zaidi s/o S.Khadim Hussain Zaidi was shot dead by armed terrorists near Muhammadpur police post, at Katti Phari , Qasba Colony. He was the administrator of Mojzaati Imambargah . Continue reading

African Shias in Zarie on the 7th day of Muharram 1432 / Photos

JNN 15 Dec 2010 : During the ongoing Ashura mourning gathering at Baqiyyatullah Husainiyyah on Sunday, the Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky explained further the various events, after the demise of the Prophet, which led to Ashura tragedy.

He explained that the Ummayads who imposed themselves on the Ummah, propagated the hate  of Imam Ali and Ahlul bayt(AS)  in every corner. Their aim which they want to achieve through the campaign of calumny and hatred, championed by  Ma’awiyyah,  against Imam Ali and the members of  Ahlul bayt was to attain to Leadership position. Thus, he did all he could to obliterate the name of Ahlul Bayt(AS) from the minds of Muslims. In fact, invoking curse on Imam Ali became a norm, and this continued for many years, even after the death of Mu’awiyyah (L.A).

Sheikh Zakzaky pointed that it reached the  extent that Imam Ali,  who killed 70 kuffars in battle of badr, was not even known as Muslim. People didn’t even know that he was among those who attended badr, in fact he is the king of Badr. Muslims had respect for ahlul badr ( those companions who attended battle of badr), but unfortunately, they didn’t  know that Ali was the among them. Worse than that was the invocation of curse on Imam Ali and Ahlul bayt(AS), which continued for many years, even in Friday sermons- the legacy of Mu’awiyyah (L.A).

The Sheikh further narrated that earlier on, Mu’awiyah  (L.A) made the Leadership  to be seen as tribal affairs-an issue between Quraishi tribes only  excluding any non-Arabs(mawaliy). so, by this, he made sure all Quraishi tribes  gathered against Banu Hashim, and with this, he revived the Jahiliyyah enmity. He  tribalised religion for the interest of Ummayads which was attaining to the position of Leadership.

Before the coming of Islam internal wars amongst Quraishi tribes was common, mostly due to competitions of superiority amongst clans and  also enmity, thus they formed ties among clans against others.

Sheikh Zakzaky further expressed that reviving this enmity was what Mu’awiiayh (L.A) did in which he instigated all Quraysh tribes against Banu Hashim. He even denied mawali  (non-quraysh), any ranks or position for he knew that they will support Banu Hasim.

Mu’awiyyah’s hatrage of Imam was too obvious as when performing prayers, he didn’t use to  start with Basmala because Imam Ali  always recited Basmala openly  during prayers;  not only that, Muáwiyah (L.A) made many fabrications and innovations.

The Leader further stressed that Banu Umayyads tribalised religion  and made all effort to extinguish Islam altogether. They were after leadership ever since from the beginning. They even said that Islam was established with blood of their forefathers and they must, therefore, take vengeance.

Mourning was performed after the sunset prayers led by Sheikh Zakzaky. later the leader closed the Sunday programme with a dua.